The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict: The Daily Show

The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict: The Daily Show

After dashcam footage of Philando Castile’s police shooting is released, Trevor breaks down America’s unconscious bias against African Americans.

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20 Responses

  1. J Al says:

    I have a gun
    ok don’t reach for it
    I’m not
    don’t reach for it
    I’m n——–
    He listened to the cop but the cop didn’t listen to him.
    He just ignored him and them shot him.

  2. LordGabriel G says:

    What bothers me is the *amount of shots*, if he really was scared that he was dangerous, if should have gone like this :
    Cop: Sir please don’t pull your gun
    Philando Castile : Im not im just (put hand behind the back)
    Cop: *1* Assumes position and *THEN 2* takes his own gun in position of not putting his own body inside the vehicle like *-A SCARE LITTLE GIRL trying to kill a spider-* – Sir, please slowly get out of the car.
    PC: Fine – *THE END*
    OR if he really need to shoot him for X reason *1 (ONE)* Warning shot to *the arm*, in orden to *DISABLE*, that is the procedure.
    If they do not want to lock him up for homicide, -that’s fine-.BUT you can’t let him go *Without a charge of incompetence and inexperience*

  3. Omoruyi Wellington says:

    the police man; did you have a driver’ license,
    the guy said; I have a gun,
    policeman; reach for it,

    the question is an order, from the policeman, reach for it, a hand is needed to reach for something.

    policeman; don’ t pull it out 3x
    the guy ;, I am not, which is the gun.
    the girl friend said; he is not, which is the gun.

    but he continue with the first order of the police, where is your driver’s license.

    then the police shoot four times Into the guy.
    policeman, Was confused, he confused the guy reaching for a driver’s license, for a gun, when it was he who asked for the license.

  4. Rasu Gringo says:

    Watching this really overwhelmed me! I’m from Germany and I’m saying this with all due respect;
    that police officer would have been convicted here and thrown into jail
    and in my opinion that’s exactly where he belongs.

    How is somebody like that allowed to carry a firearm in the first place?
    This guy is supposed to be protecting the citizens of the US?

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this “murder victim”

  5. Scott Sparling says:

    nothing but tears and anger here. this ‘jury of peers’ needs to be investigated. who were they? was there cop intimidation posed upon them? There is NO effing way ANYONE could not find yanez. guilty. Jesus, this kills me.inside.

  6. Panda says:

    Ireland is far from perfect and we have problems with racism like every country but jesus fucking christ America what the hell is wrong with your police force.

  7. Denise Coelho says:

    I cried so hard and I don’t feel like I can go to work today. I’m so tired, Fighting against depression in this fucked up world is so hard. How people can stay idly by and be reality deniars from global warming to this in 2017 just blows my mind. I am so heartbroken.

  8. D Coetzee says:

    I had a run-in with the police recently. It was a dark night and I was out alone, acting suspiciously and evading police contact. When I showed my hands, he said that was unnecessary and I should put them down. When I said I was afraid of police, he seemed confused and offended – there was no reason for me to be afraid. Why? Because I’m white, of course. Meanwhile, Philando Castile gets four bullets just for being out with his family in broad daylight. It’s bullshit.

  9. David Edward says:

    Trevor, that’s the problem 90% of the jury was white. It was not a member of their peers.

  10. Joshua Renshaw says:

    Andrew Flath The NRA isn’t jumping on this because the NRA does not represent or protect the people of the United States and/or their protection of the 2nd Amendment. They are bought, paid, and controlled by the gun industry. And they are paid to only care and represent one thing: protecting gun company profits. Unsurprisingly; they sell a bunch of guns using a very effective tool; fear. When Obama was in office the campaign was you have to buy more guns because the crazy communist is going to come take all your guns so you’d better buy more! You have to protect yourself from the tyrannical government! It’s the reason the 2nd Amendment was issued and you need to exercise that right. Well…. suddenly, for some reason, you no longer need to protect yourself from tyrannical government. So what can the NRA use to make you fearful and sell more guns? Answer: Thugs. Which is a code word for blacks. You have to buy more guns to protect yourself from the imminent robbery and rape threat for you and your family posed from all of these thugs. This story is counter-productive to that narrative; so that is why they remain silent. It takes away from the fear message that all black people are thugs and you need to bolster gun sales in order to protect yourself from them. The sad truth is there are thugs out there you should be afraid of. But they aren’t black. They are blue.

  11. Alvin Miller says:

    I agree with everything Trevor Noah said, except one. That the case was judged by a “jury of their peers”. The jury was 10 whites and 2 blacks. How is that a jury of their peers? When the victim was black, and the cop was hispanic. The fact is white people have no understanding of how cops treat minority members. They don’t understand that police treat them differently, then they do people of color. So it’s not surprising that a jury of 10 whites, found the cop not guilty. The whites on the jury, can not relate to the victim. Cops never treat white people like that, he must of done something to deserve it. In the future, for justice to be done. A real “jury of their peers” would be composed of mostly minority members. I’m white btw.

  12. engsoldier21b says:

    What a coward. Zero control. Firing that many rounds like a scared fucking boy scout with a child in the back. Then screaming like a brat instead of accessing the situation like a professional. Justified or not the cop panicked. You don’t get to panic with a firearm. He has no business with a badge or weapon. Go work at Walmart pussy.

  13. Suicide Sheep says:

    I’m the whitest bitch on this fucking earth, but this just made me cry. I feel so sorry for how black people are treated in America, I was shaking when I saw that video. This “policemen” can’t walk free, justice was bot served ?

  14. Yesidoplaytheguitar says:

    Ok, the police officer might have gotten “spooked”, but in my opinion firing your weapon (7 times ffs) is your absolute last resort. this guy was completely obeying what the officer was saying and even announced he was in possession of a legal firearm when he didn’t even need to. If you get spooked by someone reaching into his pocket you shouldn’t be a police officer. This is a major miscommunication that unfortunately ended in someone’s death which could simply have been avoided if the officer had kept his cool… If anything, why didn’t he just use a taser or something? Also the stuff the officer declared in court was pure victim blaming… Really, really unfortunate, my heart is with the wife and kid…

  15. Mr Poopy Butthole says:

    Americans kill each other on daily bases like this, yet they claim they send troops in the middle east for freedom hahahahaha imagine what kind of fucked up shit things Americans do to Middle Eastern citizens !

  16. Rahul Surajith says:

    He fired 8 fucking rounds? Holy shit. I don’t even fire that much at my opponents while playing Call of Duty. That cop is deranged

  17. Jaundiced Jape says:

    An officer should rather be killed than to kill an innocent. If you’re not willing to err on the side of of the citizen’s safety, even at your own risk, you have no right accepting the responsibility and benefits of law enforcement. You are to protect and serve first, and preserve yourself second. I would go as far as to say that an officer should not be permitted to shoot first, but must wait until a shot is fired at him (unless it is another citizen being threatened). He accepted this risk when he took the badge; the citizen made no such implicit oath.

  18. Onyx75 says:

    I am a black man living in Pennsylvania. I have no criminal record. I’ve been driving for 20 years and never got a ticket. I work as a programmer for a fortune 500 company and make over 70k a year. I grew up in the ghettos of North Philly but now live in the suburbs. I don’t own a gun, never used a gun, never done drugs of any kind, I don’t smoke or drink. Yet a week ago I was pulled over by a cop for the first time ever, he said I did not make a proper stop at a stop sign. I disagreed but I did not vocalize it, I just apologized with a ‘sir’. after making me sit for 15 minutes while he checked my ID he let me go with a warning. But the entire time I was scared out of my mind. Because I know, and every black person in America knows that at anytime a cop can decide to end your life for any reason and he will have the law on his side. It is not right but it is the truth of the world we live in.

  19. Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen says:

    As a European, I honestly didn’t know America was *this* much of a piece of shit racist country. I should’ve figured when you elected Trump for president but this is basically legalised executions of black people in the middle of the street.

    The guy was with his family for fucks sake, why would he suddenly start shooting at a police officer over a fucking traffic stop?

    If he intended to do so, WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE SAY THAT HE HAS A FIREARM?

    In what UNIVERSE is this shit justified? Ffs America get your fucking shit together. This makes me so fucking angry.

  20. retroll66 says:

    I am a cop, in the Netherlands, so I feel I have the right to say this man is a disgrace to his uniform and to all police officers all over the world, doing their best to make the world a bit safer.

    What the F…!!!!!!!!!! is wrong with the American police system, that creates monsters like this guy.

    Shooting how many times? 10 times? Even if he WAS reaching for that gun, pointing yours at his face is more than enough, you always have the upper hand since you are one already aiming.

    But no, empty your clip into the man’s body. THERE IS A CHILD IN THE CAR, you unbelievable MORON!!

    Ugh.. It actually makes me sick watching this. And this guy is not convicted? I have no words for that.. Honestly

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