The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show

The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show

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sorry if my audio sounds kinda weird in this, I bought a new mic and went a little overboard messing with the settings. I am a professional content creator.

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56 Responses

  1. rj wildermann says:

    Another video? Drew, buddy, we haven’t said anything because you seemed to need this, but you gotta stop.

  2. Hexted says:

    I’ve never heard of a worse prize then being able to talk to the host that you’ve been talking to the whole time

    • Daan Aerts says:

      And then he gives the most generic advice ever

    • Andrew Stein says:

      @Daan Aerts “be yourself” “don’t be afraid to show the others who you really are” “I’ve seen this industry turn people into someone they’re not” yeah not sensing a disney theme here at all

    • Sebastián Petruška says:

      Imagine if the prize for winning a maxi challenge in RPDR was getting to talk to RuPaul …

    • Jo Roz says:

      “You mean my prize is just to have a conversation with you? Something anyone in the top 4 will get to do regardless of how well they’ve been doing?… ok”

    • RED EFG says:

      Sounds so narcissistic, did the same host planned this? 😂

  3. Nakamura Kun says:

    I feel like these people are the equivalent of those 80’s movies antagonists that are stereotypical “bro” high school jocks with their self-absorbed cheerleader girlfriends that scream “NEEERD” at the protagonist and randomly give wedgies to everyone.

    Except for Raul, who is the nice jock protagonist that makes real friends and relationships and becomes top ranking dentist. Raul deserves better.

  4. DigitalHarmony says:

    Imagine moving into a house with some random guy and three days later he writes you a song saying how he wants to be with you forever. Oml

    • SRH Yes says:

      I cringed to bad

    • KeeferMadness says:

      I’m guessing the song was pre-made and he just plays it to try to swoon any girl that grabs his short attention span

    • Walt Davis says:

      The song I wrote was in noway a confession of my love… It was more like ok well if your gonna meme me, then let me write you a ballot of a old blue Robe and Lizbeth may

    • lola says:

      i just wanted to share i stayed up until 4am watching this like a couple weeks ago, and i threw up my entire stomach at that part, and then cried and threw my phone down the stairs. watching it doesn’t feel like a waste now that drew made a video though😁

    • Walt Davis says:

      No one ever threatened anything like that. They where spying and eavesdropping on me through my phone without my knowledge

  5. Campmob !! says:

    I would be legit terrified to talk to any of them except Raul & Jada. It’s like they were spit out of a factory or something, there’s no soul behind those eyes.

  6. cheri618 says:

    “daddy alex?” no please stop..STOP.

  7. cheri618 says:

    that raul dude doesn’t need to be a tiktoker because he actually has a bright future ahead of him with a REAL career.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      @Fire and Ice people used to cringe at youtuber being a job, that’s just how it goes when a new generation of influencers find different platforms of fame. TikTok objectively has more to criticise than YouTube in terms of who and what it promotes intentionally but it’s still a valid platform to make a career on even if it is just spyware with ads.

    • Fire and Ice says:

      @Bruce Wayne yeah thats what I meant but you said it better!

    • ThatDumbBoi says:

      @Bruce Wayne Perfectly said

    • Ryan M says:

      Hopefully he’ll actually finish med school and be a net positive for the rest of society. Can’t say I have that hope for anyone else.

    • Ryan M says:

      @Bruce Wayne No doubt Tik Tok management hand-picks a couple of people to broadcast on the For You page. They’ve already been outed for hiding people that they deem “unattractive”.

  8. NUT says:

    Raul subconsciously highlighted their lack of achievements so they started to cut him down to validate what they do lmao

    • Gunwanti Ramchandani says:

      I was thinking they just wanted to create drama but yours makes more sense.

    • R.I C says:

      Swear they all realized they would become obsolete but Raul wil have a career

    • RED EFG says:

      @Gunwanti Ramchandani part of that but you can imagine their insecurity that Raul is capable of being succesful without his fame on social media

    • Walt Davis says:

      It’s what they do, they have done this to her other ex’s as well. Fedmyster

  9. Elizabeth Marie says:

    I really thought they were like 15-16 until she said “you’re 21!” like what… these people are adults? that’s disappointing

  10. Maddie Sharpe says:

    She said “I used to vape” and they heard “I killed a family of koala bears”😂😂😭😭 like why did they react like that

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