The Macabre Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

The Macabre Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

How much do we really know about the death of one of the most famous poets in the world?


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67 Responses

  1. alex says:

    _”Poe started publishing poems.”_

    Me: … *POEm*

  2. alex says:

    Ghost: boo!
    Ryan: *dies*

    Shane: _Here lies Ryan Bergara, loving wife._

  3. Erahbocm says:

    why does shane look like a run down 70s detective, one foot in the grave and the other deep in the bottle

  4. DIANA STEFANA says:

    Did you know that Shane has a tiktok account? He’s chill

  5. Pumpkin God says:

    One of Poe’s ancestors definitely pissed off a witch or something. Seems like a family curse almost

    • Hunter Leanna says:

      Pumpkin God some people aren’t affected by tuberculosis. They just carry it. All his wives (and his parents) died from tuberculosis. I think his godmother did too. So i think when his parents died he was infected and became a carrier. So all the people he was around long enough died but he lived.

    • he guanlong says:


    • Life or death Haste or ras says:

      Now I’m not sure, but my English teacher is related to him or another poet lol

  6. MissingTHO says:

    ”And celebrate with a nice brewski”

    ”When you’re over 21”
    me : *laughs in german*

  7. LAubrey Horowitzpp says:

    For Post Mortem: The rabies theory is definitely strong contender- it needs to be remembered is that he was NOT considered a literary genius or even particularly famous or popular at his time of death. Since he was known to not do well with alcohol and was not drinker it a stretch to then think he was struggling with alcohol addiction or abuse. He was never known to actually be like that, but side affects of rabies are similar enough to someone who was drunk. His publisher though, who would have been struggling to make money off of Poes work, worked this into the writing as a personality trait. Poe wrote the macabre, it was dark and twisted- what better way to sensationalize him after death, to get some interest, and make money finally. The theory is actually that this persona was made up to gain interest for his writing. Also, with his cousin. The marriage was likely due to protect her, not for a love interest. Her parents died, leaving her with nothing as a young woman at the time, and marrying her was to keep her from harm and provide stability, and the whole marriage was the main culprit of his original engagement ending. Basically through this whole death, he was just made to be a character of himself based off his writings to gain popularity and finance .

    • SeaWarriorSon says:

      definitely rabies. An excellent analysis of Poe’s condition was published in the Maryland Medical Journal. Diagnosis: rabies

    • Brittany Bennett says:

      “Young woman” she was like, an actual child right?

    • Meli 22 says:

      Brittany Bennett yeah but at the time they would marry women off the moment they had their period so 11 y/o could be married

    • LAubrey Horowitzpp says:

      @Brittany Bennett read what I said.
      They were married platonically, it was to protect her. Women has little rights or protection at that time, girls even less. This would keep her out of a work house, off the streets as a homeless person, away from prostitution and abuse. It was not a physical or love marriage.

  8. Ryan Finn Weekes says:

    My school is closed because of corona, so this season has the perfect timing

  9. David Sesh says:

    Maybe he was drunk.. fell and hit the back of his head on the concrete

  10. Just Awesomee says:

    “I never liked heroin”

    -Shane, 2020

  11. Pippa T0221 says:

    Nobody gonna mention how Shane’s goal is to look weird throughout his 30’s?? Like he is intentionally looking like a 70s serial killer/weird teacher and i am living for this

  12. Elaine P says:

    Poe married his cousin purely so that she wouldn’t be homeless. After her husband died, she was on the grounds of losing her house and everything she owned unless she could be remarried. This was because the law stated that women weren’t allowed to own anything; it had to be under the property of their husband. If the man died, the woman was actually considered part of his property. To save her from being married to someone wanting to take advantage of her and the property, Poe agrees to enter into civil marriage with her. This was apparently more common for the time than one would think, but still a little weird. We can only trust Edgar’s word that there was never anything sexual or romantic about their relationship. Poe writes that he only had platonic love for Virginia, and even called her “sis” because she held the role of a sister to him. This was the reason he was so heartbroken when she died. It was very akin to the same grief he experienced when he lost his parents.

  13. Michelle P. says:

    Shane: PoeSA

    Me: *clicked the liked button*

  14. buff noodles says:

    That one cousin: I tHinK I’M bOuTta sTeAL!

  15. Emilia Angestam says:

    Whenever I hear about an author who became famous after their death I get so sad…they might have thought they were a failure and then never know how much their work actually impacted people

  16. Joe Mazzola says:

    “Don’t marry kids” is the official stance of Shane “Long-Legs” Madej

  17. RenataKaleah says:

    I remember learning of Poe’s death in school but also of the “Poe Toaster”—the unidentified person (probably two people in succession, like father and son) who, for over seven decades, paid an annual tribute to Poe every year in his birthday. He was described as a shadowy figure, dressed in black with a wide-brimmed hat and white scarf, would pour himself a glass of cognac and raise a toast to Poe’s memory, then vanish into the night, leaving three roses in a specific arrangement and the unfinished bottle of cognac.

  18. Farzad Baksh says:

    Ryan: We talk to specters all the time.

    Shane: “looks into camera, shakes his head no”. 🤣😂

  19. Bethanni27 Kempton says:

    The Baltimore Raven’s main mascot is named Poe, with his two brothers being Edgar and Allen

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