The Nuclear Gypsies Risking Their Lives In Fukushima

The Nuclear Gypsies Risking Their Lives In Fukushima

Laborers on the front lines of the Fukushima disaster clean up are known as “nuclear gypsies” and expose themselves to radiation as they attempt to remove nuclear waste.

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  1. Keesen Lawson says:


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  3. Levikk says:

    now they will become kawaii

  4. Fallen Exe says:

    My ass is bleeding

  5. Khalid Aun says:

    Wow so early well it’s cool but very dry like dry ice.

  6. Khalid Aun says:

    I like the lady’s accent very soothing!

  7. Pedro Afonso says:

    Gypsies helping society? U funny! Fuck off Japan and give me my harem of
    japanese milfs or fully customable sex robot.

  8. BTKH01350 says:

    Interesting. I remember watching a documentary somewhere saying that these
    gypsies actually volunteered for their nation. But I guess there’s two side
    to every story.

  9. CaptainX says:

    My heart is in my chest.

  10. Red and White Cat says:

    he has a doge!

  11. Pablo Batista says:

    who is the woman speaking?

  12. papillon tae says:

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