The Past We Can Never Return To – The Anthropocene Reviewed

The Past We Can Never Return To – The Anthropocene Reviewed

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In September of 1940, an 18-year-old mechanic named Marcel Ravidat was walking his dog, Robot, in the countryside of Southwestern France when the dog disappeared down a hole. Robot eventually returned but the next day, Ravidat went to the spot with three friends to explore the hole.

And after quite a bit of digging, they discovered a cave with walls covered with paintings, including over 900 paintings of animals, horses, stags, bison and also species that are now extinct, including a wooly rhinoceros. The paintings were astonishingly detailed and vivid with red, yellow and black paint made from pulverized mineral pigments that were usually blown through a narrow tube, possibly a hollowed bone, onto the walls of the cave. It would eventually be established that these artworks were at least 17,000 years old.

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50 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Ohai everybody! Something different today, make sure to watch it to the end!
    John Green is reading one of his reviews of our modern world, from his Podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed, which you should check out!
    I haven’t said this often enough publicly, but John and Hank Green, the Vlogbrothers and first generation science Youtubers are the reason Kurzgesagt exists today. In the very literal sense, that when I saw the first episode of Crash Course World History as a student in university I decided to try to do something similar. Doing Kurzgesagt was very hard for the first few years, for a variety of reasons. What made it easier was the kind advice and real world help we got from John and Hank to make this channel work and not burn out. Over the years we became friends – and to me the genuine nature of their work is still inspiring. My team and I try to do the same with Kurzgesagt. To be driven by the values we believe in and not by the outside world.
    So when John asked me if we maybe would illustrate and animate one of his essays, it was an easy yes. This is the result and we hope you like it. Thank you for watching and reading – Philipp

  2. Juan Aguilar says:

    How poetic should we make this episode?

    John: YES

  3. Qwertyuoip 123 says:

    Yes, this is _that_ John Green, of CrashCourse and The Fault In Our Stars.
    Edit: and the cofounder of VidCon

    • TK UA says:

      Seems like they had a lazy day and couldn’t come up with their own content

    • Gally says:

      don’t forget turtles all the way down

    • Yo Bo says:

      vlog brothers man, they talk about literature, mental health, life every week.

    • Holo Fox says:

      @TK UA That’s all you have to say? We get more content; something different for a change but still beautiful, and you feel the need to complain about it and call them lazy?

    • KuK137 says:

      @Strw Brry Someone was banned for harassment? OH NO, MUST BE CONSPIRACY!!1!!1!one1! Did you even stop to think what you wrote?

  4. Gage MacKenzie says:

    I just finished watching hours of John Greene’s Crash Course US History for school and now I get to listen to his godly voice for another 8 minutes sign me up

  5. ultra Slye says:

    John green: *talks about how life was short and difficult*
    Me: sad unga bunga

  6. Raven inquisitor says:

    Imagine your caveman friend painted over your painting

    **Angry Oonga Boonga noises**

  7. LuqmanLSG says:

    “You are not new.”
    So incredibly poignant.

  8. Chris McKinney says:

    Imagine a Kurzgesagt that didn’t give me an existential crisis.

    • remliqa says:

      Speak for yourself. This one gave me existential crisis just the same.

    • Broockle says:

      There’s the episodes that explain subatomic particles, or the immune system or how ants wage war….. Those are my favorite episodes ;D
      Ok, there’s also the political ones, the vaccinations and the addictions videos. Those are even better.

  9. kate jacquay says:

    this made me want to watch “the croods” again

  10. Falon Ring says:

    Crazy how art is prolific across all human history. Like a timeless language that speaks to everyone, no matter when or where we’re from.

    • Kanopele says:

      If you are interested on a fascinating take for why it seems like art is the timeless language for all – a nececety for human life i recommend Geoffrey Millers “the mating mind”.

    • xrelik says:

      Humans have been evolutionary incentivized to create and invent in order to improve the odds of survival. It’s not too much of a stretch to assume that survival instinct to create is what gave way to art.

    • Mekashin Reddy says:

      @sabelch True, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that somehow humans created similar art whilst having no way to communicate on a global scale…

    • A101 says:

      Art is just visual. Nature is art. Manmade art is just artifice.

    • Spring Kid Productions says:

      It probably doesn’t speak to blind people though. Unless you know, they make the art in brail

  11. Caerus Tee says:

    “If you have been or had a child”

    *I was born at a very young age*

  12. Epic Wolverine says:

    You dropped the most important part!
    “I give the handprint stencils at Lascaux 4 1/2 stars.”

  13. MR MKL says:

    I was waiting for:
    “… I give handprints four ‘n’ a half stars.”

  14. Master of Entropy says:

    Kurzgesagt: “Just the act of looking at something can ruin it”
    Science asylum: “actually quantum mechanics requires it”

  15. Turul HEMA says:

    I am surprised we don’t see the “Cool S” painted in these caves.

    • Muir Jones says:

      In the distant future, I’m sure humans will find “glyphs” of that sort that come from our era! Can you imagine how wild their interpretations of the meaning of the glyphs could be? Maybe they’ll think the “cool s” is a religious symbol…makes me wonder how many meaningless memes and doodles ended up on cave walls, things to which we attach meaning, but were just “a cool s” at the time, you know?

    • RICARDOKJR says:

      great, now I want a Lemmino and Kurzgesagt collab video

  16. -ThatThereDelibird- says:

    “This is a handprint, not a hand.”
    is a good quote.

  17. Moce says:

    “This is not the thing itself, but a shadow of it, this is a hand print, but not a hand, this is a memory that you cannot return to”
    Damn that’s deep

  18. Falon Ring says:

    Just goes to show that they were people with the same thoughts and emotions as us now, just from a different era. We never changed, just the circumstances in which we live in, in a world that they carved out for us. Even though we’re just one of 8 billion, we help carve out the future for society just like they did. We chose how big of an impact we make, by inspiring others to be better people and to do great things.

  19. random videos says:

    Let’s give kurzgesagt a hand for everything he’s done for us

    • Jonathan Van der westhuizen says:

      It’s not just one person. There’s lots of work that go into these videos by many people

  20. Abbas Rizvi says:

    5:04 honestly, the fact that the art was similar cross-culturally has me seriously thinking about Carl Jung’s beliefs on the collective unconscious. This video is so profound in so many ways, one of the very few videos that I got chills from and even emotional over. Thank you so much for sharing.

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