The Kylie Jenner Billion Dollar Controversy, Barstool Sports’ “Idiot” Problem, Article 13 & The EUCD

The Kylie Jenner Billion Dollar Controversy, Barstool Sports’ “Idiot” Problem, Article 13 & The EUCD

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Kylie Jenner Named Forbes Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Barstool Sports and Twitter Face Backlash from Comedian

EUCD Vote Scheduled & Update;jsessionid=B4190157E6A16C7DB3E58255422229E5.2_cid329
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Brian Espinoza, Maddie Crichton,
#DeFranco #KylieJenner #BarstoolSports

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85 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    I’M NOT TIRED YOU’RE TIRED. Pshhhhh. Shut up. <3
    Kylie Jenner (00:08), Barstool Sports Controversy (3:08), TIA (7:53), EUCD Article 13 (9:07)

    • L_K says:

      PHIL – u beautiful! can you do a video about the craziness happening w/the prime minister of canada?? Trudeau! everyone needs to know…

    • SquirrelHill1971 says:

      There’s a book called 1,375 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc

    • CathyJo_86 says:

      Kinda going with the whole Barstools thing, James Charles got a phony copyright strike from a huge company for a parody song. Maybe you should cover that.

    • ThisJustin says:

      Kylie is “self made” by exploiting teen girls insecurities. “Wear my makeup and you’ll feel beautiful.” I mean I get it, it’s makeup, but she targets teens

    • MACupBananas says:

      We need #???
      Love ya Phil!!

  2. growmau5 says:

    Under no interpretation is she “self- made”

    • Captain Tittus says:

      +Oscar Rowley shit how many life times would to take to go from 0-500k for some people for christ sakes.

    • Captain Tittus says:

      +Oscar Rowley more then it would take to turn a million handed to me into billions

    • Captain Tittus says:

      +Alexane Rose I’m happy that people are doing great i dont care if you went to Fiji for 6 months and spent 15 million. what I do care about is you not understanding the English language and trying to make it your own. I dont decide what a made man is or self made. It’s already been decided. You dont get to come along and change definitions of shit because it makes you feel good. You will always find people like me to push back on moronic shit people spew. I’m happy with my weed, video games and working to the bone I enjoy it. But difference is, self made had to make something of themselves from nothing. Being a made man already have a foundation and a place to start not worrying about every little thing threw out the day. Ie started at the mid point that’s not self made if you start at mid point.

    • ThisJustin says:


    • Smeif Chapman says:

      +Captain Tittus dude you cant argue with these people. Same ones claimingthis shit were spitting venom at trump for claiming the same thing st one point. But they do this dsily. Take words and redfine them for the feels. Hollywood regressive brainwashed taints the whole lot of em

  3. Spartan0941 says:

    Could you please cover Canada’s ethics controversy with Prime Minister Trudeau

  4. Michael Z says:

    Kylie is not deserving to be spoken in the same breath as Mark Zuckerburg. Mark masterminded an improvement on an entire business type while a poor college student with barely anything while no one knew anything about him. Kylie was already in the public spotlight and created a makeup company. She only got the major deal because of the said image she was lifted into. And Mark created a service that EVERYONE uses and at one time pretty much surpassed the internet itself… WITH ONLY AD DOLLARS and funding! She will ONLY be respected as the Zuck if her sales or influence surpass Maybillene. This is like comparing oranges to celery.

  5. AFERADEZ says:

    Im suprised that a big youtuber has not made a legal firm for this cases.

    • bowmanruto says:

      thats basically been Leonard J. French ‘s claim to fame these past few years has been so yea someone has changed their legal firm to deal with youtube claims specifically supported by many big youtubers

    • deadmuffinman says:

      +bowmanruto additionally he’s trying to set up a 401 which could help smaller youtubers as well

  6. Anime king says:

    youtube has a simple fix if article 13 gets passed, just block the eu from watching youtube and watch the people get pissed at their government

    • Torelethain says:

      Incoming massive uptic in VPN usage.

    • Stefan Milicevic says:

      Perfect time to start a Revolution.

    • Tess Kissmann says:

      The people in Germany are already pretty angry. They are doing lots of demonstrations and the hashtag #NeverAgainCDU, CDU being the leading party for article 13 is also quite popular. The politicians don’t care however. They have called us bots, a mob, as well as stating that ‘those innocent children’ are manipulated by IT-Giants.
      They even plan to get the final voting for article 13 to be pushed forward to next week because there are demonstrations planned EU-wide on the 23rd March. What they are doing is absolutely disgusting right now

    • Oscar Rowley says:

      Slight problem… the biggest youtuber on youtube lives in the UK.

    • Torelethain says:

      +Tess Kissmann Yea, not one to promote violence, but the Fatherland is beyond lost at this point. It might be time to usurp government. Ever since the wall came down they have been slowly falling into their old ways, it may have a different face and vernier, but they have been following the same actions that let to the problems when Wilhelm II’s rule leading into the National Socialists. Germany was falling on economic hardships from WW1, we have have the Migrant Crisis supplementing that. We have a political organization taking hold and gaining power, abusing that power taking away liberties “for the good of the people”, today in the form of the EU. Now the only thing we are missing is a placeholder for the Jews for them to blame for their issues (which may end up being countries leaving the EU in the near future) and we will have the 4th Reich in full swing. I really hate to sound like Alex Jones level of conspiracy theory but the pieces are there falling into place, it is only a matter of time till some for of conflict breaks out, hopefully it will be along the lines of economic warfare instead of actual warfare, but the ideology taking control of Europe is incompatible with Western values, Brexit is just the beginning, and it is wither going to be a conflict from within such as a civil war, or the ideology will take hold and then it will become an external conflict.

  7. Reese Orta says:

    Remember people in The EU: if article 13 goes through you can use coupon code PhillyD for 20% off of your Nord VPN purchase, put your IP in the US and content won’t be blocked anymore

    Edit: changed Europe to EU because they are different. Also this comment is 100% a joke, but I’m happy to have holes poked in it because the stuff happening with article 13 really is serious, and the fact that art will be censored because of copyright laws is frankly going to limit the possibilities of original content. Remixes and fair use projects are like 50% (if not more) of what modern art is, and it just kind of sucks that money got involved and is going to change that kind of thing for people.

    • GeoJelly says:

      +xanasago No more pewdiepie? Ah he’ll probably move to the US or something

    • Jasmin Nanami says:

      +GeoJelly To be honest I think he has the force to create an army so that it doesn’t go trough XD

    • karlo strizrep says:

      +MatthewJBD you know UK is still getting fucked over a lot by this, with the brexit the uk will still keep a lot of ties to the eu laws

    • Jasmin Nanami says:

      +xanasago That’s what we are saying but are they listening to us? No -.- Also if anything goes trough that has copyright the platform has to pay not the one who uploaded it, like “Are they out of their minds?”

    • S says:

      I’m literally planning to do this lmao

  8. Nikki's_Skewed _View says:

    All that money stems from something *self made* from Kris -pimping Kim out- selling Kim’s *self made* sex tape

    • sashen667 says:

      +MasterRedX777 Nailed it.

    • Erin Rose says:

      They were rich even before Kim and the sex tape, Robert was rich, and after he got a divorce from kris she married a famous Olympian. Then Robert was OJs lawyer, supposedly believing he was innocent while kris believed he was guilty, because she and Nicole brown Simpson. They were in the lime light long before Kim was out making sex tapes. Not to mention Kim was Paris Hilton’s assistant/stylist/buddy.

    • Nikki's_Skewed _View says:

      Yes people I remember Robert and OJ but I was just making a joke… I thought that was obvious but for whatever reason it seems people are lacking in comprehension skills ✌

    • Pulse RELOADED says:

      So Ray J is part responsible too?

    • o3MTA3o says:

      +Iron Blooded AMVs Stuck with that frumpy face she had.

  9. Jake Smith says:

    Barstool sports is the corporate embodiment of the guy who talks about wanting to join a frat but doesn’t get accepted by any because “they were a bunch of losers”

  10. It's BeeRay says:

    Is Kylie Jenner self made? Absolutely not. She was born into a wealthy, well connected family and therefore had opportunities that 99% of the world never did and never will. Having said that, we can’t discredit her for her accomplishments. There are plenty of children from families far wealthier than the Kardashians who have done very little for themselves. Kylie is now, if I’m not mistaken, worth more than the rest of her entire family combined. She could’ve just sat on her ass and made a great living off simply being who she is but instead she opted to, at a very young age, do something for herself using the opportunities at her disposal. Something that most people in her position wouldn’t do. That’s commendable in my opinion.

    • Totally Tackitt says:

      Ok here I have to agree.

    • Oscar Rowley says:

      Agreed, although it does seem like a few people under this comment dont know the difference between “self-made” and “not self-destructive”.

    • KR P says:

      +Ediz_sm suleyman
      You missed my point (which I elaborated on in the 2nd paragraph):
      “… there was no invention or innovation or insight involved.
      She has done nothing differently from hundreds, if not thousands of social media and Youtube personalities…”

      The reason why she can do exactly the same thing as tons of others and become a billionaire while the others don’t; is due to the specific family she was born into.
      It’s not about wealth or privilege -she could have been Bill Gates’ daughter and she still wouldn’t have become an independent cosmetics billionaire.

    • Ediz_sm suleyman says:

      +KR P By does that matter in terms of self made? If I was born with nothing and was really poor, and I didn’t do anything new to become a billionaire am I not self made?

    • KR P says:

      +Ediz_sm suleyman
      If you were selling ice cream on a corner and I duplicated you, and had that copy set up next to you and sell the exact same ice cream; at the exact same price; with the exact same service and personality; etc.

      Is it reasonable to expect that only one of you could become a billionaire?
      In that (unrealistic) scenario: that corner’s ‘ice cream consumers’ would be split evenly between you.

      She used her Kardashian identity/brand to differentiate herself from all the other ‘ice cream sellers’ and thus take market share, the same Kardashian brand that she had little-nothing to do with creating.

      Could she have become a billionaire without Kim’s sex tape and her mother’s business/branding acumen?
      All she did was successfully monetize her familial ties, it’s no different from getting a job or a bank loan because your dad is a famous billionaire.

  11. Crazelord91 says:

    I get why Kylie is fighting this as the backlash diminishes her personal hard work and hustle. But it just isn’t the right term by definition for her. She deserves praise, but just different terminology

    What she did is basically impossible to recreate the same way without the starting point she has. I respect her as a business woman but self made should be left for the Mark Cubans or Warren Buffets of the world. People who really just did it all from scratch

    • Tyler says:

      +mallexjansen she is as self made as Donald trump.

    • Ughman says:

      Jenny is as self made as Donald trump!!

    • addex 123 says:

      Hard work that’s a good one what did she blow the pepole who lined up to make her product like that’s the only scenario wow she had to work hard to do this

    • addex 123 says:

      +mallexjansen oh look stupid Californian college kid don’t see that everyday so who pays for school mom or dad or is both dads or both moms because I’m goning to jump of the chi latè boat say you Klye as success becuase your in a smaller but similar boat then she is. So please stop pumping up your school like you did something to go there also what waist of their money

    • Nhi Hoang says:

      mallexjansen lol why are you so mean. He literally asked a question. Lol

  12. Anya Darling says:

    Kylie is way too disconnected from reality if she believes anything about her is self-made.

    • Agent J says:

      I’m still wondering why anyone gives a damn. Their lives are so horrible, gawking at a hot mess is entertaining?

    • Matthew Salster says:

      +tintinismybelgian That’s not true at all. That only really happens when people win the lottery and just get cash with 0 knowledge how to use/spend it. Ofc some inherited wealth is just cash but the majority is in assets/holdings etc so it is much harder to just spend/run out of. Usually there is more money left in stocks/investments which is already going to compound it’s value.

    • YoCyber says:

      Agent J that’s what I’m saying lol. Seriously it seems like jealous people in their mid 20s and up are the only ones bitching about this on twitter.

    • tintinismybelgian says:

      +Matthew Salster Hence, my disclaimer of “unless it is managed well.”
      At the same time, however, even though it’s not 100% on point with what we’re talking about, this article may shine some light on some of the struggles connected to maintaining wealth beyond the second generation:

    • awakeningSheep says:

      She was born disconnected from reality, hello? Even Kim K was disconnected after OJ, media cameras everywhere in the family house. They can’t exist without cameras pointed at them.

  13. Crazelord91 says:

    What I don’t get about all the legislations for internet copyright protection (SOPA, PIPA, Article 13, etc) is how no governing body has realized such extreme changes will always get extreme backlash.

    Especially as the internet becomes increasingly more widespread and vital in our lives, people will only become more antagonistic against it. They’re either going to back down or have riots and anarchy on their hands.

    People care more about this than basic civil rights. Unless it’s in a country that already has the power to police its people in such a way (e.g China), it’s really a no win situation.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to start with smaller legislation, maybe slip some things under the radar, and slowly build the laws over time? Bc they’ve wasted so much time, money, and energy trying to pass these to no avail.

    I’m not saying I support it obviously, I believe it’s a disgusting and greedy tactic to police our freedom, I’m just commenting on their apparent ignorance

    • 15JusTT says:

      They just don’t understand anything lol they think what they are doing is fine, but get backlash and be like “ooooo shit” but proceed to repeat after a few years

    • Norman sowth says:

      it isn’t a government body pushing these laws, it is big media companies, such as fox and disney. all the laws arent failures. they pushed through the dmca (with no penalty for false takedowns) and fosta. the sssca “failed” but a decade later, nearly every computer has its system implemented–windows, android, ios.

      if you are wondering why: they want the internet to be a one way tv, where they control the flow of information and charge you for it.

    • Jo P says:

      Crazelord91 also they obviously don’t understand anything about the internet. The Eu has copyright laws that they refuse to update because it’ll be difficult. So they took the easy route and voted for a law that filters and censors everything

    • Tomi Sacal says:

      Well constitutionally and fundamentally governments have no right to censor the internet or block websites. But no one protests about it so

  14. Guywholikes goodmusic says:

    Phil, this obviously goes FAR beyond just copyright legalities. The civil justice system has always been biased towards those with the most money.

  15. TheOnly 0506 says:

    Why is the internet in hands of bunch of Seniors who don’t know a thing about it… ?‍♂️

  16. dethswurl117 says:

    *The situation in Europe shows just how disconnected old men/women in the government can be from society.*

    They don’t understand how the internet truly works, how difficult it would be to keep track of every reupload of original content

    It’s mind-blowing that this bill got this far already

    • Simon Wakefield says:

      +Jo P To a certain degree most of those complaining are idiots though. They are sheep who don’t even really know what they are complaining about, they just hear the words, ‘meme ban’ and get up in arms about it. The bill itself is a good idea and something that is very needed because YT alone is full of people stealing work that professionals have put a lot of time, resources and money into producing content. While some do it right, Phil in the news genre and FineBros in the reaction genre as examples for every person who does it right you have several thousand channels doing it wrong and trying to hide behind their misinterpretation of fair use as a way of making money off others work while depriving the original creator of income. The more you push respected organisations especially in the news genre towards the edge where they have to either fold or move into cheap sensationalism the more we create a vacuum for extream view outlets that don’t have to bother about journalistic integrity and can outright lie while making millions believe the lie making us all dumber

      It’s something though that is complex and hard to get right and its why it needs real debate but then you have the idiot masses who end up derailing any discussion and making things worse. It will be these very idiots with their sheep-like mentality that will see a bill that needs massive refinement to get passed as they drown out anyone with an actual debate and allow everyone to be lumped into the ‘idiots group’

    • jyh1Q94 says:

      I can already see citizens of EU member stats willing to vote leave EU just for the internet. I can’t be the only one…
      Edit: States*

    • TiLea Calder says:

      +Simon Wakefield fine bros basically use order people’s content and have people react to it. Article 13 would fuck them up if they lived in one of eu country.

    • Simon Wakefield says:

      TiLea Calder Yes and No. No they wouldn’t be impacted by the bill itself as it doesn’t remove fair use provisions and what they do is perfectly fair use unlike most reaction channels. Even when doing a trailer reaction they don’t show the full trailer, they show a few seconds here and there that frame the reactions but the bulk of the video is the reactions and they are proper fully formed reactions. There is a channel that likes doing reactions to British TV who constantly complains about having the likes of the BBC block their videos but all they do is play the full episode, with themselves on face cam in the corner and they may make the odd few word comment but you can watch the episode with basically no distraction, that’s providing an alternative version thus depriving the content owner of money and they aren’t even the worse,l Then compare them to a reaction channel like Blind wave, their YT videos do what FB do, it’s only a few seconds of the content shown to frame the reactions and it’s edited down so a 40 min show might result in a 20 min video, 5-7 mins of which might be then watching the episode and the rest them discussing it That’s fair use under anyone’s description and would still be covered. They do give Patreon’s access to Full Length reactions but they only include about 30 seconds of the content they are reacting to and that’s so you can sync your legally obtained copy with their reaction so it doesn’t deprive the owner of a legit view so again is fair use.

      Now they may get impacted by it but not because of the bill itself but by the likes of YT’s history of consistently taking the path of least resistance. Most of the problems legit YT channels that put effort into their videos have had with YT is due to YT being lazy and implementing reactionary half baked ‘features’ rather than being proactive and implementing a good system from the start

    • awakeningSheep says:

      They are trying hard to protect original content creators though.

  17. Anon Anon says:

    Kylie Cosmetics is one of the dirtiest corporation out there. They use cheap materials, scammed content creators and source cheap illegal labour.

    Self-made my ass. Connections is a major component of business.

    • Nhi Hoang says:

      Anon Anon her lip sticks have the same ingredients as color pop! Which are only $6 per lip stick yet ppl still buy her $18 cheap as chalky lip sticks

    • dithunder says:

      Also notoriety because of her famous family it wouldn’t be as hard as an entrepreneur who hasn’t got a famous family.

  18. pattypat says:

    A million dollar baby becomes the first baby billionaire. How inspiring

  19. Shereen Phillip says:

    Her being self made reminds me of Donald’s trumps “small loan of a million dollars” ?????

  20. Cwizzo says:

    Kylie Jenner:
    Successful: Yes
    Self Made: No

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