The Try Guys Try FIRE Cupping

The Try Guys Try FIRE Cupping

Light em up! We on FIREEE! Would you guys try fire cupping?🔥

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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.

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66 Responses

  1. Eryn1321 says:

    Eugene: “I’m a capricorn… Oh Medical concerns… I’m a capricorn.”

    • Melissa Clayton says:

      I felt that

    • Natalia Peña says:

      @Hobal Grajeda actually Chinese medicine is not “dress up” in my opinion… It works wonders 💕

    • Hobal Grajeda says:

      @Natalia Peña and I rather get medical opinions from healthcare professionals, but that’s me
      It’s mostly the placebo effect, look it up and don’t just take my word for it. There are studies.

    • drake says:

      Hobal Grajeda shut up

    • spooky spook says:

      Hobal Grajeda I also am pretty skeptical of a lot of alternative medicine, but this thing is pretty much a massage. Gets that blood flowing.

  2. Azariah Duran says:

    Keith: I’m not gay Becky I swear.
    *Takes off shirt*
    Keith: OK let me explain.

  3. Ida Bergh-Smith says:

    Everyone: *either relaxed or just generally having a good time*
    Keith: Muuuu MUUUUUUUU

  4. Jack Herrer says:

    It’s basically just a bunch of little dragon hickeys.

  5. An says:

    i just love it so much how she’s so chill about everything and cracks jokes and makes silly things with the guys, whilst still being professional about what she’s doing, even if that means a giant boner on keith’s back. we stan a queen.

  6. Aina Bend says:

    Hi Try guys
    I am from Africa
    since we are all confined to the safety of our homes I spent a great deal reading books recomended from popular youtubers and I would very much like if you guys do a video discussing some books you have read and kept you thinking or even changed your thought process.
    I would also like if our supreme rank king would rate movies or franchises or even TV series because it would give me ideas to bing watch during this hard time.
    love u guys.
    PS: sorry if I made some mistakes I am still perfecting my English

    • T. C. says:

      If they don’t I will recommend… I mean if you want. What type of movies and shows are your favorite? Crime, comedy, sci-fi, romance, etc.

    • Marley Alry says:

      I love how EVEYONE is saying omg your English is so good its a full on paragraph they obviously went through and made sure everything was perfect

    • Abigail Fite says:

      I like this idea very much. 😀

    • Abigail Fite says:

      True, his English is better then mine too. I’ve also lived in America my entire life. Lol

    • Sepho Gacha kookie says:

      Wow your so smart! That idea was genius!

      Btw im from Congo, Uganda, Burund

  7. Emma Anderson says:

    Rachel in the corner of the shots of their faces through the massage thing: Lol wat the heck??? They’re my bosses so like I can’t say anything but ?????

    • Julie Kronborg says:

      Emma Anderson i feel like (at least when they are shooting) Rachel is more of a boss😂😭

  8. pandorzo says:

    No one:

    Ned: thEy’Re fOndLiNG mY bULb

  9. Jasmine says:

    I love how this specialist just rolled with the punches. She just rolled with all the jokes and was not phased at all!

  10. Brook D says:

    Hear me out. Eugene and his boyfriend are like nico and shmits from greys anatomy

  11. Grace Elliot says:

    Doctor: so tell me about you
    Eugene: i’M a CAprIcORn
    Doctor: I mean physically
    Eugene: oh…i’M A cAPriCoRN

  12. Jackson's laugh gives me life says:

    Zack: What if we just gave each other hickeys?
    Me: *shocked pikachu meme*

  13. Dung Tran says:

    Eugene: Do we look uh like a grilled cheese sandwich?

  14. Lexi A says:

    Why is no one talking about how cute Eugenes hair is when it’s curly

  15. Claire Torregiano says:

    “Do we look like a grilled cheese sandwich?”

  16. Kiah Marie says:


    Me: *thinks about karate kid*

  17. Fastfate says:

    Love how she tries desperately to pretend she doesn’t notice IT hangin loose.

  18. K Stone says:

    Eugene trying to figure out which Tom Cruise he’s into before EVERYONE agrees that its Lestat was the highlight of my lockdown

    • Arrowkitill says:

      Mine to! Interview with the Vampire is my favorite movie and I love the books.
      When he started listing the Tom Cruises I was hoping he would bring up Lestat.

  19. Melanie Diel says:

    Ned: Kieth is a cup

    Keith: I’m a cup

    Zach: He’s a cup

    all being said right after each other BAhahahahhahah

  20. Kafka Tamura says:

    Never thought I’d see Mila Kunis cup the Try Guys yet here we are.

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