The Science of Boobs

The Science of Boobs

Breasts are pretty amazing!
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Why Do Women Have Boobs

Narrated by Rachel Salt
Written by Rachel Salt and Gregory Brown
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Further Reading:

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  1. Mike Nsiah says:

    Read the first sentence in the description Lol

  2. Killa Gunz says:

    I had boobs in my mouth last night but I wasn’t eating

  3. Rodney Martinez says:

    Tho what does thience thay about breasths

  4. Isaiah Haddock says:

    Tits are the tits.

  5. United States Of America says:

    Boobths. I’m sorry

  6. Cidnee Jacob says:

    As much as im interested in the science of my boobs, i can not stand her

  7. Sam C says:

    The comments are so entertaining xD

  8. Sebastian D says:

    Guys, where has your testosterone gone? ;)

  9. Prashanta Timsina says:

    well i think she speaks with her boobs!?

  10. Juan Villalobos says:

    thumpman thumpman thumpman

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  13. jacobsworld of gameing //happyvideos says:

    tits I love tits lol

  14. Maria Martinez says:

    HAD to stop watching at 0:23 Interesting topic and i love watching
    AsapSCIENCE videos after i study to distress but her voice just made me
    upset next video please!

  15. justin lacroix says:

    I was expecting a voice that was totally different and NOT HERS. for once I
    couldn’t concentrate on boobs. I subscribe to listen to the normal
    commentator, or something similar

  16. Joshua Enriquez says:


  17. TheMinecraftJock says:

    Wth wrong with ya voice.

  18. turtledove says:

    this is like if Fran Drescher got into voice acting, some people just
    should not

  19. TrickyLover says:

    The girl sounds like she has giant teeth and can’t talk

  20. rahchel lin says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t really like her voice 🙁 since these videos are
    mostly through hearing, it’s a bit, hard, to understand. But good job!