The Oregon Fail

The Oregon Fail

Ammon Bundy’s protest and occupation of a national wildlife refuge isn’t going as planned… actually, it wasn’t particularly planned to begin with.

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19 Responses

  1. Double Dragon says:

    All this waving around of the Constitution reminds me of a piece of dialog
    from A Fish Called Wanda: Wanda says, “you think you’re an intellectual,
    don’t you, ape?” Otto West: “Apes don’t read philosophy.” Wanda: “Yes they
    do, Otto. They just don’t understand it.” It astounds me the lack of
    understanding among these Yee-hawdists.

  2. Travis Jones says:

    I must be on mars!?! black lives matter protest the authoritarian abuse of
    police I.E government and this militia is protesting the authoritarian
    courts and abusive legal system I.E government. The real stupid part is
    they don’t know how much power they could both have if so many people would
    stop with identity politics. I understand there are differences but come on

  3. The National Razor says:

    Send drones. Its time the right wing gun nuts learned that their “kept and
    borne arms” are quaint, laughable, and useless.

  4. newbyrobert49 says:

    Colbert thanks for being on the air . if i were a stupid fluoride water
    drinking idiot i would be believing every luciferian thing that came out
    your liberal ass. Your show is pure propaganda for the elitist. That want
    the common man to be dumb as a stump.

  5. Mistaa Spaakles says:

    all they need to do is shoot they’ll get what they want.

  6. Mohsin Ali says:


  7. ZORAZ Haseeb says:

    This is so biased. The people were burning a counter fire and the fire
    accidently spread to federal lands. they served their sentence of 5 years.
    but the judge called them back and then made them serve another 5 years.
    That is unconstitutional!!!

  8. MyDefendor Q says:

    Heavily armed protesters? What? You are not a protester if you take an
    entire building hostage with an assault riffle. GET REAL PEOPLE!!!

  9. AlluneedisLuve says:

    Fucking stupid rednecks

  10. Tyler P says:

    Guess he forgot to explain double jepordy

  11. Stephen Morris says:

    They have Rednecks in Oregon?!?! What a world we live in…

  12. JonnyNice says:


  13. FaZe Hoo-Dini says:

    Hoo Hoooooo?

  14. lal j says:

    Kill Them dumb Asses

  15. Tyson King says:

    Maybe you should look up the facts of the story

  16. agriperma says:

    These are no patriots, they are NOT defending anyone’s rights or freedoms.
    the Bundy, s are endorsed by the Koch bros.

    let that sink in a bit. think of all those resources, that are protected
    and out of the Koch Bros hands. what if a group of loonies could change all
    that? while these so called “Patriots / Militia ” think they are fighting
    for peoples rights, what they are really doing is Hijacking public land by
    force, ( terrorist tactic ) to try and make these well protected land come
    under jurisdiction of local government. These puppets are being used. they
    do not even give a crap about the Hammonds, all they did was use the
    opportunity to further Koch’s agenda, to frack the hell out of America for
    fun and profit.

  17. 1zombie4v says:

    Bunch of trumps rebel flag flying meth addicts .

  18. good bro007 says:

    Too FAT ??? Try it. Free KIT

  19. Michael Leibowitz says:

    Anti-government hypocrites want people to use the government (USPS) in
    order to send supplies.

    Fucking brilliant.