The Superdrug Fueling ISIS And The Nazis

The Superdrug Fueling ISIS And The Nazis

Were The Nazis Addicted To Meth?

Due to the chaotic situation of war, many countries gave soldiers’ amphetamines to cope. So what is the history behind these drugs in war?

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The tiny pill fueling Syria’s war and turning fighters into superhuman soldiers
“As The Post’s Liz Sly recently noted, the war in Syria has become a tangled web of conflict dominated by ‘al-Qaeda veterans, hardened Iraqi insurgents, Arab jihadist ideologues and Western volunteers.'”

The Nazi Death Machine: Hitler’s Drugged Soldiers
“The Nazis preached abstinence in the name of promoting national health.”

The War on Sleep
“All over the world, scientists are experimenting on soldiers to keep them awake beyond the limits of normal endurance. ”

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20 Responses

  1. Dravo says:

    Was Osman Bin Laden a pedophilia?

  2. says:

    Even if you hate Hitler you gotta admit that his speeches are badass as

  3. teddybruscie says:

    “Give me the Reds.”

    “Sorry soldier, only Whites and Blues for you…”

  4. roman bigdick says:

    in this video he says that Hitler used meth himself. the other video says
    that he never used meth himself, but he used steroids. this contradiction
    makes me think that this channel is an unreliable source of information.

  5. Chillbro Swaggins says:

    Everyone with a math science or engineering degree has consumed hundreds of
    pounds of amphetamines.

  6. Justin Sayre says:

    Do militaries use steroids at all?

  7. Konstantin Gerolsteiner says:

    Amphetemines are truly fantastic things. If only they weren’t so tightly
    controlled…I can only get them from my doctor once a month because of

  8. LilShit says:

    I think its fair to say the friendly fire on the Canadians was caused by
    human error that probably had nothing to do wth the fact they were on

  9. daan stam says:

    but isn’t islam against drugs??

  10. Rahul Kochar says:


  11. Azhari Azhar (Zack) says:

    Do a video on US having African Slaves.

  12. Tim van Rijn says:

    so SS vs ISIS who would win.

  13. Dan neeah says:

    Do Southern Confederate sympathizers do meth?

  14. Adolf Hitler says:

    I’m addicted to more than just meth..

  15. Sky Scorpio says:

    Allah is more addictive than meth.

  16. helloman1976 says:

    This is really, really, really, really old news…

  17. rasfilmon says:

    Good for them that is real freedom, not this fucking nun state dictating
    what medicine or stimulus people could legally have and who should have
    companionless business/profit…

  18. Tyler Durden says:

    I’m a big fan of Walter White.

  19. Sir Adolf Hitler says:

    Now they blame drugs… It’s fucking human violence not drugs

  20. Edder Araya Porras says:

    fuck you isis!