The Strange Blue Glow That Saved Lives

The Strange Blue Glow That Saved Lives

Back in 1862, soldiers fighting in the American Civil War noticed a strange blue glow on their wounds. It took a couple of High School students to figure out what it was.

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20 Responses

  1. Omer Magen says:

    Oh My Glowing bacteria.

  2. Count To .Infinity says:

    Let me just spoil it for the Harry Potter Fans: expect no patronus

  3. The Goombrat says:

    Coming to cinemas near you.

  4. firebutmostlynerdfighter says:

    I have had an experience with these things. Or at least something similar.
    When I was a fairly new firefighter, I was on a pretty lengthy wildfire
    deployment. During final stages, I was extinguishing very small embers when
    I came across some that I could not seem to put out. It took me several
    minutes to realize that I was attempting to extinguish some type of bio
    luminescent organisms. That was embarrassing! They would not go out either.

  5. noviceprepper53 says:

    well done guys

  6. Vincent Jack says:


  7. jordana309 says:

    I love this story. I would like more stories like this!

  8. FireSnake says:

    so they recieved a price for basic deduction?
    given that the blue glow was mostlikely mentioned in school history lessons
    and hsi mom talked about work putting one and one together is a pretty damn
    easy thing to do :D

  9. mcom234 says:


  10. Victor Martinez Bojorquez says:

    element 115

  11. Damien Ackerman says:

    who the hell disliked this?! lol i dont get what there to dislike?

  12. TheHigherVoltage says:

    Supernatural explanations : -1
    Scientific progress : +1

  13. GreatSage says:

    Why people say that “Miracle” and scientific fact can be mutually exclusive

  14. Kelsey Boze says:

    Why does medicine like Dramamine stop motion sickness?

  15. Gordon Petten says:


  16. Jonnet says:

    You guys are the 2nd best education channel after vsauce

  17. Alec Willey says:

    Perhaps scientists should try to study that bacteria and perhaps modify it
    so that it could survive in human body temperatures. Imagine the medical
    advantages that could create.

  18. Edward Nutt says:

    But the real question: why do fruit bruise?

  19. keroji s says:

    Im sure that high school scientists will get death threat from
    pharmaceutical companies.

  20. Brandon Dawson says:

    What is a brain freeze?