The Queen’s Coronavirus broadcast: ‘We will meet again’ – BBC

The Queen’s Coronavirus broadcast: ‘We will meet again’ – BBC

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II delivers a special broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Queen has promised the nation that better days are ahead, during a special address on Sunday.

In a rare speech, she acknowledged the grief and financial hardships Britons are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Echoing the words of the Vera Lynn wartime song, she said that “we will meet again”.

An Address by Her Majesty The Queen – Coronavirus – BBC

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94 Responses

  1. hayley s says:

    Didn’t realize I needed a grandmother-like figure who is calm and has been through enough things in life to have perspective to calm me down right now but clearly I did.

    • Chunky Chew says:

      She reminds me of my grandmother

    • vole gaming says:

      Reggie Cyde trust me, I don’t listen to anything that says the word warzone, armogeddon, or especially “outraged”. Overwhelmed on the other hand, I completely agree with. I KNOW this pandemic is dangerous, I’ve seen sufferers firsthand. Our neighbour is a male nurse, they’ve been incredibly sick as they developed the pneumonia and have only recovered in the last days. They lost a stone over a week and can barely walk to the shops even after it’s over. My Uncle is a GP, he’s on the 13th day of the disease and has only just left his bed. The virus also seems to affect people in their 20s with weight “like an elephant is sitting on their chest” on the 5th day, after having mild symptoms for 4-5 days. Firsthand and secondhand experiences, plus a lack of motive for the government to lie, is the critical thinking you were talking about.

    • vole gaming says:

      Reggie Cyde can I ask what you think the government’s agenda is? They’re keeping us from going out en masse for what? And what’s their supposed reason for crippling the economy if not fighting the virus?

    • nik maknojia says:

      hayley s she is calm coz he has achieved everything in her life and there is nothing that can put fear in her. She is old, rich as hell, all kids are well settled and pretty much roamed the whole world and has all her wishes come true. One last thing needed was to put a positive image in everyone eyes (in short, videos like this) not that she cares or anything. It’s just for publicity. If she really cares then all self employed business people will get tax breaks like all big companies are about to get. We will find out in next year tax returns on how much the government actually care that is if we all survive this. Peace out

    • England destroyed the anointed one says:

      @vole gaming they are treating jesus if he doesn’t bring peace that’s the reason they causing this And distracting you all from him the church’s are with them and all politics serve this fake queen stole the sit of the king of kings jesus.

  2. Okamiobidala says:

    I feel that was the correct thing to say at the correct time in this virus’s wave…by the correct person. I hope this message reaches as many people as it can. I’m shocked and awed by these dark times… and truly humbled to be a part of the distanced applause for the NHS. I also see rainbows in the windows when I go out alone once a day for a short walk. As someone who suffers from ill mental health (borderline personality disorder) it has been SO hard to stay indoors, but I will continue to do so. I’ve not ever been overly patriotic but I find I am growing to like the idea of being a part of a united front. Please be careful in these times – be clean and be kind to one another. God save us all x – Danielle x

  3. BBC says:

    Hi everyone, working from home and hooked up with the BBC One broadcast as live to bring you this, and so the padding beforehand to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. Have trimmed the video now, so the trails will come off soon. 🙂

    • Fred RED says:

      BBC why does your news app show nothing but American news?? It’s a total disgrace how you kiss America’s ass.

    • lola le cactus says:

      BBC Please clean up the comments when you have the time.

    • chris clark says:

      When are you doing away with the TV licence? I haven’t watched live TV for years and now you want to add your extortion to our internet bills, well you know what you can do with that don’t you.. on another note,, well said the queen.

    • KeepOn Gaming says:

      @Shane Brown you dont need a tv licence to watch youtube

    • KeepOn Gaming says:

      @paul daniel what was your comment l?

  4. Fenrir6543 says:

    The world has begun to move so rapidly and fast that at times like this, we really can pause and see that we all are as important as the next, and that we all need each other
    Take care everybody these weeks and months,
    From Catalonia

  5. Redondo9 says:

    “The pride in who we are, is not a part of our past. It defines our present and future.”

  6. Mat Ge says:

    I feel a lot more addressed, consoled and motivated by Her Majesty’s message than by those of my own country’s politicians.
    Let’s all hope this storm will pass in the near future!

  7. MrSilverb4ck says:

    politicans take note at at time like this we need a calm message of hope not your political point scoring or constant belittling of each other

  8. Soultrain40 says:

    Why can’t the simplest politician manage something like this. What a woman!! 1940, been there done it and have the tshirt to prove it. That’s proper class!

    • David Halliwell says:

      @Clxrke 242 well said this guy has made the same comment on multiple posts clearly he needs to get a life

    • Natasha Defries says:

      @Clxrke 242 The queen literally protected a pedophile and you’re angry at the person pointing that out….instead of the protector? WTF?

    • Jana Roberts says:

      So you must approve of Pedaphilia….. There is no Rapid Plague it’s propaganda……It certainly is not what the Media is make my it out to be…wake up Britian…..your country is being ran by Interbreeding Pedophiles…. 😮😳

    • Natasha Defries says:

      @Jana Roberts There is a virus….Almost my entire class of (adult) students have it, 2 of them serious and can’t really breathe…would you like their numbers to phone them and tell them that they’re making it up?

    • SneakOne_ says:

      Gazza 29 Hes speaking the truth, you blind sheep. Trump is about to drain the swamp all around the world. What you think were the good guys, are going to be exposed for PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD TRAFFICKING. FALL OF THE CABAL!

  9. abc123gpl says:

    God save the Queen ! cheers from Germany. 🙂

  10. Edd says:

    “Better days will return”

    • anonym says:

      Narrator: “They won’t”

    • Steve solo. says:

      Not for the many.🌹✊🤬☠️👎

    • Eric Selvig says:

      Edd just like the Spanish flu

    • siri H says:

      Ofcourse she’ll say that since she’s safe and tucked away in her castle while the people suffer ….. we’re suffering now and we’ll suffer even more when the quarantine is lifted and the virus is gone and we’re left with a shitty ass economy that will hurt us more than the virus ever will (all countries)

  11. Angelica M says:

    “We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again” So simple yet so powerful ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Din Djarin says:

    Alexa play: We’ll meet again by Vera Lynn

  13. Rakibu Ibn Swaibu says:

    “””We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return””

    • Prez Hilllary says:

      Atleast we won’t have the spectacle of a queen mother (Diana) in burqa!! Remember who & who she was dating.
      But Meghan can still make ripples with her royal nipples!!
      Discipline indeed

    • Prez Hilllary says:

      @Reggie Cyde Atleast we won’t have the spectacle of a queen mother (Diana) in burqa!! Remember who & who she was dating.
      But Meghan can still make ripples with her royal nipples!!
      Discipline indeed

    • Reggie Cyde says:

      @Prez Hilllary she didnt deserve to die like that.

    • Bob Bob says:

      @Bobby Boy You’ll be glad to know that you’re incorrect, and that once a cure is found within the next few months, you will be free to bestow your pessimism, misery and negativity upon your friends in the outside world once more.

    • Joshua Strode says:

      You and your evil religion can leave.

  14. scott jj says:

    May we all grow stronger in faith and wisdom as you dear queen are. Your 2019 Christmas speech filled with sincere faith and love still echoes within our ears. Now here you prove your humility and thoughtfulness in heart and soul. God bless us all till we meet again. 🙏🕊Respectfully from Manitoba, Canada.

  15. 40avo says:

    I’m voting for the Queen in the November US elections

    She will make America Great Britain again

  16. stillstyle says:

    “Quiet, good-humored resolve” is my new life motto

  17. Никита Отдельнов says:

    World leaders, that is how you talk with the nation. Direct and calm. I wish that my leaders would be like that, unfortunatelly it is not the case

    • Bob Bob says:

      @Sukan Are you expecting her to be running round saving people’s lives? No crisis is ever solved by panic or pessimism. I know the situation is not good but it would be stupid to deny the nation some comfort in the knowledge that we will get over this.

    • Никита Отдельнов says:

      @Juliana Cerqueira Nah, I am talking about my Russian authorities. People in UK do not appreciate what they have

    • Juliana Cerqueira says:

      @Никита Отдельнов I’m brazilian and my leaders are in a horror show. The leaders don’t respect the lockdown and says it’s nothing more than a flu.

    • Nicole Jessica says:

      @Никита Отдельнов prayers to the Russian people from Minnesota ❤

    • Catherine Young says:

      She’s not politicking and seeking re-election. But yes, a lady of quiet courage and grace, tempered by the fires of history.

  18. Magic Medic says:

    I’m not even english, but i still feel better hearing thse words from her.

    God bless her.

  19. D Wr says:

    Best wishes to all of the Brits, from America.

  20. Angel Salazar says:

    I’m in the US, but, I really loved this speech. Quiet grace, humility, and strength projected by her calm demeanor is inspiring.

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