The Snyder Cut is Actually Not Bad

The Snyder Cut is Actually Not Bad

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  1. SonicHaXD says:

    Guess Ralphthemoviemaker is the only one left who might trash this movie XD

  2. Marco Yolo says:

    I’m not mad it’s not called “Cosmonaut Longie”
    just disappointed

    • Gabriel Avalos says:

      @Brachialtick 65 the biggest disappointment I heard in this entire video was him saying that Elfman’s score was better than Junkie’s. Like bruh. The only reason Elfman’s was a little memorable was because he reused his old Batman theme for a second, Wonder Woman’s main theme, and John Williams Superman theme. Don’t get me wrong I love the themes they just for the most part felt out of place where they were put. Other than that every other original piece of music was not memorable in the slightest.

      Meanwhile Junkie’s is god tier 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

    • Accountant The says:

      When will yall understand Cosmo is playing the game right for the $$$? By being contrarian in certain popular niche categories to fuel controversy yet pandering to popular franchises as a backup? Just look at dem clickbait titles lol YouTube loves him for it

    • K4113B4113 says:

      How do you know that his di… ohhhh. Never mind.

    • Just Drinking tea says:

      Where’s the comment saying “This should be reserved for his only fans”

    • Yolo Team says:

      Make for honor trailer , Snyder cut plz

  3. Carlos Briceño says:

    Cosmonaut: When I can’t even tell that a character’s hair is supposed to be red, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

    Me, a colorblind person: Welcome to my world.

  4. Solitary says:

    “Ready the armada. We will use the old ways”

    This is lowkey my favorite line

    • Carltastic Drew says:

      It’s like Darkseid version of saying “Fine, i’ll do it myself.”

    • ShadowXBlaster says:

      @Adrian There is no comparison at all. I think those MCU films were great in what they did but what Zack wanted was to bring these DC characters to life by putting them into a world which is divided in their thoughts. So some are scared of them and some see them as icons. Zack alone did a Lot for DC and yet WB and DC wanted to run away from him. “Hitting your own foot with the hammer, I guess”.

    • xyr3s says:

      @Adrian u should be comparing this to the first avengers movie lol. not IW or endgame which had so long to build up 😀 but to me personally endgame fucking sucked. IW was a much better movie than endgame. endgame removed all the stakes that IW had.

    • carso1500 says:

      @Solitary there are a shit ton of characters to go through all of them with their own stories and little bits, like Tony getting reunited with Peter and the gamora bit (which is just to show that this is not the original gamora she doesnt feel anything for quill and he aproaching her all romantically was going to end badly for him)

      I mean, yeah i give you that i didnt really enjoyed the female hero scene, i don’t know anyone who did, it was bad

      The black order are strong but they are surpassed on that fight, like, they already all died against like three to four super heroes the last time and now there are dozens of them, they where fucked from the beginning, and i dont really ser the problem with strange holding the cascade it was kind of a cool scene

      And finaly first we don’t know because aside from tony the movie didnt really centered on the injured because it would take too much time from the fight and the reunion of characters (like half of them where dead and just returned minutes ago) and i don’t see why someone on the hero side has to die (aside from Tony because it was the end of his storyline and everything), dying doesnt raises the stakes or makes the story more interesting, like it’s kinda cool what this versión of justice league pulled off at the ending but Marvel has a very diferent tone and goes for a completly diferent style of story closer to the comics, people just randomly dying would go against that (but i do have to admit i would like to see people injured)

      But imo, i think at the end of the day it’s just preferences, i just like the huge dumb battle between like a dozen characters and aside from a couple of things i dont really see half the stuff that you mentioned as a mistake, but i guess for others those little details ruin the fun

    • Lassenat says:

      @Adrian In my opinion, you can’t really compare _anything_ to Endgame, because it’s less of a movie and more of a _”finale”,_ if that makes any sense.

      As for Infinity War, I’d say Infinity War is better due to the fact that it isn’t four hours long, because the greatest problem of the Snyder Cut is definitely its length, and that the first half isn’t as good as the second.

  5. max scantlebury says:

    *Cosmonaut not liking the characters in the original cut*
    New cut: *kills all the characters*
    Cosmonaut: “I kinda like this one”

  6. reed says:

    Kind of shocked… honestly didn’t expect this film to be so good. I’d actually like more from this universe. Can’t believe I ended up caring about these characters. Really feels like Ray Fisher got screwed over big time with the original version.

    • Matt Gee says:

      Yeah I was kinda sad that we don’t get to see what this universe could have been. I really like Affleck as batman, Cavill is as perfect as it gets for superman and wonder woman.. well Gadot could use some acting classes but at least she’s nice to look at and she finally kicked some ass in this movie.

  7. Urayoan Ruiz says:

    Cosmonaut: “It’s not like its gonna change your life”
    Browntable: “How the Snydercut changed my life”

  8. Steph says:

    One thing can I say that I truly loved about this movie is the League didn’t fight each other or get into petty arguments. They understood what needed to be done and went to handle business.

    • Abdullah Al-Hugbani says:

      Yeah I love how they didn’t get split in 2 over if they should bring back superman

    • Abdullah Naeem says:

      @Abdullah Al-Hugbani Ohhh cool man.
      I personally liked the bit in which wonder woman was a bit hesitant to use the motherbox in order to revive superman but hey man differing opinions. The movie overall was good

    • Akshay 18 says:

      They didn’t try to rip off MCU

    • marx vargas says:

      @D P do adults really have to fight and argue first before they work together?

    • Duck my sick says:

      Uncle duck my sick is late to the wholesome family gathering. So, what did Uncle NJ223Gaming say?

  9. EdgyZiggy9538 says:

    I’m surprised you didnt bring up the “For Autumn.” That tragedy, Zack’s depression, and his dedication to getting this film out despite not being paid to do so and because he wants to provide for the fans… what a mad lad. Major respect to Zack

    May Autumn rest in peace. I’m sure she would’ve been proud

    • EdgyZiggy9538 says:

      @Riley Olson

      Oh, for sure. And it was a much lesser product too

    • Wag-wan Kenobi says:

      This is the big one when it comes to Snyder. You can not like his style or his movies in general, you can even not like his vision (even though it’s become apparent he did have a cohesive, long-term narrative in mind for the DC movies) but you’ve got to respect the grind this man goes on for his art. Especially after everything in his life that got in the way, to come back and finish this and release it in memoriam for his daughter and to make it nearly as good as a film this large could possibly be, despite not being given any financial or career incentive to do so is the kind of stuff the entertainment industry needs more of. This was a true passion project and it shows in the way people have received it that the process and intent in this production were a huge part of the quality of the final product.

    • First name Last name says:

      @Riley Olson At the same time it all proved the point.
      You can’t “fix” Zack Snyder’s vision and bring in billions of dollars because you bring MCU director who saturates up image and brings few quips with him. You let The Mann to do his job.
      Also ZSJL is second DC film that he has writing credits in, besides Wonder Woman 2017. So people that say he is bad as a *Writer* should also eat shit.

    • Aaron Chettiar says:

      @First name Last name yes thats what happens when u send a boy to do a mans job

    • Daniel Z-V says:

      It’s not that big of a deal dude 😐 I mean, all the respect to her and his family. I’m just saying it not that “wow” for you randoms

  10. Shadow Strike says:

    Finally, in this movie The Flash isn’t the butt-end of jokes, he’s integral to the climax, as well as everyone else. That scene when he rewinds time was so creative, i loved it.

    • Your Move says:

      We all love a good climax

    • James Smith says:

      @Your Move Pause

    • TheEman11910 says:

      Honestly it just shows how fucking powerful the flash is and I’m all here for it

    • Mark Vincent Cocjin says:

      Flash was given the honors of actually doing “Super Heroism”.

      It’s a mix of “Of course he could do that” with “Oh my God! He actually did that! Oh shit. Imagine the other things that he would do.”

      That act alone was a jumpstart of anything a good DC writer could imagine. A good DC writer. Heh… funny.

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