The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe – Strange Stars Explained

The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe – Strange Stars Explained

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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?

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72 Responses

  1. Dim TS7 says:

    First image of black hole:
    * exists *
    “Let’s make a video about strange matter”

    • Milo WolfFace says:

      Im sure he knows that.

    • dan b says:

      Bloo OwO technically they could but it would require more staff which would be more cost on their part, and although they will get money per video, the money gained per new video might not increase in a linearly way, it might decrease exponentially or increase exponentially, if they could rely on add revenue it would increase but if they can’t it would decrease as I imagine video sponsors might not have the same payout and patreon numbers might not increase as quickly alongside the increase in video numbers.

    • Stephane Nouafo says:

      FIESHH have you heard of a joke?

    • Please Enter A Name says:

      +FIESHH the joke flew above your head

    • David Lindes says:

      +dan b: don’t forget the Fred Brooks problem.

  2. Rocket Leaguers says:

    Neutron stars aren’t the densest things that are not black holes.

    Anti-vaxxers are

  3. cheesyvin says:

    *Normal duck : “QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!”
    *pARtiCle PhYSicist DUCK : “QUARK! QUARK! QUARK!”

  4. The Chief says:

    Strangelet gets turned to dust in a black hole, Strangelet: “We’re in endgame now”.

  5. ThePilotDude says:

    Literally anything: *exists*

    Kurzgesagt: THE most dangerous thing in the *universe*

  6. Benjamin Paulis says:

    Kurzgesagt: *Strange matter is the most ideal form of matter*
    Ricardo: Hold my beer

  7. Newby Ton says:

    Maybe we can use it to destroy the Amazon again but with even more power just to flex on mother nature

  8. Rose Milan says:

    Kurzgesagt > The Infographics Show

    You can’t change my mind.

  9. Ethan Karp says:

    Hooray! A whole new uncontrollable thing to worry about!

    • Leaguemaster6969 says:

      Lmao… yeeeuup

    • Just A Dude says:

      I suggest learning how to nihilism: “The universe is pointless and random, therefore fuck it. Let’s have some fun while we can.”

    • Club Penguin Player says:

      Ethan Karp literally every video they make, but it is fun to know how everything will die 🙂

    • kethmar hkfy7luf;. says:

      There is no reason to fear this.
      Neutron star collisions are common enough with enough matter being ejected that there is no way we haven’t already encountered matter from one.
      Atoms are too numerous.
      If you dump a cup of tea in the ocean then wait a few years and make a new cup from the ocean you will have a few atoms from that first cup.
      There is no way neutron stars haven’t ejected matter onto every celestial object.

  10. Jalfire says:

    who would win?
    the Higgs field collapsing
    one strange boi

    • I only have subs because of my comments says:

      I think higgs field would win cuz it can kill everything faster even tho strange boi can do pretty much the same.

    • Bryceton West says:

      I think vacuum decay should also be a contender

    • Aetherite says:

      Ashton scott r/iamverysmart

    • Konitrix - says:

      +Aetherite nah not really

    • Xanadude says:

      Considering the collapse of the Higgs Field creates an expanding true vacuum that annihilates literally any matter it comes in contact with, and considering strange matter is just another form of matter, the Higgs Field collapse would win.

      Obviously I get that op’s comment is a joke, but I just figured I’d explain it anyways

  11. Mr Grips says:

    Kurzgesagt: “Here’s something that could completely obliterate reality as you know it forever. Just speculation though lmao.”

  12. Npc 39174031 says:

    I don’t know if a black hole is more dense than an anime protagonist…

  13. Benjamin Smith says:

    strange matter isn’t strange….. Its just a little QUARKY

  14. Jumpingmagic says:

    Can you do a video on the mega structure concept of The Matrioshka Brain?

    I see others want this video too.

  15. Sachin mathpathi says:

    This is obviously less scary than the thought of tony stark dying

  16. TheSeventhWheel 7 says:

    Should we call Doctor Strange to deal with this matter..?

  17. Mohamed Hosh says:

    Its not a kurzgesagt video if it doesn’t mention black holes at least once…

  18. bianca says:

    How’s the world gonna end?

    Everyone else : World War III , bombs, disease!!

    Me : S T R A N G L E T S

  19. Pokemongineer says:

    Thanks Kurzgesagt for reminding me that I could be eradicated instantly without any prior knowledge in a few dozen ways.

  20. Golex Knows says:

    Person who discovered strange matter:he guys what should we name this “STRANGE matter”


    I dont know why not strange matter

  21. Elita Johnson says:

    Technically nothing breaks the laws of physics or the universe because those are rules we think are true and ones we made so technically we dont know if it does break anything or if its normal

  22. InvadersDie says:

    what if our universe is already made up of strangelets and that’s why only up and down quarks are stable, because the other ones keep getting turned into strangelets?

  23. BLAIR M Schirmer says:

    @Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell *_You clickbaiting swine._* We’ve seen no evidence for strangelets converting even one planet or one star. That means you buried the lede, that this is very unlikely, all the way to minute 6.

    Way to torment laypeople, turd.

  24. thescientist says:

    can you make a strange matter shirt as i love the design of these little guys also it would be funny is people knew that something so cute could destroy everything

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