The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Nostalgia Critic

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Nostalgia Critic

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Some Jerk with a Camera joins the review, seeing why Nicolas Cage as Mickey Mouse surprisingly doesn’t work. Nostalgia Critic & Some Jerk take a look at, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a 2010 American fantasy film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Jon Turteltaub.

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20 Responses

  1. Channel Awesome says:

    It’s time for another Nic Cage movie!!

    Check out Some Jerk With a Camera –
    Thanks to Corey Taylor! Check out his new book, America 51 –

  2. Defcon 1 says:

    Am I the only one who loves this movie

  3. Daniel Burnett says:

    Jafar styled Wicked… sounds twisted 😛

  4. SullyGamingHD says:

    guys why you are only focusing on dc and disney instead making some marvel reviews

  5. Dalen Boss says:

    So what did you all think of Spider-Man homecoming?(SPOILERS!) I personally thought it was the best adaptation of the peter parker character, but they could have done better casting for aunt may. Every time I heard someone call aunt may hot I get this uneasy feeling… Also the vulture was a decent character even though I would have like to know how he went from construction worker to the leader of a professional thief and illegal weapon dealing organization, and how they stayed in business for so long without being caught. The costumes/CG versions of said costumes looked pretty good as well as the action. Also, they had some pretty funny moments. One thing I thought was odd was the love interest being the vultures daughter but now that I look at it if they didn’t have it set up that way fans of the stories dealing with qwen or mj might not like the new character. Overall it was a fun movie and I enjoyed it. For all those people who thinks that reviews of movies should be a number as a Spider-Man fan I give it a 8/10. I can’t say what an average movie goer would say about it but I suggest you go see it if you’re reading this and have not.

    P.S. I’m just some random guy so don’t take everything I say so seriously.

  6. Rickodo Matazo says:

    Could Disney please stop to bring out classic movies as an exaggerated action crap?

  7. FinlandTrooper says:

    12:26 “Screaming, screaming for vengeance!”

  8. HHlaxbro says:

    That opening was the best!!!! I could watch that 10 times over

  9. Marche800 says:

    Man Cage must really hate going to sleep on time. Oh and cats.

  10. SilverScreenMassage says:

    I’m pretty sure he just wanted to be Harry Dresden. He was the executive producer on the TV show as well.

  11. Nathan Jora says:

    Midichlorians are cool.

    End of the debate.

  12. xAngoryx says:

    Not only do we have to suffer through youtube ads but when a youtuber puts a commercial in their video it makes me cringe to no end, how much greed can you get

  13. Connor Rainey says:

    How in the hell did he get Corey Taylor to do this?!

  14. Iroh awa says:

    please make a nostalgia critic Percy Jackson

  15. Nagarath16 says:

    YES! I love when they beat up my favorites! o/

    … Am I really only one who liked this movie? Especially Balthazar and Maxim?
    Of course the whole thing would have worked better without some leftover 90’s cliche cheese and as a series. But it’s a good B-class movie.

  16. Snackster1001 says:

    I honestly would pay to see the fantasia cinematic universe

  17. Shingo Sawatari/HGX says:

    I can’t believe bill betrayed the NC again. that is so out of character for bill

  18. BANA Nawal says:


  19. Richard_Rants says:

    As a huge Slipknot, Stone Sour, and NC fan, I almost shat myself when I saw Cory Taylor.

  20. josiah jenks says:

    Once Upon A Time did a better adaptation of this story, and they cast an old man as Mickey.

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