The Olympics – Mental Floss Scatterbrained

The Olympics – Mental Floss Scatterbrained

Scatterbrained is a new trivia show in which different hosts do a deep dive into one topic. Today, we’re learning all about the Olympics – from the marathon to the Olympic Village to Cool Runnings.

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36 Responses

  1. Bhargav Gawali says:

    Man, this new format is way better. Im glad that you people transformed. You people are amazing. Keep making videos

  2. Vicky Mc says:

    Oh but now how will you save for the pork chop party? 🙂

  3. PSquared1234 says:

    Biathlon. Totally underrated.

  4. Chris Billig says:

    I think John should take up curling. I think he can do it.

  5. EmmieClassix says:

    Fun fact: the Olympic village from the Lillehammer Winter Games (Norway) was repurposed as student housing. And they are still being used.

  6. Bailey Wilson says:

    I guess my only concern is that the pork chop party may never happen. 🐖 💰

  7. Mikkel Schwaner says:

    i reaaaaaalllyyyyy dont like this new format…..

  8. BeBeVe says:

    I’m digging the new design

  9. BuckbeakSpeaks says:

    Me everytime I see or hear Mike: MIKE!!!

  10. Science Review with Mr. Blades says:

    There is much practice needed for the new hosts.

  11. Jonathan Rodd says:

    Honesty time: the new format is too much like a news show. Cutting from person to person in segments makes the viewing experience more formal and less personal because you’re not following an individual through the video. It’s like a if a novel ditched it’s protagonist and made a new one every chapter. I can’t speak on behalf of all viewers of course, but this leaves me really disinterested in the episode.

    • Smi Co says:

      I’m all up for change, but unfortunately I have to agree…this feels like a random patchwork with no common thread (except the overall topic). I think sticking to one host might help glueing this together…walking from set to set for the different approaches to the subject.

    • BuckbeakSpeaks says:

      I also wouldn’t have minded if this video was like 6 different videos uploaded over the course of the week, each with a different host

    • Jonathan Rodd says:

      I think if they were to break it up into shorter videos then it would be even more necessary to use one consistent host for a particular string of videos. Just to tie things together.

  12. Expat47 says:

    Not a big fan of the new format.

  13. Arne Fischer says:

    I see what you’re trying to do here, but the frequent switching between hosts disrupts the viewing quality, at least for me. Also, I’m not here to watch celebrity gossip (aka “Fact list”), who the hell cares what athlete x puts in their smoothie?

    • shadebug says:

      You realise that the whole channel is pretty much fact lists, right?

    • Arne Fischer says:

      Sure I like fact lists, thats why I’m here. You realise that I’m talkling about the segment in this video called “Fact List: 7 Athletic Tips with Becca Scott” starting at 7:35, right?. Wich is in my oponion neither a fact list, nor consisting of athletic tips, but instead a colletion of personal anecdotes from different athletes.

  14. Paul Keefer says:

    Anyone else wanna go out and get some sacrificial cow meat?

  15. Conrad Spoke says:

    If Amanda Suk’s least favorite subject is science, she shouldn’t be doing science reporting.
    Yeah, she’s pretty. Now get somebody with a brain.

  16. CaraPlay says:

    Maybe limit it to two or three hosts per session, not all of them in the same video? Also, Amanda’s “my least favourite subject” statement when she was presenting the scientific study seems woefully out of place. I realise this is not SciShow, but it would be nice to have at least some semblance of competence, so maybe shift the presenters onto areas that match their strengths, not their weaknesses.

  17. Gary Hart says:

    I want the old Mental Floss back…

  18. Jeffrey Bernath says:

    Amanda, if scientific studies are your least favorite subject, you shouldn’t be hosting an informational show.

  19. MPAH1981 says:

    This isn’t grabbing me, sorry guys. Brain switched off after John, but even while watc hing him, it just doesn’t feel right. Should have stuck to tried and true.

    • Micah Philson says:

      I kind of like it. It’s taken them way too long to add in a new category of video or expand at all, and though yest the style could use tweaking, it’s nice to see other faces and hear about tangentially related things. Really, this captures the spirit of Scatterbrained pretty well.

  20. Micah Philson says:

    I like this! It captures the spirit of Scatterbrained pretty well, which was always one of my favorite sections of the magazine! A bit slower paced, but that’s not entirely a bad thing, and it’s always nice to learn about anything and everything tangentially related to nothing! Though it may be a bit long, I’d keep these a little shorter, but still probably over 5 minutes. 5-8 maybe.

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