The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)’ Sung by 230 Movies

The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)’ Sung by 230 Movies

Massive thank you to ‘Sing King Karaoke’ for creating me a backing track to use here; you guys rock!

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20 Responses

  1. geeklife says:

    I don’t know what loves this more, the movie fanatic, the music lover, or
    the Offspring fangirl side of me.

  2. MrBarrios992 says:

    This gave me a smile

  3. Dylan Rocha says:

    Please keep them coming.

  4. Onasis D.B says:

    I’m glad I didn’t have to edit all those clips together!! Damm

  5. TheTacticalBrute says:

    I always thought it was, “at least you know you can always go on MTV”

  6. Carter Quinn says:

    This is what I expect to see on the featured colum

  7. John Smith says:

    Ron Weasly at 1:11 did it for me

  8. Nerdy Deadpool says:

    This is a test on how many movies you know

  9. BrackioTops says:

    How long did it take you to make this? Sheesh.

  10. Plato's Philosophy says:


  11. thechico1979 says:

    OMG this was FIRE!

  12. nocontrol628 says:

    Lmao ricki lake

  13. Catherine3385 says:

    awesome again

  14. clawhammr666 says:

    Well this must’ve taken ages to edit..

  15. Joshua Arrington says:

    0:57 bill and ted.

  16. PJ Champion says:

    Two thumbs up

  17. Masterbuilder Jai says:

    Please Do a review on the dark knight

  18. jadien114 says:

    This is so great good gob

  19. Moose Williams says:

    Boi I dies at wannaBEES

  20. martin stanley says:

    this sucks