The Tinseltown Murder Of Thelma Todd

The Tinseltown Murder Of Thelma Todd

A Hollywood starlet struck down in her prime- was it an accident, suicide or murder? This episode contains sensitive subject matter pertaining to suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or self-harm, there are resources available online to speak directly with a trained professional or to find local community outreach services If you’re in the US, you can visit or call them at 1-800-273-8255.


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Thelma Todd
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67 Responses

  1. Ozzy DaKidd says:

    Post Mortem: Imagine this; You’re this woman, you’ve just gotten off the phone with you’re new man in San Fran. He says he loves you and he wants to take it further but he wants you to cut everyone else off. You go home. Quietly thinking. You call West, asking him to meet you in person so you can explain to him that you two can no longer speak. You meet him over a meal, you’re not very hungry because you’re nervous so you just have some peas and carrots. After you eat you decided to tell him. He grabs you by the arm and quickly takes her to her car. And in a fit of rage beats her unconscious. He’s home. She’s still breathing. He knows if she tells it could ruin his career. He puts her in the drivers seat.. turns on the car and leaves, shutting the garage door behind him.

    In short terms: What if she wanted to cut ties with West and in a fit of rage, he killed her?

    • ana v says:

      That was well written, and I believe a lot in this theory

    • MMF says:

      Todd also dieted a lot, so she probably ate lame meals most of the time 😞 She was looking forward to aging out of acting and being just a business woman so she could do what she wanted and eat what she wanted.

    • Madenique van Wyk says:


    • Hemashree Wesavkar says:

      @Shivaranjan MenonIt would be a great move as no one is as fool as keeping the woman you murdered or injuried in your own garage.if west would have disposed it off he would be a big suspect as she was his mistress and a business partner.So maybe he had played innocent and people bought it as he was a popular producer

    • Joplin Thompson says:

      Maybe the reason West left her in the garage was because he had been in the garage for quite sometime with Todd while the car was running and the Carbon Monoxide had started getting to him too making him disoriented and therefore leaving her in his garage because he couldn’t think straight.

  2. Tabitha Payne says:

    For postmortem, just a fun fact, the reason Thelma would have left her ex-husband $1 is so that he couldn’t contest the will. If he was not mentioned and left nothing he could argue misfault can try to claim her money though familial bonds. Know this because my great aunt left her piece of **** husband 50p in the will and her entire wealth basically went to the RSPCA. Love you guys, great episode!!

  3. bee flavored says:

    A bit of info on the ex-husband receiving $1 in her will: this is usually done so that the person it’s being left to can’t take it to court claiming to be “missing” from the will for some reason and fight to lay claim to a bigger stake. By putting them in the will, the deceased ensure that they leave the absolute minimum possible to that person, with no way for the person to get at the rest of the deceased’s goods/property. #postmortem

  4. Teenage Drama Queen says:

    Post Mortem: If her lover was on his death bed when admitting to killing her perhaps he was distorted and foggy. Also why would he admit to something like that right before his death unless it was true?

    • Noire Snow says:

      It’s possible that they fought, he beat her and locked in her the garage, where she went into the car to stay warm and wound up dying. He might not have outright murdered her, but he caused her death.

    • jelly says:

      Danie DC *cough* all those DC Cooper confessions *cough*

    • EclipseSeth says:

      Maybe he felt guilty for not doing anything, so he invented a story to himself that he got to think it was true. That’s very common.

    • Noire Snow says:

      @jelly True… But those were people confessing to a robbery and hi-jacking. Not the suspicious death of their girlfriend.

    • Jordyn Walls says:

      I heard on a podcast I listen to that the man he made the confession to (an actor who’s name I can’t remember) had a habit of lying and making things up, although I do still think he did it.

  5. Charlie Holt says:

    I think that roland was partially telling the truth in that he did hit her, broke her ribs and nose and locked her in the garage. She may well have started the car to escape or to draw attention but passed out from her injuries and died as a result of the carbon dioxide poisoning. #postpartum #shaniac

  6. Helen Luu says:

    “She had a trunk full of Christmas presents for family and friends”, Todd seems like the coolest person who was way ahead of her time. To meet such a tragic end, it is really unfortunate

    • Kezia Basaraba says:

      not only that but she was a beautiful women who wanted to be known beyond on that in the Hollywood industry. Intelligent with a lot of dignity, sad what happened to her.

  7. Inara Navile says:

    “Wake up, smile, wink at yourself in the mirror”

  8. Masume Abbasii says:

    Shane: “ there is a darkness in tom hiddleston”

  9. Yasmin Lawson says:

    Only a truly sick murderer would take someone out for their last meal and then only serve them peas and carrots.

  10. Rachel Picheo says:

    Post Mortem: Todd’s leaving her Ex husband a single $1 in her will means that he was not completely cut out of said will. Therefore he would have no legal standing to contest it.

    • N30R3M says:

      That I have to remember 😀

    • Meena says:

      You can contest a will? Maybe that’s make sense for a child, but odd for a an ex. Nevertheless, thanks for info! She really seemed like an introspective gal

    • uhhh skylar says:

      Meena well it is dated from when they were still married, so he would have been her spouse, not her ex quite yet. so it makes as to why he might contest it.

    • Crazy Nerd says:

      By leaving him $1, he can’t argue that he was accidentally left out of the will. Thus entitling him to a larger sum of money.

  11. Ana Corleone says:

    what’s up with that little piece of hair at the top of shane’s head. where is it going

  12. freya oldham says:

    For post-mortem/Q&A: its not related to this case but the show as a whole, if you could both know what happened in an unsolved case (but only you know and you can’t tell anyone,) which case would you choose?
    p.s. i love the show

    • metalskie says:

      @Blue Shoes The choice is them choosing which case they would know the answer to.

    • steph baybiie says:

      After watching every episode multiple times, i still honestly think id choose this one. Or the dunbar boy. I never felt for a person as much as her, n the dunbar boy was just a stumper lol

    • Celeste Simone says:


    • Sky Milan says:

      freya oldham boy in a box, for me

    • steph baybiie says:

      @Sky Milan i just watched that one 20 min ago! Literally been rewatching all their seasons the past 2 days 🤣💖💖💖 boy in a box was a crazy one, they kinda figured it out tho

  13. k a t h e r i n e says:

    my favourite part of this show is when ryan says something eerie like “but why did she have a key to her house if she was sleeping in her car?” hinting at the fact that she was murdered, and shane will just miss that and just say “well duh cause she was murdered”

  14. Hazel Disgrace says:

    Shane: “okay okay ALRIGHT”
    Ryan: “The plot thickens”
    Shane: “YES THIIIIIiiIIIiiIiIIIiiCK”

    Ryan: 👀

  15. Audrey AT says:

    Shane: *hit the table*
    Ryan: *hits table with him*
    Shane: *doesn’t hit table*
    Ryan: *reaches to hit the table*

    • Adam Nadin says:

      Hahaaaaa… I saw that, too!! Made me chuckle because that’s deffo something i’d do, then look arond to make sure no one saw.Haha

  16. Brittney Marlaina says:

    Post Mortem: As you guys talked about this is my theory (its long so sorry): She was “supposed” to be home by 2am right? She stayed till after 3am then returned home. She owned her own restaurant so maybe she made herself a drunken meal of peas and carrots before seeing Roland. If he was a jealous man he may have believed her to be with the other man she was seeing hence why she was late. They got into an argument as they often did due to being on and off but this time it was physical. He hit her enough to break bones and knock her unconscious. Thinking he may have already killed her on accident he may have panicked and tired to play it off as a suicide. Leading to him putting her in the car and turning the engine on and locking the garage door. However because she was unconscious she was still alive and breathing leading to the carbon monoxide killing her in the end.

  17. Charlotte Doyle says:

    So Shane’s business card now says “Shane Madej: Ghost Hunter, Robosquatch and Agent with Underworld Connections”

  18. sad kat says:

    “iss..bad. don’t do it- don’t. just- eat. djsb….bodyy positivity”
    -Shane Madej 2020

  19. giorno giovanna says:

    “its bad. don’t do it. don’t- just- js eat- jsutdsf…… bbody positivity.”
    -shane, 2020

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