The Smartest Dumb Phone

The Smartest Dumb Phone

The Brick Phone –

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20 Responses

  1. Sidhya Tikku says:


  2. Sanek Twix says:

    *LAIK for excellent preview video*
    *Sign up for ME and I am in you.*

  3. GoWILD says:

    I’d love to have that as a house phone

  4. InspectorTits1 says:

    Hi i am a Vaper. I am a part of Vape Nation. I vape everyday until I die.
    Please spam.

  5. Keston R says:

    Now Hipsters can finally rock a 2016 cellphone too.

  6. TheOutcast says:

    From hipsters.For hipsters.-THE BRICK

  7. Leon Mercy says:

    Finally a brick phone I can use! I have bought one of these off of ebay but
    I can’t hook it up because its too old, im ganna grab one of these its so
    damn fresh.

  8. ManiacGamer says:

    Yh it’s a brilliant phone tbh hasn’t got all the mod cons but it’s a really
    solid phone with a great radio! (P.S. it has Snake built in)

  9. George Ivan Agudelo says:

    I am to young to remember those buy I know them because my dad still has

  10. LOLING BACON says:

    Full size cum card oops autocorrect don’t ask

  11. Tayyab Mughal says:

    haha lol 😀 last 2 mins was amazing…. :)

  12. Lars Brakel says:

    for ryan

  13. Justin Wade says:

    That lee fields tho

  14. o0julek0o says:

    Why is everyone going on about Jack!?!?

  15. Bary Mola says:

    What song is that (on radio)?

  16. Myles Seber says:

    I thought I was on memethony memetno for a second

  17. cooldude7255 says:

    the first Cell Phone had a big thing you had to carry around with you,
    usually on your waist. kind of like a mobile corded house phone, without
    needing to plug into a wall.

  18. tOny D says:

    unboxing jack: an imaginary friend

  19. Khalil shahin says:

    what the name of the song at the end of the video?

  20. mellowman1024 says:

    Guys his name is Jack Mcann
    He is real y’all can chill now damn