The TRUE POWER of UNDERTALE Souls! | The SCIENCE!…of Undertale

The TRUE POWER of UNDERTALE Souls! | The SCIENCE!…of Undertale

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UNDERTALE is one of the greatest games ever made, and the bosses are some of the best and most difficult. But what makes the Monsters so powerful? We know that Human souls are much stronger than the souls of Monsters, but that doesn’t seem to slow them down. In this episode, Austin dives deep into the Underground to investigate the history and power of Souls, Monsters, and Humans in the world of Undertale!

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20 Responses

  1. Dapplewing26 says:

    Great theory up until the whole “monsters are evil and murdered everyone” part. That was a bit of a stretch and goes against everything implied in the game. Welp, everyone has their opinions I guess.

  2. MintyCooki says:

    Dear Austin,

    I enjoyed this video a lot.
    I hope you feel better.


  3. XxX_D4nksw4G_XxX says:

    I’m exhausted as well, of this god damn undertale fandom

  4. Jonathan Treleven says:

    Hey Austin, love this episode of how a human soul works. Your data is awesome to see with your hand made equations, but I have an idea for your next episode. That is, HOW STRONG IS A RED SOUL, more importantly, how does LV (Levels of Violence) and DT (Determination) work. Think about it. How can Frisk, one human child, can survive a blast from Asreil which is equal to 13 human souls with 9999 attack damage? Also how can they get stronger by getting stronger by Leveling up. Mind that determination CAN appear in monsters. Here is the challenge I send you in three checks,

    How strong is LV?
    Can Determination be quantified, if so, how strong is it?
    ULTIMATELY, how strong is Frisk with their Determined soul?

    P.S. LIKE this if you want him to see, yes I know your reading this so, thanks!
    P.P.S Make this a two part episode, maybe a three part since this will give you a run for your money. Or you can do it all in one episode and be in a emotional wreak, it is up to you.

  5. Reshi Rex says:

    He called Toby a dog… Come on, He’s a fox!

  6. Darth StarzoneNeo says:

    Not just the people from the Undertale fandom, I would say those who just don’t like Undertale, and the fandom is cancerous, someone attempted to murder a frans shipper, no matter your opinion on frans, that is too far…… right?

  7. Inuyasha TT says:


  8. Carl Chesser says:

    But what if the barrier was made of the mages souls and flower absorbed that in the process?

  9. Rafal Moczulski says:

    *pauses the video at the first second*
    Let’s get mentally prepared first

  10. shyanne schoener says:

    ahhh undertale a great game before rule 34

  11. Kimberly Brouwers says:

    So many annoying doggos in this video

  12. Daniel Esp420 says:

    I liked the ice cream joke

  13. popkornkid says:

    #3 on trending… and it’s an undertale vid… huh, wonder why it’s popular

  14. Evnem Gaming says:

    Undertale STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. RoastingPotPieMonkey says:


  16. Aplex27 says:

    I have a curse word : Blueberry

  17. Christopher Woodworth says:

    Undertale is overrated
    Prepare to be flooded by angry commenters

  18. Bladen Rogers says:

    ……..this is #3 on trending….

  19. Alana Owens says:

    there’s a dog in every part of this video lol

  20. As sweet as sugar gliders Pls sub says:

    Hey flowey can live after death he has determination and he is a monster at the moment

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