The Undertaker introduces Roman Reigns to his “yard”: Raw, March 27, 2017

The Undertaker introduces Roman Reigns to his “yard”: Raw, March 27, 2017

In a chilling message, The Deadman shows The Big Dog where his final resting place will be after their collision at WrestleMania.


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20 Responses

  1. Thelogicalape says:

    If reigns wins, I chop off my balls.

  2. Propur Engwish says:

    2:14 is what we all want to see for Romans career

  3. isayah haynes says:

    and this is coming from a roman fan

  4. Aashik Dhilipkumar says:

    I legit thought the undertaker is gonna do Suck It!!! :”)

  5. Harambe says:

    Just turn Roman heel. Look at the results of Usos.

  6. James Kay says:

    That Reigns promo was decidedly heelish…

  7. Thermal Gamer says:

    They should make the stipulation a buried alive match

  8. iOpGamingPro HDTV says:

    Bray Wyatt has a character that’s supposed to be creepy but looks like a friendly circus clown compared to The Undertaker

  9. Mr Crossover says:

    I’m a fan of Roman but I don’t want to see him retire or beat the undertaker

  10. Z- Type says:

    I don’t know if it’s really your final match.. but thank you Undertaker!

  11. Kottmar 14 says:

    Best Roman Promo ever.
    Just turn him heel.

  12. Z- Type says:

    Admit it. You are going to cry when Undertaker retires. Wrestling won’t be the same again.

  13. BARDOK RG says:

    Undertaker vs Roman Reigns buried alive match book it vince

  14. Fearless Nikki Bella says:

    We riot if Undertaker loses..

  15. Quackers Life says:

    Did anyone else notice when Roman said “Im going to do what no other guy has done and put Undertaker down” Im pretty sure lesnar beat Undetaker at WM 30 sadly. So i dont know why he said that but i hope Undertaker Wins!!!!!

  16. dark phantom335 says:

    Roman keeps improving on the mic and wow that promo was heelish asf

  17. Davaa says:

    Undertaker has really made Roman look good as a heel. Can’t wait for the official turn!

  18. Don't read my profile picture says:

    Don’t read my channel name

  19. Welcome to MY Asylum says:


  20. Patient says:

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