The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Japan – Kyoto Kitcho

The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Japan – Kyoto Kitcho

We’re taking you to Kyoto Kitcho, a 3 Michelin Star restaurant nestled in Arashiyama. It’s one of the most respected restaurants in Japan, and definitely up there for the most beautiful, not only in Japan, but in the entire world. Join us as we show you what a traditional Kaiseki meal looks and as we interview executive chef Kunio Tokuoka.

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25 Responses

  1. Literary Prints says:

    I love how you take the time and care to discover the stories behind incredible places like this. The way you film, edit, and narrate everything really shows your respect, love, and appreciation and I just really want you guys to know that you’re making amazing art (there’s really no other word for the videos you make highlighting specific places like this).

    Thank you thank you thank you for making and sharing such wonderful content. Your channel’s such a small bright spot in my life – so thank you for being so amazing. ☺️💖 lots of love from indonesia!

  2. Ellwyn K says:

    Ugh… such beautiful work guys!

  3. Jennifer Hewitt says:

    Quite possibly the most beautifully shot video you guise have every made! Amazing!!

  4. ZachA says:

    My God, this is a beautiful video

  5. Clinton Neal says:

    Like watching a movie!

  6. David Macchia says:

    What a beautiful review and finally a place with a sword check.

  7. Sandra Mikic says:

    I watched the video twice and before i do it the 3rd time, i send like to 5 of my closest friends this video. This is magical, i feel like i am in a studio gibli movie. I didnt even realise how nervous and tense i was untill i watched this. Thank you so much for this relaxing and beautifull video. P.s. i am totally going to eat here one day

  8. Vicer says:

    You’ve really outdone yourselves guys, this is absolutely stunning. This place looks amazing!

  9. emerald angel2000 says:

    This is #12 on trending in the US!

  10. happymonkey06 says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one that was crying like a baby throughout this video? The Chef and Okami had the most beautiful words and sentiment to pair with such beautiful visual shots. Can we talk about that close up shot at the end of the leafy mossy wall with dripping water? Please Simon and Martina talk about this on next weeks podcast!!! Dying to know your opinions on the whole experience.

  11. Freya Porter says:

    This is so beautiful, and it`s exactly the kind of gently relaxing video I needed today to disengage from all the pain and sorrow in the world. Thank you for always providing such gorgeous, thoughtful content

  12. SushiTries says:

    You can change your channel into a cinematography channel, because this is fabulous!!!!

  13. cealorz says:

    Great and relaxing video. Well done. You are my favourite Youtubers. Your love and way of life are inspiring. I wish to have the same one day.

  14. eliza 123 says:

    Why am i crying?
    I feel so relaxed now 😊😊😊
    Thank you ☺

  15. Dewi Joan Hiele says:

    This looks so heavenly and calm! The japanese really know how to treat their customers, I love it <3

  16. BunnieButt says:

    Another amazing video! I can see it took a lot of time to put this together. Thank you guys ♡♡

  17. Ana Moreira says:

    Probably was already said but amazing just amazing video quality and also progression, you could see the passion not just from the chef but every one who made this video. Congratulations Simon and Martina, you guys should be proud. <3

  18. xwarped83 says:

    Now this shows up as a suggestion, when I’m in the airport getting ready to leave Japan.

  19. Chase says:

    it’s crazy how much you guys changed just within the last three years, in a good way tho.

  20. TheDesteny12 says:

    I knew I wanted to become one of your sponsers, and this video was just the thing that made me do it. I’m so proud of you guys, this was beautiful and even reminded me of one of my all time favorite documentary series Chef’s table. Absolutely amazing work, love it so much.

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