The Science of Anxiety

The Science of Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to stressful or dangerous situations and almost all of us have experienced it before but why?


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20 Responses

  1. S. Pérez García says:

    For some people, being active like running during a panic attack… does
    the trick.
    For me.. it doesn’t. Because when I have a panic attack, I basically think
    I’m going to die, I end up freezing up and sit down and stay still. I also
    can’t talk much as I’m focusing on my breathing, and constantly check my
    pulse. =( why? I don’t know. Anxiety is a horrible horrible horrible
    thing, and I don’t wish it on anyone. ANYONE!!

  2. Eli Butterfield says:

    Well… when I get really bad anxiety about something, usually I puke, then
    pull through to the end it, and then cry myself to sleep at the end of the

    …..but I get a good night’s rest because I’m so worn out. So that’s good.

  3. Shocked RS says:

    I masturbate

  4. Puiz4Life says:

    Just graduated from collage and searching for a job… but getting
    rejections one after another from my job application resulted in having
    generalized anxiety disorder, It has been at least a month now… I thought
    I am having a heart attack sometimes… I am still having symptoms now but
    it is not as bad as when it started…

  5. Brady Moore says:

    I have social anxiety really bad. My heart starts pounding when I’m around
    people, even my family sometimes. I’m pretty good at faking I’m confident.
    But I’m always anxious and shaky around people. I don’t know why. I also
    constantly think of things to be scared about

  6. Psychedelic Colors says:

    What i do for anxiety disorder i smoke lol 

  7. ken hency says:


  8. Psychedelic Colors says:

    +Life Noggin can you do a Science of bipolar disorder? 

  9. Potato says:

    I have social anxiety disorder. It’s all caused by one of my legs, its
    about 3 inches shorter in circumference than the other. It was because i
    was born with a club foot. Suprisingly im in the top of my cross country
    team, and can run a 6:28 mile. But i’m always self concious of what peopel
    think of my leg. The fear that they don’t know why its smaller than the
    other bothers me. I’m afraid they’ll confront me and, ask, and i wont be
    prepared. I never wear shorts around people i’m not close with, and
    sometimes not in public. I don’t have any coping mechanism other than lie.
    Lie and make a madeup story that doesnt make me sound pathetic and weak.
    I’m afraid i’ll be *judged*; the main cause of social anxiety disorder.

  10. Adam Peterson says:

    This video gave me anxiety. 

  11. Nate Fout says:

    Why do we snore?

  12. PrinceBobbyHill says:

    Xanax is a magical thing 

  13. Koala420 says:

    I have social anxiety disorder is no way to live hopefully I can get some
    xanax to cope it out

  14. CroCopBG says:

    Well,having in mind that I use fat burner at the moment (a lot of caffeine
    and yohimbine +synephrine) I think I’m doing pretty good with anxiety 😀 I
    meditate and tend not to worry about the things.I always remind myself:
    “Is this sh*t even going to be important after a month or an year ?”

  15. Sprylocked says:

    I really like your animation style

  16. ProfileUser says:

    I don’t have any anxiety disorders, I’m just bored.

  17. Jesse M says:

    Couldn’t hear the narrators because of the club music everybody has to pump
    into these videos.

  18. Cesar TheBitch says:

    How to deal with anxiety
    Step 1. Smoke Weed
    Step 2. Thank me later

  19. musicholic333 says:

    can someone determine what we mean by severe or mild anxiety? I think I
    have severe symptoms but I’d like to ask someone who knows.. thanks!