The One Bathroom Privilege Trump Won’t Take Away: Toilet-Tweeting

The One Bathroom Privilege Trump Won’t Take Away: Toilet-Tweeting

There are now tighter rules on who’s allowed in school bathrooms than who’s allowed in the Oval Office. (Thursday monologue pt. 1)

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20 Responses

  1. Krombopulos Michael says:

    It’s going to be weird how people who look like men are going to have to go to women’s bathrooms now.

  2. I feel It says:

    i turn the news on every morning wishing he got impeached already ;”( why god why is he still here

  3. Liam Rao says:

    The Early Crowd on Stephen Colbert

  4. rXn -iwnl- says:

    Stephen can you be our savior and become our President?

  5. Rayeky1 says:

    so you’r telling me that … that Devos woman, without any knwoledge on education … its in charge of education ?

  6. Maryam G says:

    Here before the Trumpologists come and make excuses and then blame Obama.

  7. Amiee Ann says:

    Stephen’s getting even more savage and I love it!

  8. ani625 says:

    Stephen and his peers are the only ones keeping us sane.

  9. Hylian Ticipated says:

    I remember when the monologues were 1 video. Stephen, don’t Kimmel this shit up.

  10. Impala 67 says:

    Yet another reason to hate Trump.

  11. Lego Insomniac says:

    How come the monologue is being broken up into multiple videos now instead of just uploading it as one video?

  12. Rishabh Kumar says:

    The splitting of the monologue into two parts is incredibly annoying

  13. Benedict Donald says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a shit where people take a dump? Men’s bathroom or women’s bathroom, whatever just make sure you flush.

  14. KingOfMadCows says:

    Bannon just had some trouble finding the Reich words. He was blitzing through his speech a little too fast and did Nazi the potential for mistakes

  15. Zk Zk says:

    huge plans tiny hands

  16. Michael Kim says:

    Im a straight male…can i take a dump in that lobby too? Always a great show Mr. Colbert.

  17. kerry paterson says:

    You could’ve shot a dart in the phone book and found a more suitable person to be President of the USA

  18. Trust the universe says:

    sounds like America is going backwards. so much for being the land of the free, sound like only white men are the free ones there.

  19. Vasectomy Fail says:

    i didn’t live through it or experience it, but wasn’t america the nation responsible for the “colored only” bathrooms? that was the US right? so “trans only” bathrooms are different how? and for all you dumb fucks saying it’s a “mental illness”… mentally ill people are also allowed to use public bathrooms. and what about androgynous people? are there going to be genital monitors at the doors of all public restrooms?

  20. I Need Caffine says:

    As a trans public school student, who’s not even using the men’s bathroom (im constantly afraid of the repercussions of being alone with only male teenagers in a conservative midwest highshool), I’m really fucking scared about what Trump’ll do next. I’m lucky, I’m still okay not coming out to everyone, but what happens when thats not true? What will we do when he takes away our right to exist at all?

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