The Science of Cheating

The Science of Cheating

Are we meant to be a monogamous species?
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Written by: Amanda Edward, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit


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Further Reading:

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20 Responses

  1. Kaitie “Vixie” Lacuna says:

    And then there’s us polyamorous people…

  2. Aniruddha Sharma says:

    I’ve never cheated in any of my relationships. It’s not really that hard to
    be loyal, especially if you really like or love your significant other.

  3. Raeki Ho (Inferno Star) says:

    50% of people that came this video thought that it was about cheating in
    exams etc. AM I CORRECT LOL

  4. Alexandr Belov says:

    I’m a real dum-dum when it comes to bioligy and stuff, so I have a burning
    Does breathing the same air with people in enclosed spaces affect your
    health? If so – why? I’m a bit concerned when I take a bus home from my
    university… At the time the studying ends the busses are always full.

  5. 63M1N1 says:

    monogamous species? lol

  6. Isabella Munoz says:

    Can you do a video on ‘is it better to study or just wing it? (For a test)’

  7. Silas Fisher says:

    Yet another reason to demand paperwork detailing a potential partner’s
    genetic information before starting a relationship with them!

  8. xyloto says:

    Is there a specific term for that feeling when you find out when you’re
    being cheated? that tightened chest and weird stomach feeling?

  9. BrotherWoody1 says:

    We are a “monogamous species”? Where did you get that from, your wife?

  10. Nicole Little says:

    I have a boyfriend who I’m loyal to, but I think he’s cheating on me :(

  11. Sabra Kenyon says:

    It’s bad to cheat

  12. thatgaijin says:

    Why are you saying that science is homophobic, it obviously makes more
    sense to study the many opposed to the few bc the gains are many, many
    times larger

  13. Håkan Mårtensson says:

    GOD EXISTS. Now you might ask me why do I say this? Because God himself has
    spoken to me. You know what he said? Black people are less valued than
    white people.

  14. Nicky Pan says:

    Please explain Ouija Boards!

  15. Someone Else says:


  16. Mrs. Waldrop says:

    What about stay at home mom’s or women who earn over 6 figures?

  17. Anna Mertens says:

    Hey, Thanks For Helping. thaw well-to-do

  18. 2GunAssassin says:

    #The_More_You_Know (Kappa)

  19. Aiden Derouen says:

    How did i get here.

  20. GameFuMaster says:

    since when are all humans monogamous?