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17 Responses

  1. Diesel says:

    This video is freakin epic ! great work. Seen this on Facebook a couple
    days ago, done watched it like 20 times.

  2. Check Mate says:

    How is this funny? The same thing happens in my house.

  3. Mewkipz says:

    Sorry about that other guy stealing your video, hope you’re able to take it
    down :/

  4. deathstr1ker6666 says:

    If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to have roommates, there ya go…

  5. SpetS says:

    Holy shiet!! I thought it was only me! I thought I was going insane!

  6. Travis7060312 says:

    Fuck that dude that stole your video.

  7. FutureMoneyTrends says:

    can’t tell if feminism or just comedy

  8. U Wot M8 says:

    My house is spooked too, everyday it makes me a sandwich.

  9. Gaming 4 Fun says:

    Unilad gets 52 million views and the original upload on youtube have
    8000….not nice.

    Great video mate.

  10. Pantheus says:

    sorry why is this funny?

  11. Zorkz says:

    This was great, +1 sub

  12. darlack0301 says:

    “I’ve got the same coffee table at home”XD

  13. Syed Ali says:

    YouTube is trending just everything these days

  14. Mekratrig says:

    A man doesn’t have a TV; a man doesn’t know the context of this clueless
    dude skit. A man wondars if others know, and if knowing, will inform a man
    of its origin.

  15. Daniel Vance says:

    Every roommate I’ve ever had.

  16. Gmaniac01 says:

    I mean…i guess it’s funny, just assholes being assholes.

  17. pot4u says:

    At first, when the basket was being brought up. I thought the guy was
    sarcastically pointing out the work he does around the house that the woman
    never noticed. But nope, this was just ”dumb guy” feminism comedy. Still
    chuckled, but you took the low road.