The Logan Paul Interview.

The Logan Paul Interview.

Logan’s impact on YouTube has been far and wide. The controversies around the suicide forest video and other negative things he’s done has had an impact on yt that was felt by a lot of the creator community. I wanted to understand why he did what he did and what his true intentions were moving forward.

this interview was recorded July 20, 2018 in New York City.

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55 Responses

  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    my intro explains why i did this interview, if you want to skip the intro –> 3:26

  2. rumeth kumudana says:

    It’s such a relief not hearing about his merch

  3. Suger Coat It says:

    I’m glad you did the introduction to the interview. I’m a huge fan of yours and having him on your channel does feel like an endorsement. Despite your willingness to educate and challenge him.

    But seriously, within five minutes of him talking I had my answers; he’s still all about him in the worst possible way. Redemption is a ways away IMO.

    • ThePredator919 says:

      Suger Coat It, Whilst I agree that he’s speaking from a very self centred Point of View, that’s because if he tried to defend “ his team” or talk about other people, people would say that he’s dodging the questions and avoiding responsibility

  4. Brooke Monroe says:

    lmao “SO DANG HARD”

    still don’t have sympathy.

  5. Papa_ Stalin says:

    Jesus Christ, Logan is so self centered, and so into fame and money, that he refers to himself as a brand. That means everything he is doing is for PR

  6. lee moore says:

    His one arm is a lot bigger then his other….

  7. Martin Giles says:

    OH MY GOD I really dislike Logan Paul… He is laughing at us… You can tell his PR team his told him what to say…. Complete BS. Good questions Casey but I believe you see through him….

  8. Stephen Hammer Magic says:

    “How do you tell people you’ve changed, and then a week later taze a dead rat on video?”

    love that reply by casey.

    • KingPapiii says:

      Stephen Hammer Magic lol… then he went vegan after that to right his wrongs… 😂😂. The only thing “lo gang” is sincere about is being relevant and money.

  9. Telepie says:

    Why does he care so much that he was from Ohio?

    • AFCMax 1886 says:

      Telepie He wants to tell us that he’s just like us. A normal, humble “small-town kid” who made a mistake like we do all the time. I think it’s complete bullshit

    • alyssaa says:

      RIGHT like I’m from now York. aND yOuR pOinT iS?

  10. shakiraathaliaa says:

    I think the whole “you shouldn’t feel bad for me” or “I don’t even agree with myself” is all bullshit.
    I feel like you’re being too hard on yourself Casey. In believing that this is going to be promo for Logan in the long run. In hearing Logan’s responses, I feel like he doesn’t seem to fully understand how he messed up. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s already had so many interviews before but he doesn’t seem to truly feel much about the whole suicide forest situation.
    As someone who hasn’t watched that many videos of Logan, this helped me by having to hear what he has to say.

    • Haughvillerusher says:

      shakiraathaliaa hater

    • Evelyn G. says:

      shakiraathaliaa The simple fact that he thinks he was at some point “the most hated man in the WORLD” and decided to make a documentary about it shows how much he doesn’t understand what he’s done. This man is still making the whole debacle about him and it’s disgusting. Everything he said was so devoid of empathy or remorse and proves how full of himself this guy is.

    • Heavenly Garson says:

      shakiraathaliaa my god dude that happened so fucking long ago and I’m a victim of suicided and even I gave him a second chance have you heard about forgiveness if not then life is gonna be tough for you.

  11. Jonathan James says:

    When the BBC refuses to release the interview they get called weak and get hate for it.

    Then Casey does what they wanted and he still gets hate.

    People just love to complain about nothing.

  12. Coach Luis says:

    Casey looks like he wants to poison him

  13. Rachel Rolison says:

    *hahahah the internet is crazy dude*

  14. DauntingBlue says:

    Let’s get Casey to 10 million 😊😊😉😉

  15. Cactus Tweeter says:

    The end of the video is evidence Logan Paul really doesn’t get it. He’s only sorry about the consequences of his actions. He’s no more sincere during this interview then he was when he dreamed up that deplorable suicide video.

  16. Smile with Mel says:

    Casey I love this, I would love to see you interview people from this platform weekly! You ask all the questions we’ve been thinking.

  17. Milton Cabrera says:

    So we should all forgive him because he is now a vegan and has a girlfriend?

    • Maria Del Mar Bran says:

      Right!? Such and empty argument

    • Harry says:

      Milton Cabrera i dont like logan but listen to the question before you sat this. He was asked what ate the signs that he has changed as a person after the video. Him being vegan etc.. is not why people should forgive him bit these are simply examples of his change as a person. Listen up next time pal

    • UninspiredVegan says:

      Yeah and because he’s only a “22-year old child”… dude has no empathy or ability to see from another side. His reason for the KSI fight is a whole lot of tripe too. The more attention he can bring to himself, the better. What a fucking tool.

    • Heavenly Garson says:

      Milton Cabrera dude this video doesn’t say forgive Logan Paul dose it!!!

  18. Piff says:

    Logan sounds so disconnected

  19. Epic Benjo says:

    Those dislikes, tho…

  20. WEZMA says:


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