The NEW iPhone SE (2020) Is Here!

The NEW iPhone SE (2020) Is Here!

New iPhone time! Apple just announced the iPhone SE for 2020 and it looks pretty good. If you guys want to see an unboxing and a review, let me know!

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73 Responses

  1. Moshy365 says:

    Home Button: *comes back*

    Headphone Jack: *…*

    • Gurjinder Singh says:

      @Matthew Esquire You can get Headphone jack in Samsung A-series phones.

    • archie baldwin says:

      Matthew Esquire

      10 dollar earphones, what a waste. I suppose good enough if you listen to edm or taylor swift.

    • The first casualty of war is Truth says:

      @Luke would not recommend LG…

    • The first casualty of war is Truth says:

      @528Circle SE comes with ear pods with lightning! Can still load and hear music due to wireless charging, even though you shouldn’t because it’s bad for The battery

    • NFS Steve says:

      Its just like F1 coming back with their V10 engine sound with lower cc.

  2. Alvaro Javier says:

    Nice gift for your mom, she is gonna be “surprised”

  3. Anmol Karki says:

    I just realized that these “tech reviewers” don’t actually have the device but still are making videos based off the apple website.

    • ne0tic says:

      @Vishal Kumar They would if the reviewers had the phones, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t. They might be getting them in a few days though and then there will be a review embargo until launch day.

    • Retsat Asupre says:

      theyre holding the review of actual device for the next videos so they can make more videos for 1 device released which means more videos more views more money. its all about money u know haha

    • Michael Jordan says:

      @Smit Shah it wasn’t misleading that was the iPhone 8 and the se is the same just with an a13 bionic

    • Butch says:

      @Abhishek Asthana ehem.. Unbox Therapy…

    • KM Playz says:

      Unbox Therapy has it

  4. Mars 2005 says:

    2020: because of corona virus dolfines came back

    Also 2020: the home button is back

  5. DMH • says:

    UrAvgConsumre: this phone is for my parents and kids.

    Me (with iPhone SE): bruh

  6. Tech Addict says:

    5:17 most sad but true thing I have heard in a long time. 😆

  7. nezz83 says:

    SE – Stimulus Edition

  8. KelbyJr Games says:

    Everyone trying to sell an old 8 just pissed their pants.

  9. Tim Dawg says:

    iphones: proceed to be expensive
    iphone se: well well well how the turntables

  10. Basco says:

    2020: the year Apple made a cheap, competitive, powerful phone AND OnePlus made an expensive premium phone

    • Tamil Selvan says:

      @Zynth and given the fact that most oled displays in phones are pentile displays 1080p in oled is actually a worse resolution than 750p in lcd

    • Samuel says:

      Pig God bro the pixel density hardly matters. If you want to consume content go get an iPad. The screen real estate is WAY better.

    • Komrad Ivan says:

      @Samuel ipad mini 5, thats the stuff

    • Zynth says:

      @Tamil Selvan Exactly! Now this is a man who knows what he’s talking about.

    • Rian P says:

      @Pig God nobody stares at their screen and wonders if it’s 1440p or not. It’s a smaller display and still retina display ppi, nobody would be troubled by it for daily usage (as how a phone should be used for)

  11. Awengsk! Mabute says:

    Steve Jobs: small phone that you can use by just one hand and you can put in your pocket.

  12. M Price says:

    When you just want a phone to be a phone….and stay in the apple ecosystem….this is a great addition! Especially for the price.

    • Sheil says:

      I’m not trying to hate on the apple ecosystem but ur comment is kind of invalid. The apple watch itself is more expensive than the se. Its 2020 not 2014 and for 400 dollars there r phones which make the se look like a child’s toy

    • Gavin Bond says:

      I’m a die-hard Android fan but with just the price tag alone Apple is going to attract new customers into their ecosystem. A great move

    • Damon Lang says:

      @Sheil That’s true, but he is right when he says it’s good for people who just want to stay in the apple ecosystem.

    • M Price says:

      Sheil I don’t think the SE performance would lack to much in comparison with those 400 phones. It may even be faster due to optimization of the software and updated chip. It just won’t have the top features and display. I think that’s okay for some. Some people don’t care or even use those features that are offered.

  13. Cristian Sanchez says:

    Italy: dolphins finally came back after years. Apple: Touch ID is back

  14. Apocalypse 95 says:

    My father ain’t comfortable with those gestures and large designs(he has an iphone 6s,wanting to upgrade). He is so used to Apple’s ecosystem. This will surely be a great deal for him.

  15. Chikin Nuget says:

    Original SE gang 👇🏽

  16. Sumanth Taraka says:

    Why every one doing the click bait?!😭

  17. Kelvin says:

    “You Either Die A Villain, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Hero.”

  18. Parsa Shirali says:

    “Looks at old se” it’s time buddy….

  19. BABA VOSS says:

    Name: I phone SE. internal body: iPhone 11 face: the beautiful iPhone 8

  20. law thnos says:

    When you were talking and adoring the home button I was wandering how much apple paid you ?

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