The Open House | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Open House | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Following a tragedy, a mother and her teen son move to a relative’s vacant vacation home, where eerie and unexplained forces conspire against them. Only On Netflix, January 19.

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The Open House | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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66 Responses

  1. Moa Antonsson says:

    Clay? Is that you?

  2. Caio R says:

    Will he take forever to hear the stuff this time too?

  3. mayuri wagh says:

    Clay โคโค

  4. Jhorge Settler says:

    I like this shit !

  5. cyberknot says:

    Hannah Baker is back

  6. Nick is Dank says:

    If Dylan Minnette is in it then you know it’s worth a watch

  7. ujjaldeep singh says:

    waiting to see you in 13 reason why season 2 clay

    • richard courchene says:

      appreciate you posting that on reddit. always wanted the world to read my writings. greasy and lonely. what amazing and cool visuals.

    • Pishotyc says:

      richard courchene The point is you went all self-righteous and intelligent and wrote a completely hypocritical statement because some dude called you autistic. Welcome to the internet, newfag, you get that a lot here.

    • MATT RASK says:

      richard courchene i wasnt expecting such a well formulated reply so my apologizes sir,

    • MATT RASK says:

      i took an L

    • richard courchene says:

      apology accepted. can you imagine how great social media would be if we praised each other – hey that’s great or congrats to you instead of constantly criticizing each other?ย we, the public,ย do not know each other and somehow that gives the public license to do just that. Criticize and belittle each other. The other guy posting on reddit what I said in such an amazingly cool description. Greasy and Lonely. That’s either a novel waiting to happen or the next hit by whatever band is currently popular among teens. Not even sure what reddit is or why posting what I said is supposed to offend me. Do better on social media. And the world we will one day be a better place. you will do it. Someone will copy you and someone will copy them.

  8. Brenda Elizabeth says:

    Its a yes for me if Dylan Minnette is in it

  9. The Ghost says:

    Music: Hannah Cartwright & Ross Tones – All You Leave Behind

  10. That one dildo you recently bought says:

    >is called the open house
    >looks like Lawrence Sonntag in the thumbnail
    what are you upto netflix

  11. Jason Aldridge says:


  12. Yan Thรฉriault says:

    Smells like an orgy of clichรฉs.

    – Opening drรดne shot… yeahh… They all open on a drone shot.
    – Old crazy lady will end up not being the one they should have fear and probably will give the valuable tips.
    – At 50 minutes, if the policeman was not murdered… that means he is the murderer.
    – Black guy will not die. That’s the new rule. He’ll pop-up shooting the murderer from behind just as the white guy was about to get stabed. But the murderer will come back somehow and leave the heroic killing task to the white guy.

  13. Shravan Dikshith says:

    Netflix completely rockingg

  14. hank says:

    13 reasons why never share house key with someone

  15. laphea cole says:

    Perfect example of why I’m fine with my 500 sqft apartment.

  16. AzorAhai Archangel says:

    Looks better than *_The Last Jedi_* , at least. Netflix FtW.

  17. RazzmatazZ says:

    13 reasons why you donโ€™t move to a predominantly white upper class suburb….. 1)The racist redneck. 2)The uptight next door neighbor. 3)The passive aggressive….. Ah screw it, theyโ€™re all crazy ass white people.

  18. DethroneME says:

    Looks good. So the critics are probably gonna hate on it.

  19. Vishnave M says:

    wow 13 reasons why szn 2 looks CRAZY

  20. The Back of the Classroom says:

    No one holds a grudge like Hannah Baker

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