The Milk Man – Cyanide & Happiness Minis

The Milk Man – Cyanide & Happiness Minis

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19 Responses

  1. Vermouth says:

    He sure likes all that pussy juice and cum.

  2. FroyoHead Animation says:

    _I wouldn’t drink that milk_
    _Cuz that kid looks spoiled_

  3. GregMcMuffin says:


  4. Get the Joke! says:

    That’s why kids should drink beer.

  5. NitroFag123 says:

    have you been so early in an explosm vid that there are no clever puns yet

  6. TheAwkwardCheeto says:

    They really *MILKED* that joke

  7. Phatt Ballz says:

    Since no one will see this, sometimes I bang my hand on the table and numb it so when I hold my hands together I can imagine what it feels like to hold a girl’s hand.

  8. King Wildfang Productions says:

    That’s some Twilight Zone shit right there

  9. GDT - Y96 says:

    why is the purpose of the downvote hand in comments if it does not show the count?

  10. TheKillzone32 says:

    Ten bucks? I remember when betting one buck was enough.

  11. alvey argon says:

    These guys have a seriously DEMENTED HUMOR

  12. Alerador says:

    damn he getting payed to trap kids in milk carton…

  13. Drew Jones says:

    I am the Milk man, my milk is delicious.

  14. It's Me, Duh says:

    This kid must be a millionaire… Look at all those empty cartons

  15. Dipanjan Das says:

    Make a horror movie out of this

  16. Ryoga Hibiki says:

    >Psychic powers

    This sounds like a great opportunity for a psychonauts joke.

  17. The Hero of Goats says:

    Come on Explosm, now you’re only milking it…

  18. _FUN_ *Gi* says:


  19. Don't get Triggered says:

    ok now this is just MILKING it

    kill me

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