The Most Horrifying Finishing Move In Mortal Kombat

The Most Horrifying Finishing Move In Mortal Kombat

Babalities are for babies.

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20 Responses

  1. Joseph Eller says:

    uppercutting on an opponent is necessary.But turning someone into Fetality
    that another

  2. shanemerrigan1994 says:

    I’m not much into Mortal Kombat but how is turning someone into a baby a
    “fatality” in the first place

  3. sir1junior says:

    Scorpion spits flames!

  4. MegaDJSlickRick says:

    This reminds me of Robot Chicken

  5. killmaster5038 says:

    oh god…i can hear the screams of tumblr already…the fat, whale like
    feminists and so called “women’s body experts” are roaring in anger…dear
    god…Dorkly what have you done?!…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!

  6. Shanethefilmmaker says:

    Before we get into this too deep bare in mind it’s not the first abortion
    joke Dorkly’s done. Kirby ring any bells?

  7. Vinly Scratch says:

    Watch my YouTube channel its pretty good

  8. DJPlace007 says:

    i just don’t know what to say…. i just don’t…

  9. merikurisumasu10 says:

    Enough internet for today …

  10. Dubbie AAMiner says:

    The thought of someone stepping on a fetus, crushing it… *cringes*

  11. Wafflecone69 says:

    I don’t support abortion. Not just because of the ethics of it but because
    of my tax dollars at work for a bunch of stupid teens to screw each other.

  12. zoiuduu says:

    bunch of gays,,, kratos would eat this fetus raw, and not even blink

  13. Rizky Nur Muhammad says:


  14. Chase Hummel says:

    That last part though…

  15. Skorne Lord of Balance says:

    I don’t get it.

  16. Devin Young says:


  17. itsddashrock says:

    Difficult but not impossible to masturbate to.

  18. Electric Gaming says:

    I personally think a women has the right to abortion

  19. PolarBenjamin says:

    Women always try and explain the fetus away

  20. Daniel “Hero's Apprentice's Brick” Scharn says:

    This can deal with some REALLY touchy subjects. Good job Dorkly, you opened
    the ark of the covenant and lived to tell the tale.