The Prince Family Got Into A Bad Car Accident **Cops Pulled Up** | The Prince Family

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32 Responses

  1. The Prince Family says:

    1 Like = 1 Prayer 🙏🏽

  2. Caitlin Hallion says:

    Damien handled this situation in the best possible way. My Prayers are going out to you!

  3. Gaming_with Tamaris says:

    Biannca earned that car and she worked hard for that please buy her a car she deserves it good job Damien on taking care of the situation perfectly my prayers are going to yall

  4. Marvin McCallum says:

    My boy Damien came through, calmed his girl down, and everything was settled. Praying you get a way better car.

  5. Masaki Vlogs says:

    Bianca was literally shaking, glad she’s ok 🙏

  6. LadyTee 2U says:

    I’m glad to see that you have your sons being active at an early age. Damien, you keep your head up son; you’re an awesome husband and father. Negativity only brings your channel more blessings. Let them talk, they talked about Jesus. Stay encouraged and blessed with your beautiful family. Love you to life ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Adam_nobby_Eden says:

    To be honest vlogging live at the scene of an auto accident where you are “not” at fault
    was extremely smart of Damien. That is a document that will hold up in court. Especially
    since people will often lie, once the Police arrive to investigate.
    It’s a well-known fact Biannca is prone to anxiety, Passing out riding roller coasters, Airplanes also triggers
    her anxiety. Judging by the rear hatch is damaged the Jeep hit them moving at a helluva pace.
    High impact auto-accidents produce shock especially when you are hit from the rear. Your brain has no way
    to prepare you for the sudden impact. Shock is amped up on people who are prone to anxiety.

    • Benny Gonzalez says:

      He recorded this for content not court shit

    • Yeezy Police 1⃣ says:

      He didn’t record this for “court.” 🤣😂 he recorded it cuz he knew it would get views. Embarrassing.

    • Bug says:

      @Yeezy Police 1⃣ no he could of use it for court to

    • Young SJ says:

      @Yeezy Police 1⃣ bro u can’t say shit bet u couldn’t do half the shit Damian do

    • RachelRedRover says:

      @Yeezy Police 1⃣ It’s his Constitutional Right to RECORD at the scene of HIS auto-accident. If the case would go to court…Supreme Court has stated he can use it as evidence. A Livestream is the best evidence because it shows what is happening at the moment. Videos and Pictures can be photo-shopped. But a “live-steam” is called eye-witness evidence. Also Damien owns the rights to the Live-stream, he can publish it wherever he wants.
      These ignorant and jealous comments trying to read his mind just shows you how low and ill informed you people are. Damien is in the right. You People are embarrassing yourself by showing your ignorance all because you are envious and jealous. And to you Yeezy Police my God the purpose of videos is to get views. Who in the hell uploads a video not wanting to get views. You need to arrest yourself for this ignorant comment. 🤔

  8. Elizabeth Rodas says:

    Im just happy Bianca is alive an well! Cars are replaceable but lives people arent! 🙏🏼 Very well said guys, keep scrolling! No negativity here whatsoever! 👏🏼 Good job boys, the trainer looks like a patient coach which im sure will result in great to DJ and Kyrie 🏀

    • Theking says:

      She barley got hit just ran into the back my uncle got hit on the side of the bridge and flew off he was paralyzed after that he was poor did he make a big deal of it no shes making I shit deal of it yes I feel bad but its just doing to much

  9. Zays Gaming and Highlights says:

    Biannca, just breathe. Glad you’re ok and Damien, Props to you my brother💯💯 Biannca I get it took you a while to get the car but you’re still alive to see another day and the car is not more important than you’re safety and life.

  10. Life with Tedaa says:

    biannca i felt you when it came to the car . y’all wouldn’t understand until you spent your hard working money on something.

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