The Napoleonic Wars – OverSimplified (Part 1)

The Napoleonic Wars – OverSimplified (Part 1)

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-Napoleon and Alex on raft © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license):

Music by Kevin MacLeod:
Marty Gets A Plan
Hard Boiled
Dances and Dames
Fast Talkin
Pina Colada
Face Off
Bumbly March
Sneaky Snitch
Faster Does It
Constance The Descent
Exotic Battle
Covert Affair

From Artlist:
Ian Post – Eminence Landscapes
LMOP – The Whisper Man
Kevin Graham – Autumn
Maik Thomas – Bonus Track
Ian Post – Futuristic War

Audionautix – Temptation March

All other music licensed from Epidemic Sound

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37 Responses

  1. OverSimplified says:

    Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

  2. hunterkiller1440 says:

    France: Great French Empire shows off hIs giant PP.
    Rest of Europe: Manlet tries to take over Europe because inferiority complex.

    • Ian Tarry says:

      @Momo Kawashima yhea do you know how it happened. The French foot measurement at the time was actually 13 inches while the English was 12 inches as it is today. So when the French newspapers said he was 5ft 1 that actually meant 5ft 6 in England. The English knew this but jumped on it to use against Napoleon.

    • Ian Tarry says:

      @fabRic_jAck yhea French foot 13 inches English 12 inches. The English knew that but can you blame them for jumping on the fact that French papers said Napoleon was 5 ft 1 and just printing that fact as the general public had no idea of the difference so would obviously think he was short.

    • Ian Tarry says:

      @Zero Destiny er no. British Navy around for 470 odd years Napoleon didn’t make 11 so er…

    • Knightwolf1994 says:

      @Gorboduc YOU JERKS!

    • Marquis de Lafayette says:

      The French had a different measurement system at the time and when he died was measured at 5’2” under that system. However, he was about 5’6.5” under the typical English system. So perfectly average for the time and pure propaganda.

      Also, this is why the metric system was invented because of differences between countries,over simple measurements.

  3. Ronald Elías Cordero Calles says:

    And remember kids, when your parent punish you severely, it’s not because they hate you, it’s because they want you to conquer Europe

  4. TacoBoy6754 says:

    The oversimplified memes starter pack:

    “This enraged his father, who punished him severely”
    “There’s a tax for that”
    “Dude, uncool”
    “Oooohhhhh noooooooooo”
    “SACRE BLU!”
    “Sir…You’re a genius”
    “Who wants to start a revolution?”
    “Then it got cold. STUPID cold.”

  5. Torq4712 says:

    God damn I was worried that we might actually get the WW3 Before the Nepoleonic Wars

  6. CrimsonFlesh says:

    “Napoleon didn’t want to be French, this enraged his father, who went to his room”

  7. Dalton Buford says:

    Doc: “Oh. Here comes the rest of the Army”
    Her: “What…?”
    Me: *WhEeZe*

  8. Valentine McGilucuddy says:

    OverSimplified: Calls him the “little” corporal
    All of r/HistoryMemes: uM aCTuAlLY

  9. That Non-Existent Goose says:

    “Great parenting mom”
    *this enraged Napoleon’s mother. Who punished him severely*

  10. $Sly Cooper$ says:

    “This enraged Adolf’s father and punished him severely”
    Napoleon: First time?

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