The Polls Tighten with Six Days Left: A Closer Look

The Polls Tighten with Six Days Left: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Democrats beginning to panic as the race tightens and Republicans sheepishly admitting they’ll vote for Trump.
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The Polls Tighten with Six Days Left: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Hunta says:

    I have two backup countries so I’m not too worried. (I lied, I’m dead

  2. Roberto Ortega (Waldo) says:

    “Useless comment”

  3. Khan Singh says:

    Can we get Bernie back please

  4. Why you gotta go there says:

    Because people love false equivalence. I don’t care for Clinton. I actually
    think she is awful, but trump supporters keep beating the same drum over,
    and over all over the internet everytime anything negative about her comes
    up. Trump is much worse than her, but since trump supporters will never
    admit his problems, and the internet doesn’t give a crap about false
    equivalence it won’t care either. Trump supporters will ever care about
    anything he does. Fear, and hate for “the other” does that. They have a
    double standard for him, because they like him because of his bigotry.

  5. Cameron Barrett says:

    Damn that end bit was awesome

  6. TPG says:

    “So even.” – the sarcastic tone of anyone who has been keeping track of
    everything that Trump has done over the course of this election.

  7. AHumanIAmNot says:

    If Hillary Clinton had a dick I’m pretty Seth would suck it

  8. Kelly Says Things says:

    It was very gracious of Seth to only mention roughly 6% of Trump’s
    disconcerting comments.

  9. Mike Louder says:

    You missed an awesome joke by not having Johnson smoking out of a chile

  10. scorpion32 says:

    Oh boy ,I bet shills like Seth meyers now regret insulting and pushing
    bernie supporters away after they were cheated by the DNC.

  11. Midironica says:

    I’m no Trump fan but it’s a little dishonest to make a comparison between
    Hillary and Trump and bring up the email server as the one objectionable
    thing Hillary has done.

    How about:
    Incompetent or outright shameful handling of Benghazi and subsequent
    Broke security protocol and used a private email server as SoS
    Impeded her own trial by destroying evidence and lying.
    Was either complicit in or in charge of the effort to rig the Democratic
    Her treatment of Bill Clinton sexual abuse victims and accusers
    Rampant corruption, back-handed deals and questionable sponsors like Saudi
    The Clinton Foundation and all of the sketchy stories surrounding it…
    Vacillation on critical ethical and social issues

    (The deplorables and super predator comments I’ll let slide. One is true
    and the other was based on bad data)

  12. Gokul Hariprasad says:

    that ending ?

  13. Gobbersmack says:

    I can’t fucking wait to see all these cuck’s faces when he wins.

  14. Oscar Siddle says:

    I don’t like either candidate but this show is very biased towards

  15. Grigory Zinoviev says:

    What is this thing about Hillary’s only crime being the email server? What
    about overthrowing the democratically elected government of Honduras? What
    about openly talking about how the US should have rigged the Palestinian
    election? What about taking millions of dollars from foreign leaders?

  16. Raptexalicious says:

    Indians blew a 3-1 lead.

  17. Roy Edward says:

    I’m sorry, why did you only mention the Email investigation regarding
    Clinton, and then ramble on about Trump?
    Why wouldn’t you ramble on about all of her wrongdoings?

  18. Patrick Gabriel says:

    If isis started attaching trump rallies I’d gain a lot of respect for them

  19. OroCrimson 2 says:

    He clearly didn’t fairly portray the Clinton’s faults but that long list of
    Trump’s was still quite cathartic lol

  20. SmartNinjaGamer says:

    BBB- Bring Back Bernie!