The Next Big Brow Trend

The Next Big Brow Trend

Brows youtube no further. The next big brow trend is here. Shave off all your brows or you’re a wuss.

Because I know you’re already looking for it-
Fancy can opener:

Katy’s video & channel! While you’re there, convince her to shave off her brows.


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37 Responses

  1. Glam&Gore says:


    Mine is obviously -$5, cause I’d pay someone $5 to let me shave off my brows.

    • ThisIsReal says:

      I would shave my eyebrows only if you’d have me as a guest. Lol who am I you ask??? I’m a nobody but still lol

    • Elena IllyDragonfly says:

      100 dollars to shave my eyebrows off. I’m willing to destroy the tails of my eyebrows and to pluck them to have them a bit skinnier for free, that’s it. Either bitchy Cruella or Jareth the Goblin King, I like my eyebrows too much to annihilate them XD

    • Alexis Milbourne says:

      I dont have one I’ve already done it😂

    • Jessica Bowers says:

      1 million dollars (puts pinky to mouth)

    • Maya Jennissen says:

      I can’t shave my eyebrows because I am a grad this year and I’d like to have eyebrows if we get anything

  2. Unlikely Surprised says:

    *mykie doing the lesbian eyebrow slit*
    Anthony: That’s cute

    • Shushu Chan says:

      can’t believe I had to scroll down so far to see this! 😀 Mykie don’t confuse the lesbians

  3. Arden Rose says:

    I want to see a compilation of Mykie saying “HANEY” to her dogs. I know it’s honey, but it is so darn cute!

  4. Kj Waters says:

    I saw the thumbnail… and was like immediately “OH NO.”

  5. Alex XXX says:

    Honestly as a person who gets migraines, seeing Katy with a migraine feels… validating?

    Like when you’ve suffered for so long you just learn to deal and I respect her for making dip and still participating. I’ve been there and it’s not easy to function but life goes on.. even when you have a migraine.

    Go Katy!

    • eykyra says:

      For me cooking with a migraine and after throwing up looks like a heroic act. When I have a migraine I can’t even open my eyes because the light hurts.

    • Ednasaurus says:

      @Samantha Smith I’m very sorry you have to go through this. I do have migraines, but not as severely as you. I do however also have another medical issue that no doctor has been able to identify. So I know how it feels to be so helpless, when even the ones that are supposed to help you don’t know how.
      Nonetheless I think it’s not nice to downplay the problems of others. Even though 3 days may not seem much to you, they still are suffering in their own way.

    • pnjsmom26 says:

      My oldest has horrendous chronic migraines and has since they were very young. If they see these comments they’ll be commenting most likely. They amaze me at how well they deal. Their neurologist started them on Aimovig injections over a year ago and it’s helped tremendously but occasionally they’re still confined to bed. Point of all this, there are others out there sharing your struggle and I wish you the best!

    • Kyra Proulx says:

      exactly!! i have 8+/10 migraine pain 24/7 for the past 5 years and have had them regularly since i was 7 so visually seeing someone like Katy with them and seeing how different she looks and sounds is so validating because it’s one of those things that you can’t see from the outside and we get invalidated constantly about it. the second she started speaking i could hear the “migraine voice” and it’s visible in her demeanor. plus someone popular who’s so big and boisterous having that visible of a change helps people who don’t get them understand them way more

    • Kyra Proulx says:

      pnjsmom26 i’m on ajovy right now and have also been on it for about a year!! it’s also helped me quite a bit which from my pervious comment may not seem like it but my average used to be 9-10/10 pain and the injections have given me a massive boost in energy and while the pain is only slightly decreased, i can handle it a bit more if that makes sense?? i hope your oldest is doing well!!

  6. Andrea Mendoza says:

    I can’t shave off my eyebrows because I’m a wuss…

  7. Andie Dane says:

    Mykie: let’s make it a trend to shave your brows in quarantine

    Goths everywhere: 40 years ahead of her

  8. NokoFace says:

    “Hello Zombies.”

    My God the quarantine has finally gotten to her.

  9. Raven Sky Moon Sea says:

    Reason why I won’t shave my eyebrows: Im an “essential” (very VERY loose terminology here people I make pizza) food worker and makeup is a creative thing for me not a “beauty” thing. Put makeup on even on days I don’t want to annoys me. Plus it’s hot in that place and my brows could melt off.

    • リズLiz says:

      Honestly? Hairspray😆 I know, there’s makeup setting spray, but one day I was spraying my hair with Garnier hairspray, and accidentally sprayed my brows. THEY DIDN’T BUDGE. Even after waking 9,000 steps, sweating under PPE gown, and transporting thirteen patients(four of which were round trip), they were STILL there. I was amazed.

  10. Crystal Smith says:

    “Do you want a video like that?” Why is that even a question?! Yes, always yes!!

  11. Mad Hatter says:

    i was already debating to shave them off so nothing they just need to say “do it” and i would

  12. Artistic Reader says:

    When your a ginger like Mykie: what eyebrows. Honestly I would love to shave them off…. IF IT HAD A DIFFERENCE

  13. Celia says:

    I need that no-touching-face drinking game with Katy

  14. Stephanie Hall-oween says:

    I actually love the rhinestone eyebrows 😂 I might do this now

  15. creamocrop says:

    YES with all that – reverse face, tiny face, reverse tiny face, Pierre having fx human make up! Just YAAAAS

  16. Katie G says:

    Mykie we will take literally whatever content you’ll give us. The zombaes are IN.

  17. Angela Salvator says:

    She should do Tokyo’s makeup from Money Heist. She kinda look like her.

  18. Alena says:

    “Hello zombies” sounds so proper and formal, like who are you and what have you done with Mykie? xD

  19. Ellie Gregory says:

    My parents shouted at me for asking to put a slit in my eyebrows

  20. Michelle Thompson says:

    I’m so confused why there’s no comments about the can opener, isn’t that a normal thing?? 😂

    • Caitlyn Bradford says:

      100% an average can opener. Thinking maybe mykie grew up with an electric one and for some reason thinks that this older method is innovative? Not sure, but I laughed my ass off at how excited she was for an average kitchen tool.

    • Emily Lewis says:

      It cuts the can around the side of the rim not the top, that’s why its “special”

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