The Thermite Launcher

The Thermite Launcher

Woo Hoo furze does not simply place thermite, he launches it with his super steampunk style launcher, what a device.

See part 1 here

See part 2 here

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Music is by “March to the Grave” and the song called “stamford Stomp” check it here

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20 Responses

  1. Thomas The Weed Engine says:

    How has the Army not employed you yet to make weapons?

  2. Leonicko says:

    Straight outta Fallout

  3. Dylan Giliberto says:

    For Furzes invention show can you build a crazy machine with big knives
    that cut a pizza by slamming down on it quickly

  4. 1b1rother says:

    dude you’re cool as shit, keep killin it out there!

  5. GameSpeak says:

    You are one mad bastard!

  6. LordCrawlMask says:

    This guy has to be on a at least one government watch list.

  7. Slender Mane says:

    Hey you should try out to be a member of the new myth busters.

  8. jonnypanteloni says:

    Colin mate you’re doing it again. I swear the russians will be on to you.

  9. Joey Talon says:


  10. Todd Hoppe says:

    awesome. for a future video, my 6 year old daughter suggested an automatic
    shower. kind of like a human car wash for lazy people.

  11. magicdomaine says:

    I wanna grow up and build things like you

  12. Spin ikin says:

    He is literally the real life Rico Rodriguez from just cause

  13. Carman Eben says:

    285 people have no life

  14. degenererad says:

    colin is the effin boss

  15. Jacob Miltenberg says:

    he needs his own t.v. show

  16. Florian Van De Voorde says:

    01:02 that’s the money shit right there !

  17. Dienekes4160 says:

    YOU are my new hero.

  18. Blud Spammd says:

    “What makes me a good demoman?”

  19. vandorb12 says:

    Nice gag. Yes, I sat through the whole thing.

  20. Bob nigglet says:

    Melt some steel beams