The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

‘The Upside’ star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.

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102 Responses

  1. Liyah U says:

    The comment section is gonna be interesting…

  2. CRTN says:

    Hey, What did the librarian say to the students?

    Read More

  3. New Message says:

    Yeah.. this interview didn’t help him.

    • Sharon Smalls says:

      New Message
      If you can’t accept his apology then you’re broken and need to be fixed. Kevin Hart can not fix you if you’re not whole.

    • Choice Is Mine says:

      Help him what? ?

    • AlliouaganaQueen says:

      help what. didn’t realise he needed help. he didn’t offer himself a job. they did. of he ain’t fit then it’s a good thing he took a pass.

    • T Electronix says:

      +Sharon Smalls You really don’t like that Hart’s performance in this interview was criticised.
      Acting as defensive as he has and saying (if you are honest) daft things like ‘you are broken’ isn’t an argument.

    • Javi Ruiz says:

      I completely agree! He is so into himself because he feels that he made it. I’m sorry I still have not seen any of his movies. He needs to be a little more humble because anyone and I mean anyone can take his place in one second.

  4. gotf says:

    Stephen tried so hard to help Hart. He gave him such an easy out but Hart couldn’t even take the opportunity that was laid out for him. Stephen didn’t even want to continue the interview afterwards.

    • T Clark says:

      +gotf why should anyone care how ‘gay ppl feel”? Thats the fucking point, man. You can applogize to a person…apologizing to a group is impossible. We are witnessing that.

    • Themis Vespucci says:

      +gotf you cant control how someone feels though. As long as he is respectful, doesnt make the jokes, treates people humanely, and is a general supporter of the rights to exist, what is the problem? There is nothing left.

    • Youssef Hegazy says:

      gotf I agree bill is a douchebag, but when it comes to this madness with the SJW, he stands up for what makes sense. Kevin apologized multiple times but they want to make him do it every time he goes to an interview which doesn’t make sense.

    • Youssef Hegazy says:

      abcxyz that’s mostly on economic and political issues, but not social issues especially ones like these because he suffered the same fate long time ago.

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      @gotf He doesn’t need an easy out. He stood his ground, he’s what you’d call a real man.

  5. Jason Jimerson says:

    Kevin Hart makes me miss Chris Tucker more and more by the day.

  6. Ozghicman says:

    Just here for the comments and popcorn

  7. Henny van Veldhuizen says:

    I’m over this Guy ,oh over him again,and again! Bye!

    • King Frosty IX says:

      haha fk off then

    • Jayjulious89 says:

      So why watch this interview, pretty sure you seen the others ?

    • Number 9 says:

      @Dragon Fly no I think they just wanted a basic “oh yeah what i did was wrong, lets move on now..”. I dont think most people want him to beg like a dog or be crucified over this, they just dont want him to act like “no i dont need to apologize bc this whole incident is a product of outrage culture”, when (even if it is dumb to dig up his old tweets) what he said was genuinely homophobic, and his old apologies compounded that idea. Thats probably why they watched this interview, to see how he addressed it…

    • Anthony Perez says:

      Jon Kim lmao he was never funny anyway.

    • Javi Ruiz says:

      I never thought he was funny and I still have never seen any of his movies! I rather watch a trump speech on how he is so racist towards minorities

  8. mohin pat says:

    Stephen should just host the Oscars….problem solved…..

    • Lugia21 says:

      Do you want SJWs digging through every single bit of things Stephen has done where their feelings are hurt to do the same thing?

    • JAKESTAR105 says:

      @Sir Winston Lennon – Come on John, I’m supposed to be the uptight conservative. “You live with straights who tell you .you was king… jump when your momma tell you anything” Remember? You wrote that while I was writing “Everyday she takes her morning bath and wets her hair, wraps the towel around as she’s heading for the bedroom chair”

    • DarkZombeh says:

      +Elvis Official He’s a troll, classic snowflake republican putting a blind to the issues and claiming they don’t exist, oh but don’t you dare doubt that there is a immigration crisis, cause they know for a FACT that you can cross the border by just walking and milions are pouring in, and the only reason they are unhappy in their lives and poor is because their jobs are being stolen from mexicans that are picking farmers jobs for pennies on the dolar.

    • DarkZombeh says:

      +N****Plz you’re a joke

    • DarkZombeh says:

      +Lugia21 To be fair, there are 2 kind of SJW, the ones that started it all on real issues, and then the alt-right fake SJWS that decided to fool the SJWS by fabricating outrage on non issues, like when some girl was wearing an asian outfit at a graduation or something.

      Its hard to differentiate, because in the end, most common people jump on board, but the main issue is not “sjws” but naive people who can’t take context and understanda lot of things are inflamated on purpose to make them look stupid and discredit them.

  9. Bryant G says:

    The irony is, he fired himself from hosting.. They still wanted him to do the show because obviously a comedian saying offensive stuff isn’t new.. The people who want to still be upset should go about their lives Kevin Hart free and keep it moving.

    • Jolly Bekson says:

      Bryant G
      His twisted were homophobic.
      Telling people to beat the gay out of their kids isn’t a joke, that’s why he deleted those tweets.
      He never apologized until the oscars asked him to and the way he can’t own the fact that it was the oscars that got him to take responsibility for his homophobia is crass nonsense.

    • Jayjulious89 says:

      Not true, it’s been shown the guy apologized the year it was put out

    • Hersi G says:

      Kevin Hart is a very smart dude.

    • Chris Wilson says:

      +Jolly Bekson he apologized lol and it was a joke…ppl just soft nowadays

    • João Vilaça says:

      People can’t take jokes nowadays, at least in USA. Here in Portugal we say jokes with a lot of dark humour and most of us know it’s a joke.

  10. Aiden Mateen says:

    THIS is it. this is what i wanted. stephen is such a brilliant host. he challenged hart properly and didn’t kiss up to him, made him try for a better answer, repeatedly gave him a chance to understand, and tried to help him realise where he went wrong. hart tried, but again, this (and his performance on ellen) kind of showed he doesn’t fully grasp what people are trying to get him to understand. props to stephen, what a brilliant host.

  11. Carmen Neumann says:

    Kevin doesnt realize he is not as sincere as he advertizes he is…..the applause after his speech pretty thin

    • Debra Holt says:

      Because he doesn’t believe in that nasty lifestyle.

    • nordfresse says:

      +Debra Holt So you do think its ok then to beat the shit out of your child if it shows any signs of what you think is “gay behaviour”? Because thats what Kevin suggested in his original tweet back then. (I cant believe I am even engaging in a conversation with you tho..)

    • Chris Wilson says:

      +nordfresse it was a joke! Ppl so soft nowadays!! People have said far worse and nothing happened. Its actually disgusting to see how the world can’t even take a joke anymore

    • nordfresse says:

      +Chris Wilson Have you even seen the tweet? It was not a joke at all. Wasnt even trying to funny, just outright hateful. What I find disgusting is people calling themselfs comedians and think they can get away with anything just calling it a joke.

    • Chris Wilson says:

      +nordfresse It really was a joke G ?. It was funny to some back then too, but he took it down because some thought it was inappropriate. So he took it down and said he wouldn’t do it again or make a joke similar to it. He rectified it. I see no problems

  12. Hammad Ali says:

    I guess Ellen couldn’t convince Kevin Hart to host the Academy Awards.

    • L K says:

      I thought she had him convinced till Don Lemon got involved and made it more specific. I understood Don Lemons point too but theyre really trying to make an example outta Kevin and it’s going too far. Leave this topic and move on.

  13. Carmen Neumann says:

    If he is so right with himself, explain the anger that surfaces in his defensiveness in every interview..

    • King Frosty IX says:

      ‘cuz he’s fking annoyed having to apologize to idiots like you?

    • Jim Norton's Alcoholism says:

      +Themis Vespucci you sound like a gay. be better

    • Brittney G says:

      Carmen, are you serious? Of course hes defensive when he has to say the same story a thousand times. He shouldn’t have to apologize over and over and over. It happened. He apologized a long time ago apologized 4 times in the last week and it’s still not enough for people. You are apart of the problem. Sitting here saying hes defensive and has anger. You would be angry too if one of your mistakes never went away. People make mistakes all the time. How is he supposed to move on and grow from it if NO ONE will let it go?! I mean how do you not see that that’s insane. People are pretty much saying you can never make a mistake because clearly no on can let it go. What he said 10 years ago was TEN years ago! People need to stop bringing up the past and look to the future. Give him a effing break. It’s so ridiculous and the fact that you think you’re exposing him by saying he has anger is ludicrous. Again youd be furious too if no one ever let you move on. Get a grip

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      Short man complex, most short people have anger issues. Also he’s black trying to communicate with white people. In the black community Sorry is typically a silent understood based off of reading eachother’s bodies. Every once in a while if it is extreme enough a verbal apology is made. But it’s only made once and both parties move on with their lives, both sides might even become annoyed if apologies continue, because its as if you can’t grasp the fact he’s repenting for his wrongdoing. You guys are tools.

    • Chris Wilson says:

      Lol that’s an obvious answer wtf

  14. Alli Davies says:

    An onion doesn’t go on forever.

    • steve crawford says:

      This guy is boring waste of time hire Key and/or Peele!

    • RecoveringFormalist says:

      +John Marston If onion’s go on forever, I think we just found a solution for world hunger.

    • Marvin Holden says:

      Lol smart ass

    • Cece J says:

      First off, why dont you cuckholds hold the psychologist department for apologizing? They are the ones who labeled gay and lesbians a MENTAL ILLNESS. That year kevin hart made jokes about lgbtq community was a common culture, many ppl said shit about them nothing new. Kevin hart apologized over and over and over and over and over again. Kevin hart is actually a true inspiration, and that he does not allow anyone or any social crap to change him. I did not know how strong he was. VERY PROUD OF KEVIN!

    • Kyle Kakuske says:


  15. Juan Villalobos says:

    Wow. Stephen actually gave him a chance and he ended up digging himself even deeper.

    • sonia dell says:

      The chance was for him to admit that he did not handle this situation well. I mean he really didn’t. He should have just taken the high road and issued another apology right when everything resurfaced instead of getting all dramatic and talking about how annoyed he was and how he refuses to address it again…why? He just made it into such a bigger deal then it was. He let the haters win

    • Chaz McNeil says:

      His pride will be his downfall.

    • Mbeki P says:

      When someone apologizes about something YOU have the option to except it or not. He has done what he was supposed to do.

    • iduz duhsmotpoke says:

      Stawp it, dat shit gay.

    • Chris Ducat says:

      Should have just had his agent/manager write up some phony “I’m sorry if my words offended anyone” apology and moved on from there. Apparently the refusal to apologize the way the Academy wanted him to created a mess nobody wanted or needed (except maybe people who make a living off this crap).

  16. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    I think what Stephen said at 3:36 is probably is probably why I go back and forth on this. I went back and rewatch his Ellen interview, and he mentioned all these other times he’s apologized, so I can understand getting frustrated. But if he really did all of this before, why aren’t his reps FLOODING the news outlets with clips of his previous apologies? If you knew this was a source of controversy for your client, why wouldn’t you have these clips of these previous articles and interviews at the ready to back up your client so he could really show how much he’s apologized for this. But then again, if you’re truly sorry or regretful about something, and you don’t feel that way anymore, would it really hurt anything but your ego or pride to apologize for it again?

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      He shouldn’t have had to apologize more than once. It doesn’t make sense that people are so sensitive. What the fuck is an apology going to do for you or anyone else anyhow? He admitted that he jumped the gun by telling JOKES NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. When he jokes about white people handicapped people (missing shoulders), children, sumo wrestlers, yoga, excersize, ballet, and the list goes on forever, NOBODY else demands an apology. I’m so fucking sick of the LGBQT community a bunch of over sensitive pussies. He’s big enough to recover from this. But it doesn’t make it less stupid. Society has become the Novel “the time machine” where there were no longer a mix of personalities, rather just brutish barbarian morons and intelligent but weak and overly sensitive fodder.

    • Chris Wilson says:

      +T Electronix at the same time he can’t just say that ? he will be in an even deeper hole. I respect his beliefs though. One apology is enough

    • Paul Denino says:

      Are you stupid or just retarded?
      No matter how many times Kevin says he’s sorry, these cry babies will blame him for the same jokes next year and ask him to say sorry.

    • bodybalancer says:

      debbiedoodiedandi feel like everyone including Kevin has made a much bigger deal out of everything than they needed to 😛 the Academy HAD on behalf of the LGBQT community to just cover their bases. It’s a lot to do with politics and PR. Professionals should understand and not take it SO personally.

    • Jose Jonez says:

      That’s Just it. If I hurt someone and come back and apologize, there’s nothing more I can do. It’s up to the people to get over it. Funny how some folks can accept an apology and others can’t.

  17. zerogoki40 says:

    Kevin Hart doesn’t acquit himself very well on this one…

  18. Matthew Rodriguez says:

    The Oscars screwed themselves. Nobody is gonna want to host having to apologize for whatever stupid thing they said 10, 15 years ago. Ridiculous times we live in

  19. RecoveringFormalist says:

    I dont remember who said it, but someone said on the matter that if you’re truly sorry about something, you shouldn’t mind repeating the apology. Yet Kevin acts offended whevenever it comes up. At first, I thought it was ridiculous the way it started, petty people dug up his past. But this would have all COMPLETELY blown over if his first immediate response was a heartfelt genuine apology instead of, “I apologized before, I refuse to do it again”. Not to mention, The Vulture dug up his old “apologies” that he referenced on Ellen… They weren’t apologies.

    • King Frosty IX says:

      +RecoveringFormalist Yes it was a fking joke from a different time period, a time period that understood that jokes are always making light of something harsh in reality, be it yourself or the environment. He’s not actually going to knock out his son.

      Edit- Do you expect him to apologize every morning or some stupid shit? Anyone would be annoyed, gtfo.

    • RecoveringFormalist says:

      +King Frosty IX Y’all clearly missed the part of my post where I said, “At first, I thought it was ridiculous the way it started, petty people dug up his past.” I do think it’s ridiculous that the tweets were dug up from 10 years ago. But my thing is, Kevin’s the one screwing himself here, even if they were from 10 years ago, they’re now in the public eye and they’re offensive and he’s putting way more energy into insisting that he won’t apologize than giving a simple apology and allowing it to blow over. So no, I don’t expect an apology whenever a comedian tells an edgy joke, but when a joke crosses the line, yeah, you apologize. Plus, even if his son’s not the victim, it’s still normalizing violent behavior towards someone for being gay. And even if it wasn’t offensive or damaging, it’s just a bad joke. Grow some empathy people.

    • Calvin Perkins says:

      ​+RecoveringFormalist Have you ever thought of the other point of view? Someone apologizes so now we need someone to forgive. Obviously the queers don’t want to forgive so we have a stalemate. If they can’t find it in their heart to forgive then the ball is on their court not Kevin’s.

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      you just don’t understand black culture.

    • Chris Ducat says:

      I just don’t get his frustration…they were bad jokes and it hurt some people’s feelings (what doesn’t). His apology should have pointed out that they were very good jokes and he made them at an earlier point in his career. He’s gotten better, he has matured as a human being and he wouldn’t use humor like that anymore. That should have been enough…but something is holding him back somehow.

  20. DragonFly says:

    I applaud Kevin for taking this stand. He literally may have put a stop to the BS of going back to someone’s twitter feed from years ago so you can force them to apologize to you for something that they might have said in jest. If you lack the emotional capacity to hand words, it’s not Kevin’s job to fix that for you. Go and see a therapist. Kevin is not R.kelly, neither did he kill anyone. His crimes are not even close to Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen. So leave Kevin alone

    • Number 9 says:

      I would completely be fine w someone standing up to sjw and outrage culture and refusing to apologize. But in my opinion, this is not that. I don’t think he should be crucified for. It or anything, but I think his old tweets definitely show that he did hold pretty anti gay personsl beliefs at that time. I thought it was sufficient when he said that people and their views change over time, but he kind of dug a hole for himself by saying that he wasnt going to apologize BECAUSE he already had before. And when you look at his old ‘apologies’ they only compound the idea that he held homophobic sentiments at the time. I think if youre a public figure and have done something blatantly racist, homophobic, or any kind of prejudice in the past, then it shouldnt be too hard to say im sorry and move on (unless they still hold those beliefs). Kevin acted like he was taking a stand against an outrage culture, that is very much real and should be addressed, but this wasnt it- people shouldnt have dug up stuff from years ago- but still the outrage he was getting was reasonable.

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