The Try Guys Korean FIRE Noodle Challenge

The Try Guys Korean FIRE Noodle Challenge

We’re leveling up from our extreme spicy noodle challenge to the Korean FIRE noodle challenge!🔥 Who do you think will tap out first?

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66 Responses

  1. Eugene Lee Yang says:

    Hi everyone! I sincerely apologize for cooking the noodles incorrectly – I was in a rush because I’d been filming Rank King Spices and had multiple meetings shortly after this which is why I couldn’t take the time to finish the whole bowls. The other guys – most especially Ned – are absolute champs in this video! We’re trying our best to film as much for y’all as humanly possible during quarantine so I’m very sorry when we can’t conform everything from our separate homes. Seeing your comments explains why I wasn’t tasting as much heat, so I promise to do better next time. 💜

    • J K says:

      Hey Eugene, I just wanted to speak to you as a fellow Asian-American man dealing with the pidgeon hole-ing and stereotyping we experience, how deeply ashamed I am to have you be a prominent figure in internet media. Being seen as effeminate, weak, insecure all my life because I’m Asian, only to have you cement that image to all young people, I am so so so ashamed to share an ethnicity with you. You are truly a disgrace and I hope you realize how much harm you are doing to fellow Asian men.

    • Aaron Bae says:

      It’s cool man, when we hear 라면, we assume you cook it like we always do. Not like 짜파게티 which is what most of these cook like.

    • Nauvoo peneha says:

      you are a spice king!! you’re the best!!! love yoouuuu

    • Skylar 117 says:

      Eugene Lee Yang it’s okay! Stay safe 🙂

    • kayo says:

      don’t apologize yourself you didn’t do anything wrong 🙁 stay safe plz

  2. angeviray says:

    1. It’s sad a lot of folks used the word “cheat”. Cheating includes intention and I don’t think that’s the case with Eugene (or any other Try Guy).

    2. Cooking noodles may vary from household to household, especially those with sauce. So that may be different but I’ve tried cooking the fire noodles a lot of ways and they are still spicy. Plus Eugene’s got Korean blood, duuuh he sure knows his way around spice. Suck it upppp.

    3. Tbf, only Eugene got the stew type right. If we’re pointing fingers here. 💁

    4. Regardless of 1-3, this is not even something that dear Eugene should be thinking much about. Haha Everything is done remotely. It’s a good and fun content. Just enjoy and be thankful the Try Guys are trying (and they’re doing an amazing job!).

    Ugh If I can get a virtual hug from them rn please. Haha

  3. Mugshortty _ says:

    Not enough people are talking about the fact that Zach still tried to do this when he’s allergic to peppers. AND Keith’s tongue is messed up so he’s more susceptible to spicy food. So really, I don’t blame them for their reactions

    • Dragonix Heli says:

      @Kevin T He said in the video, one he skipped due to not have double the problem 😁

    • Hannah hej says:

      @Wajeeha Lodhi (Class of 2020) lil racism a day keeps the spices away

    • motley sun says:

      @Wajeeha Lodhi (Class of 2020) No Keith has something called geographic tongue. I have it too. It’s like fissures and sores randomly opening up on your tongue and it can be very painful. Just drinking water or breathing can hurt during a flare up.

    • Lonely Anon says:

      I didn’t know he was allergic to peppers, but now I know!

    • O O O says:

      @Wajeeha Lodhi (Class of 2020) here’s the dumbass of the day

  4. Jessica A says:

    Imagine spicy challenge with YB, Eugene and Becky

  5. Forty2Times says:

    Eugene in Isolation: Rockin some killer eye shadow and a cute jacket
    Me in Isolation: Haven’t rocked a bra or a brush in 5 days

  6. alexandra muniz says:

    yall really made Eugene feel bad, to the point where he felt he needed to ADRESS the situation??? They are working their hardest while we have the luxury of viewing their content during a PANDEMIC, show some gratitude . PERIODT

  7. Sommer Olheiser says:

    My mind when Eugene referenced Rie: *when two worlds collide*

  8. Dom Min says:

    I say this as a korean: Those noodles are good with Korean Dried Seaweed.

  9. FanGirlin Azley says:

    Y’all i cant believe y’all are trying to really hate eugene on this, he didn’t exactly cook it “wrong” bc some people do cook it that way esp since Eugene is korean he’s probably used to cooking ramyun/instant noodle version bc that exactly how you cook it. Regardless tho it should TASTE the SAME bc he used the same packet and the water adding water just doesnt simply take the flavor/spicy-ness away and YES i have tried these noodles before and it taste exactly the same regardless if its wet/dry.

    • Chirilyn says:

      FanGirlin Azley actually it does take some spiciness away but I agree with you that hating on Eugene isn’t right

    • ai says:

      S L okay, but the ramen brand they’re eating is Korean, so cooking it the Korean way wouldn’t be wrong.

    • S L says:

      @ai Did I miss the part where he states he’s eating them the “Korean” way or are y’all just saying this because he’s Korean? Korean-American’s don’t get taught how to make instant noodles at birth. Even he, in his pinned comment, stated that he made them incorrectly. But y’all wanna make obtuse comments that bash people for critiquing a public video whilst also saying shit like “Nonono, he couldn’t make them wrong! Because, y’know, he’s Korean!!”

    • Daniel P says:

      I’ve tried it both ways and it definitely dilutes the spiciness Eugene’s way. Both ways are equally correct to make noodles, but if your doing a spice challenge, you probably should do it the non Eugene way, or else what’s the point?

    • UtotheJ says:

      maybe take a chemistry class… or a logic class…

  10. Sasha White says:

    Can we just talk about how hot Eugene looked Today.

  11. Kate H says:

    Everyone else: Dying

    Eugene and Becky: What is heat

  12. Melody Jade says:

    Everyone in the comments: _bashing Eugene for being human or defending him like beautiful humans_
    Me: *does Zach’s shirt say Celine Dion in full Metallica???*

    • Wallyyum says:

      IM GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE LOL I keep staring at it trying to figure out if it’s like some sort of bootleg or if its real Celine Dion merch or what’s going on with it, so many questions…

    • leannanichole says:

      I honestly love his shirt so much!

  13. Amy Van Engelen says:

    I came to the comments for a good time only to see people hating on Eugene?!
    Shame on all of you.

    I love you, Eugene! you make your noodles the way you like babes 💜

  14. Lynndon Barr says:

    Everyone: taking about Eugene’s cooking

    Me: trying to find out where zach got his metal looking Céline Dion shirt.

  15. Artective says:

    I spent the entire video trying to figure out how Eugene “cooked his noodles wrong” and I still don’t know

    • Tiffanie Huang says:

      So basically people think that because he added the sauce and powder in the water it got diluted. This isn’t technically true because in Korea they add the sauce and powder in with the water so the noodles gain more flavor and spice. Also even if it was diluted they all had some liquidish broth in the bottom of the bowl so Eugene would still get those spices back.

    • Marissa Riley says:

      Tiffanie Huang but did you see how Ned and Zach’s noodles were like DARK RED and everyone else’s (not just Eugene) were yellow? Meaning the spice packets weren’t fully coating the noodles? I could totally be wrong, but I imagine the paler the noodle, the more diluted the spice is.

    • Alice PS says:

      Well cooking those noodles are really dependent on the person and some people have their own ways of prepping it.

      Typically the instructions are to leave a few spoonfuls of the water with the noodles before adding in the sauce (for the dry types) and in the video it looks way more than just a few spoonfuls to the point it became like soup. (Carbonara on the other hand needs at least 8 or more spoonfuls due to the powder). So I guess people took issue with that. I was wondering why the dry noodles were looking watery and soupy but I don’t hate on them and like this video!

    • Kelly says:

      On the instructions of these specific ramen packets, you cook your noodles, drain the water THEN add the sauce packets! It’s supposed to be a stir-fry ramen, and it brings more spice and flavor since the water isn’t there to dilute the taste. Eugene made the noodles like you would with normal ramen. I don’t get why everyone is so angry with him though 🙁

    • HappyTofu says:

      @Tiffanie Huang Hmm. When I was in Korea nobody added the sauce into the water. They did for other Raman but not the spicy chicken noodles. They did occasionally leave some water with the noodles but it was only when the “sauce” was in powder form (e.g. cheese bokki).

  16. Shiber Choi Sanz says:

    Keith: dying
    Zack: already dead
    Ned: ” *eUphoriaa* ”
    Eugene: yeah that’s not spicy at all

  17. Cerridwen Kaiding says:

    Okay so two questions: what did Eugene do “wrong” with his noodles? And what’s the deal with Keith’s tongue?

    • Cassandra Nedelisky says:

      Cerridwen Kaiding Eugene was putting the spices in with the water so it was getting diluted. And Keith has what’s called a fissured tongue so it has really deep grooves in it and it makes it harder for him to tolerate spicy food.

    • Tiffanie Huang says:

      @Cassandra Nedelisky in Korea they actually add the sauce and the powder in because the noodles will absorb the sauce and spices. I’ve tried it before and it makes it a bit more flavroable in my opinion. Also, each household has a different style of cooking,but in the end each bowl will have the same taste because even if the spices was diluted, it would still be in the broth or extra liquid. Each bowl Eugene had, had some liquid in it

    • Cassandra Nedelisky says:

      Tiffanie Huang yeah, I’ve heard that argument. Sounds like you know more about it than I do. I was just letting her know what everyone was upset about. I guess I should’ve worded that everyone thought it was making it more diluted, not that it necessarily was.

    • Drea_TheArtist says:

      @Tiffanie Huang Exactly. I’ve had those noodles. The way Eugene did it is *exactly* how the instructions tell you to do it on the package.

    • Alice PS says:

      Different people cook it differently, some prefer to drain the water before adding the sauce while some add in the sauce with the water. Typically the instructions were to leave a few spoonfuls (about 5)of water before mixing the sauce in. The Koreans do add in the sauce while the noodles are being cooked but they are more experienced to know when to do it based on water level (you don’t add it in too early, you need to eyeball the water level and watch the heat) . Eugene may have added his in too early and it looked watery from the video so I guess people took issue with that.

      Either way is fine honestly 🙂

  18. Aleyna Akpinar says:

    everyone: *cant breathe*
    Becky and Eugene: could be spicier

  19. Jordaine Enriquez says:

    Becky is slowly convincing everyone that she would make a great substitute for any of the try guys.

  20. apricot jimin says:

    So all the comments are getting onto other people about the “Eugene cooking the noodles thing” but I haven’t seen a comment yet about it?? Did they all get deleted?? I’m confused on where these comments are

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