The Science Of Motivation

The Science Of Motivation

What’s the best way to stay motivated?
8 More SIMPLE Motivation Tips:
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Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
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Further Reading:

References Prescribing Pleasure and Meaning Cultivating Walking Motivation and Maintenance Rebranding exercise: closing the gap between values and behavior Desire or reason: predicting health behaviors from affective and cognitive attitudes. The role of affect and cognition in health decision making Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development, and well-being Impulsive versus reflective influences on behavior: A theoretical framework and empirical review Doing What Feels Good (and Avoiding What Feels Bad)-a Growing Recognition of the Influence of Affect on Exercise Behavior: a Comment on Williams et al. Ringing in the new year: The change processes and reported outcomes of resolutions Why Do You Regulate What You Eat? Relationships Between Forms of Regulation, Eating Behaviors, Sustained Dietary Behavior Change, and Psychological Adjustment The Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale: Validation evidence in seven languages and nine countries Autonomous, controlled, and amotivated types of academic motivation: A person-oriented analysis. Large stakes and big mistakes Neural basis of the undermining effect of monetary reward on intrinsic motivation Expectation, fantasy, and weight loss: Is the impact of positive thinking always positive? The ‘what the hell’effect: Some effects of goal proximity and goal framing on performance

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19 Responses

  1. Jordan Wright (Artzyi) says:

    You just had to remind me about my assignment tomorrow.

  2. Youshouldlearn toshutup (the one who knocks) says:

    wait, some people got $300 just for pressing two keys? where do i sign up

  3. WowSis2 says:

    can u please do science behind zodiac signs/astrology

  4. BoxParty says:

    The pathway to success

  5. Leven 727 says:

    What I want to be motivated to do:

    Word hard to make the basketball team in 9 moths as a Senior (Failed
    Sophomore and Junior year).
    Study more to obtain better grades
    Be more social

  6. Patrick Kane says:

    I’m not in the mood for getting motivated.

  7. Julia Heiden says:

    How did they know it was due wow

  8. The Chill Gamer says:

    I made a resolution to stop procrastinating this year. It was my 2015
    resolution which I made in 2014 but planned in 2013.

    but since I’m busy typing this down, I think I might as well stop
    procrastinating tomorrow.

  9. JHMA Awesome says:

    My question is what happens when we die?

  10. Aaron Kay says:

    Welp I can go along with that, I lift weights to look better for sure but I
    workout with a gym partner and its fun, so ive kept at it. Its not as fun
    when I have to go by myself but I still go because its still fun to try and
    progress at what I’m doing. Gotta find a fitness activity you actually
    enjoy doing.

  11. Jesus Aguiniga says:

    Honestly I have an election coming up and I was feeling kind of hopeless
    but now I feel a bit more motivated.

  12. Kobozo says:

    Watching at the gym

  13. da dave dude says:

    “That assignment due tomorrow”

  14. P0P357UR3 says:

    I don’t think you can throw smoking into the same category as losing
    weight. It’s not like people are physically addicted to being lazy

  15. PottyBear rawr says:

    If you need motivation, watch rudy that shit is inspirational af

  16. Noe Apodaca says:

    Finally a new video

  17. Brayden Young says:

    Is it weird that I had only one happy though and quit smoking in about a

  18. JasYum says:

    This video made me motivated to be more motivated

  19. olivia alexa says:

    How about the science of different exercises? Like what happens to your
    brain/body after different workouts like running, cardio, weightlifting,
    and yoga?