The Trump Train Is Already Off The Rails

The Trump Train Is Already Off The Rails

Trump met with TV journalists to shout some in-person angry tweets, and Senator Jeff Sessions may the first politician in history to think the KKK is too chill.

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20 Responses

  1. Sean's Piano says:

    The one thing I like the most about Trump is all the comedy it brings.

  2. Bastiano T. says:

    Trump is a hoax created by the Chinese to troll America.

  3. David Rojas says:

    Americans essentially elected an elderly Eric Cartman for President.

  4. BishtrainerTai16 says:

    When your president acts like a fucking 5 year old.

  5. Simon Carlile says:

    Having lived in Alabama, I am utterly terrified of Jeff Sessions becoming
    Attorney General. He’s morally bankrupt.

  6. Lew Archer 1949 says:

    Poor little Trumpistas. They’re all triggered by the fact that the mean man
    on TV points out that their Dear Leader is a cheap con artist and they are
    all suckers,

  7. Cindy Oser says:

    “Ignore all my previously strong messages!” LOL! I love this show! Thanks
    again Stephen for making me laugh. Your honesty is great.

  8. m says:

    My goodness, this comment section is vile! Trump supporters are incredibly
    thin-skinned if they feel the need to rush to every Colbert video and
    insult him like this.

  9. KinglyRed says:

    Every time I fool myself into thinking Trump *MIGHT* just get his shit
    together, he pulls a stunt like this. Absolute human garbage.

  10. 逗逼 says:

    Watching Stephen Colbert mocking President Trump before sleep is my daily
    routine now…

  11. Paul Johnson says:

    Donald Trump is quickly reneging on many of his core campaign promises. No
    border wall. No Clinton investigation. No mass deportation of illegals.
    Etc. How can his supporters still be defending him? Why are they not
    unbelievably pissed off at him?

  12. SYF_Gaming says:

    Trump is making Stevens job easier than flipping burgers! at least it’ll be
    a funny four years, unless he gets impeached for suckin Putins dick.

  13. Disappointed Turtle says:

    Was it ever on the rails?

  14. HisXlency says:

    I’m just here to read the triggered republitards lash out. Good times.

  15. Rodney Warren says:

    I miss Hillary Clinton. We should have a law that if someone wins the
    popular vote by over 1 million the electoral college must vote for that

  16. What-If Machine says:

    I find it ironic that the same Trump supporters who accuse liberals of
    being oversensitive and in need of “safe spaces” are the ones who continue
    to thumb down Stephen’s videos and lose their shit whenever anyone speaks
    out against their cult leader. Oh, and demand that the Hamilton cast
    apologize for hurting their feelings.

  17. Purplecat923 says:

    Donald Trump wins the presidency, and his fans still get upset when Stephen
    uploads a video.?

  18. Toad Jiang says:

    Damn! I thought Trump was gonna kill all those TV network chiefs when he
    lured them to his den, maybe I have just watched too much Game of Thrones.

  19. Deborah Rose says:

    Stop making me laugh when I should be crying . . .

  20. kubek says:

    The Klan is still a legal organisation in the USA? It shouldn’t be.