The Truth.

The Truth.

My response to false allegations.

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20 Responses

  1. TechosGaming says:

    I trust you Toby.

  2. Hx_HaX_Hx says:

    toby i dont care if u did theese stuff ur still da best youtuber <3

  3. Oh Lewd Productions says:

    To be honest Toby, I had my suspensions about her post.
    I think she just did it because other women where doing the same thing and
    thanks to King Rat himself, KeemStar, Drama on YouTube is getting worse and
    Feminazis love that shit. It means it gives them a free pass to do whatever
    they want because people won’t believe men.

    I’m not a fan of you, and I’ve heard mixed things about your personality,
    but I don’t want shit like this ruining people’s lives, including your’s

  4. Sammythederpylinxx says:

    I’m so sorry Toby…

  5. The Mining Ginger says:

    I don’t even care, he’s Toby. The darkness redness whiteness guy. He made
    me who I am today. I’ll always love him and always listen to his songs and
    watch his vids. He Toby turner… A God of YouTube.

  6. Capasky says:

    The same thing happen wit Sam pepper Bill Cosby Michel Jackson there in it
    for the fame

  7. Shmoodled says:

    Toby dont worry. Nobody believes that suck anyway. we all side with u

  8. Rosemary says:

    I’m sorry your life is shit right now. I really am.

  9. itz DeViLz says:

    Rapiest plz dont hurt me

  10. George etiorbo says:

    Throw the bfook at ‘im!!

  11. Faffacake Jaffacake says:

    It’s okay Toby, it’s obviously fake. We’re standing with you. (Plus,
    science can prove that it’s fake. Your appearance would have changed if
    what she said was real.)

  12. Declan McMaster says:

    Unsubscribe from and going through all your videos and disliking them grim

  13. Bamboozled!! says:

    she deserved it. womans job is to always keep their man sexually satisfied.

  14. Tyler Keith says:

    Toby has had like 300 girlfriends. Give me some tips toby. How do you do

  15. GdR696 says:

    Truth is none of us knows what happened exactly, we can only speculate. But
    the problem I have with this whole thing is, if someone sexually abused you
    shouldn’t you turn to the authorities for help first, who will search for
    real concrete facts about the truth. Since when is the first step to get
    justice to go to tumblr and rant about how you have been mistreated?

  16. Jeremiah Quintana says:

    We love you Toby.

  17. Jim Mcdonalds says:

    Guess what guys!! If you apparently get raped, post your story on tumbler,
    not report it to the police!! This April bitch is lying

  18. Riv Lord says:

    Incident till proven guilty

  19. Ash Costello's Wife says:

    Does anyone know Toby’s tells? Because I know he’s an actor, but even
    actors have small microexpressions that let people know they’re acting.

  20. Pezzi Games says:


    You didnt even talk about the cheating, drugging. You just say oh well I
    didn’t do it believe me.
    I looked up to you a little while back you we’re my favorite.

    You didn’t even FUCKING cry in this video. I can see *crystal clearly* what
    kind of a person you are.

    And your mom defending you doesn’t prove shit.
    Plus there’s a few fans left who defend you still.

    All of this actually makes sense to me, you seem like that kind of a person.

    From an former fan