The Secret Life Of Lele Pons (Official Trailer)

The Secret Life Of Lele Pons (Official Trailer)

The Secret Life Of Lele Pons, a new documentary series premieres May 19.

The documentary stories Lele Pons journey from social misfit to social media Queen and now global entertainer while showing her everyday struggles with mental health from an early age to her present life. Known for her unfiltered videos, candid humor and crazy stunts, Lele’s storytelling arch takes a more serious tone as she opens up to the world about living with her deepest secret. Through access to private moments, emotional interviews and never seen before footage, Lele reveals her life long struggle with OCD & Tourettes among other mental health conditions and doesn’t shy away from the most intimate details of her battle. Watch the full trailer now.

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35 Responses

  1. Lele Pons says:

    I was embarrassed for a long time that I have OCD, Tourette Syndrome and other conditions, but I eventually realized I needed to come out with the truth to live the healthiest life I could. I made this docu-series in hope that my story can be one of hope to people looking for it and help those who have the same conditions I have. Stream The Secret Life of Lele Pons on May 19th ❤️

  2. Jade Kent says:

    Don’t be embarrassed we will always love u ❤️❤️

  3. tilly Tipp says:

    I have touretes syndrome and I have had it my whole life and I’m 12 now and if I have lasted 12 years u think you can do better xx ♥️♥️

  4. Veronica Urrutia says:

    Lele, you are amazing and you can’t be embarrassed of a person like you, you are amazing, talented and super funny. Im glad you decided to stand up for us and to help the people who have the same conditions as you. I will always support you no matter what.❤️

  5. Priscila G says:

    I am beyond proud of you! You have inspired me to do things I thought I wasn’t capable of! I really want to thank for everything!!! Love you

  6. Helena Kantzavelos says:

    We will support you through every thing love u

  7. Ava Talabock says:

    I have OCD as well so I feel what you are going through but u always make my laugh when I’m down and I will always admire that you can make people feel good and just brighten up their day

  8. Delailha Ayala says:

    You know someone who Is very Strong to reveal the biggest thing in life is hard but all of us have some hard times and have Special things that we can’t handle but we all try to be happy about it and forget the things we have the most hard time with

  9. Zawadi Yankurije says:

    Help I can’t stop crying right now 😭💔 but your still the best once I know it now maybe I can pray for you every day if it’s possible 🙏❤️💗❤️💗 your the best 😘😉

  10. Madison Garrett says:

    Omg this made me cry I thought she Lived the best life any human being could have but not every person who well known has the perfect life.Stay STRONG Lele.WE LOVE U❤️💕!

  11. Isabel Delvalle says:

    We could go thourgh this together lele were one big family with everyone subscribing to showing love to you like this if lele is your favorite

  12. Jennifer Castro-Alejo says:

    No lele don’t be sad you are still the same perfect lele I ever known I love you lele 😍😘

  13. Blushed it and crushed it says:

    It is okay you are strong and beautiful I used to have cancer and only had a 20% chance to live but I saw can we made it and I currently still have OCD since I was 5 it’s okay we love you!!!❤😘

  14. Anne Michelle says:

    The only Tourette’s I know of is where you curse out loud at random, does that happen to you? If so how do you function socially ?

    • Sarah Franks says:

      Anne Michelle tourette’s syndrome isn’t always vocal tics of profanities, sometimes it can be vocal tics that are just sounds like clicks or noises, or physical tics like certain body movements like jerks, hand movements, gestures. for lele it is probably just physical tics, similar to the compulsions she feels with her OCD but done involuntarily, if she had vocal tics like the one with profanities it would likely be immediately obvious in the content she makes and performances, and wouldn’t have been something that she could’ve hidden from her fans for so long. just saying these as assumptions based on what i know about the disorder, but i wouldn’t know her experience personally, and the syndrome always manifests differently. interesting note is that billie eilish has tourette’s syndrome too, all physical tics that are very subtle and barely noticeable in her interviews and performances.

  15. QUEEN Josef says:

    Lele I love you with OCD or without OCD love you forever and ever .
    💖《WE ALL DO》💖

  16. Farah Mecca says:

    We all love you so much♥️♥️♥️. So one thing you never need to worry about is being alone. I have been bullied and I have felt like I could not do anything. But I’m working on that I’ve opened up about it. It’s great that you have too. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. LDS ramon says:

    I have to do things an even amount of times

  18. De'azia Jamison says:

    We have to realize”No one is perfect” and we all have something special about us. Love you guys

  19. Tran Julia says:

    Never give up lele you are the strongest and bravest person I know we are all here to support you stay strong.

  20. Madeeha Azhar says:

    This made me cry. Everyone has things going on in their life and that are not always good. I’m just happy that she feels comfortable enough to share it with her fans. I’m definitely going to watch this. I love you Lele and just remember that there are always people who care about you and won’t judge you. Don’t be embarrassed because no matter what condition you have you’re still Lele Pons, beautiful, talented and amazing.

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