The Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials

The Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials

“Look at me now, Mom.”

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Girls Night Out
Super Fit
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

BuzzFeed Video’s The Try Guys:
Ned Fulmer
Keith Habersberger –
Zach Kornfeld
Eugene Lee Yang –



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20 Responses

  1. Ema Unguru says:

    Eugene why so fabulous baha

  2. MatStar says:

    Try guys try speed and crack

  3. Essence Stanley-Savage says:

    I actually never watch her tutorial for plenty of reasons, for one I’m
    african american anything she has to tell me doesn’t apply to me lol

  4. Edward Lee says:

    Eugene did way too well with that

  5. Julia wood says:

    Eugene actually looks good..

  6. Margaret Price says:

    I love michelle phan’s tutorials and I did this photo with simple every day
    makeup. SO her making her eyes wider works for me. Um. You know. Guys
    should watch some drag queen makeup tutorials and then do her look first.
    That’s my advice. 

  7. Lauren Costanzo says:

    Keith is pretty damn good when it comes to makeup 

  8. YouTubeObsessed says:

    I think Eugene did the best 

  9. BringMe TheSirens says:

    I love Michelle o: <3333333

  10. Severn W says:

    the try guys are my favourite

  11. Roberta B says:

    The sad part is that 2 of those guys have better skills than i do…

  12. stopasking says:

    She’s very overrated. 

  13. Jackie Stevens says:

    Of course Ned picks the wedding tutorial 

  14. Jamie Oursler says:

    Confused, Glittery Panda. Same.

  15. Amelia Lozano says:

    Keith and Eugene looked FABULOUS 

  16. Caroline Duhamel says:

    Don’t get me wrong. Eugene is fine – incredibly fine – but Keith has
    skillz. He wins.

  17. InnerUtopia says:

    I can’t even blame these guys. Makeup is hard if you’ve never done it
    before! XD The only reason I learned to do it was through stage makeup, and
    now I wear it regularly and have been for the past year or so…although
    I’m only just getting the hang of winged eyeliner.

  18. Mauri Usui says:

    *The Try Guys Try Prostate Massage…* xD

  19. Sisi Sb says:

    Still better then me trying to put on makeup.

  20. Lili Rose says:

    Eugene did really good!