The Most Advanced Robots in the World

The Most Advanced Robots in the World

The most advanced robots in the world might not be exactly what you’re expecting. But they’re shaping humanity’s future.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. odessa says:

    I wonder if Michael will go on a date with me?

  2. Ezra Patty says:


  3. sparksy 01 says:

    who is this guy?

  4. J Medina says:

    drop dead

  5. Hakim Huff says:

    please speak slower man

  6. gabriel zaldivar says:

    I think I’m a robot. I AM ROBOT.

  7. Steve Ramsey says:

    Get ready to be replaced puny humans…

  8. BillCosby says:

    DUDE nice Castle Story shirt!

  9. Arjun B Krishnan says:

    Nao robot from Aldebaran

  10. charger479 says:

    how far away are we from having a bender

  11. KT S says:

    Data does not show that the DaVinci robot is beneficial for surgeries such
    as gallbladder or appendix removals. The time for setting up the robot is
    much longer than the time a skilled surgeon would take to remove the
    gallbladder. Instead, it is best for deep pelvic work like prostatectomies
    and hysterectomies.

  12. TheZephyrsWind says:

    Cars that drive themselves would certainly cut down on drunk
    driving-related tragedies. Perhaps one day the nanobots could be programmed
    for a specific type of cancer.

  13. Sylwester Trzewczyński says:

    Swarm Terminators in Your bloodstream

  14. Sion Forgeblast says:

    when you said Robot, I thought of C3-PO and R2-D2

  15. BlackVelvetSociety says:

    Hey man everyone wants R2D2

  16. UniversalPotentate says:

    Lt Cmdr Data is still my favorite!

  17. jookaam says:

    A computer is a robot. So they are the most advansed robots.

  18. WJohnM says:

    Don’t forget your literary history! “Robot”, from the Slavic root implying
    “work”, hence “worker”, appeared in 1920 in Karel Capek’s play “R.U.R.”
    (for Rossum’ s Universal Robots. the firm that produced them.) They are
    androids, humanlike, and apparently at least partly organic and therefore
    cyborgs. They end up destroying humanity, and therefore the play is an
    example of the Frankenstein complex, fear of science or technology, a term
    introduced by Isaac Asimov in his book, “I, Robot”, referring to Mary
    Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1818 book, published when she was 20. (!) Asimov
    also coined the word “robotics”. Your “DaVinci”, being a device to transmit
    human motions on a different scale, is a waldo, described in the eponymous
    book by Asimov’s colleague, Robert A. Heinlein. If you have not read all
    four of these works, do so at once. There will be a quiz next week.

  19. TheAjohta says:

    The one last week that gained self awareness

  20. Alessia Alessandra (aysqwared) says:

    Baymax is definitely on my list of awesome robots