The Story of Our Engagement

The Story of Our Engagement



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39 Responses

  1. Ryland Adams says:

    this video means so much to me and I’m so thankful for all of you who support both Shane and I through everything. I can’t wait to start this next chapter of our lives, thanks for letting us share it with you!

  2. Destiny Day says:

    The hardest try not to cry challenge I’ve ever watched???

  3. Dog Mystery says:

    You did it.
    You fell in love.
    You hit four million.
    You made amazing friends.
    You fought many battles.
    You left toxic people.
    You had marvelous successes.
    You got engaged.
    You did it all, and continue to exceed.

    Congratulations Ryland and Shane.

  4. Rebecca Cinelli says:


  5. MadGeorgeEzraFan says:

    I’m supposed to be asleep but now I can’t even get to sleep from crying so much ?, so happy ?

  6. crystal bitch says:

    #1 on trending omg!???❤️y’all are finally engaged and it makes me so happy I love you guys with all my heart❤️your future child will be the luckiest kid in the world?❤️
    (Also you guys look so good in the lighting like in triggered that I’m not that beautiful??❤️)

  7. Rahma Soubani says:

    When you know they are the best because they can make a video that will make you cry and laugh ❤️??congrats you guys are the best And I hope y’all share a wonderful life together???

  8. Breanna Sizemore says:

    Imagine even having the option to hire Hillary Duff to come to your house and be part of your engagement ?

  9. Viktoria Miller says:

    Congratulations KWEENS!!!!! Ryland please get your ring sized also. It shifts around a lot. I would hate for you to lose it somehow.

  10. Hailey's Comet says:

    #1 on TRENDING
    Not surprised

    Also probably most successful Tinder match ?

  11. FoxCatMeow says:

    If rylands not wearing a giant poofy dress for the wedding

    *_what will I do with my life_*

  12. Janet Rodriguez says:

    No I’m not crying there’s just something in my eye ??

  13. gracefullyunaware says:

    25:02 has me cracking up ? “wait why the eff are you wearing my ring?!”

    Hahah congratulations ♥️

  14. Breezy Winter says:

    engagement videos are so awkward to me thank you for not showing the full thing lmao. I’m glad y’all are keeping it for yourselves.

  15. wAtEr cRaCkErS says:

    Andrew wearing that Jojo Siwa sweater is iconic.

  16. Isabelle Covington says:

    Should I be considered that this is posted on April Fools Day?

  17. Mozart Valdez says:

    If you’re reading this and you feel like things aren’t going right in your life I wanna help you. I’m a music producer who makes chill EDM. I know what you’re thinking, how does that help me? I want to tell you that music has the power to change the soul.

    I never had much in life, I was always moving around during my childhood just to stay afloat in the economy. Going as far as living in a garage with my family. So as you can imagine I probably didn’t have many friends due to moving around so much and wearing hand me downs. Back then I never had a dream or a hope until I started listening to music and it completely turned my life around forever. I remember hearing songs that impacted me so much they play when I think about certain memories. I love music that is somehow able to transport me into a life I’ve never had. To me when I hear a sound and it gives me goosebumps I feel like nothing that’s negative matters.

    I was so broke and had no musical talent whatsoever so I couldn’t even dream to start producing music and making nice sounds. But yet through a lot of hard work and hope and dedication I feel like I’ve made a sound that takes me somewhere else just like my favorite songs used to do. I want to be the person that can help your life with my sound. If you can give me the chance I promise you won’t regret it. If you don’t want to listen it’s okay, but if you really feel like you need somewhere to go to hide from the world’s problems or maybe smoke too or even just relax with then please go ahead and check my stuff out. Thank you, to anyone who supports me starting this journey. I hope you feel better or accomplish whatever goal you’re chasing.

  18. brontosaurus the egg says:

    ryland reciting his proposal to his children would be like “and then he kneeled down, ahem, on two knees”

  19. MADCHAT Music says:

    “Your arm gets crampy for me, it’s so sad!”

    “But I know your angle!”

    “That’s why I’m marrying you.”


  20. Luke S-B says:

    Everyone: congrats on getting engaged

    Me: OMG they got GOATS

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