The Masked Singer: Find Out Which Musician Was the Alien!

The Masked Singer: Find Out Which Musician Was the Alien!

More celebrities kept us guessing as they performed in disguise on FOX’s unique and over-the-top singing competition show. ET spoke with Ken Jeong about the series’ upcoming second season while promoting his upcoming comedy special, ‘Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho,’ streaming Feb. 14 on Netflix.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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40 Responses

  1. The Gaming Goddess says:


  2. TIM ACE says:

    Ohh yeah yeah

  3. PŁiñKØ says:

    That alien mask looks like invader ZIM.

  4. alfred arroyo says:

    I knew it was her! My god, LaToya is the most adorable thing and what a bangin body in the Alien costume!!!!  She just seems like the sweetest thing.

  5. Isa Halim says:

    You know folks ..The beauty and subtlety and
    DEEP message of the Masked Singer is this…
    We’re ALL EQUAL behind the masks.

  6. Mikuo Hatsune says:

    I Came Cause Mask Looked Like Zim I Have No Idea Who She Is ?

  7. tfugyhij 4hj says:

    Why do I get this in my recommendations?

  8. Red- Dedin says:

    i don’t care

  9. SoundCloud Final Boss says:

    Holy shit it’s Micheal Jackson!!!!!

  10. xx yy says:

    Hey say thank you Korea

  11. Graeme Gunn says:

    Everyone needs to stop obsessing with “celebrities”.

    Guaranteed, if you were “hang out” with one of your favorite “celebs”, you’d end up not liking them. They’re just people, like you.

    It’s nice to be a fan and get excited, but, unless you’re a child, you shouldn’t be so enamored with “celebs”.

  12. The God Emperor of Mankind says:

    Why is this recommended?

  13. hajime saito says:

    When I saw the reveal, I thought Michael Jackson came back to life

  14. JuizzyAllstars says:

    Wait, did they just straight up stole the idea from the Korean Tv Show??

    • sandra madhad says:

      well they didnt “steal” it, i think they bought the copyright or something

    • JuizzyAllstars says:

      sandra madhad I just spend 20 minutes researching this. You are right, they bought the rights to the show. Shortning it to 40min instead of 110min and the US version focuses more on the entertainment itself rather than just the singing like the Korean version did. Thanks for correcting me, cheers

    • sandra madhad says:

      +JuizzyAllstars ohh nice you researched! I would have written your comment too if i didnt know about the rights issue because i like the korean version 🙂

    • JuizzyAllstars says:

      sandra madhad You and me both! 🙂

  15. sandra madhad says:

    yall can thank korea for this show

  16. I'm Justin Y. & I Post Pointless Trash says:

    tf was this recommended to me for…

  17. K_Xdad31415926 says:

    can someone just kill jenny mccarthy?

  18. LemmeGunVitalis says:

    *_-Bro these guys are not even celebs wtf-_*

  19. Ghost Master Cobo Jones says:

    0:08 that suit was totally inspired by Invader Zim

  20. Jake Baker says:

    Nick Cannon appropriating culture? Oh damn

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