The Universe in 4 Minutes

The Universe in 4 Minutes

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I hope the universe lasts longer than 4 minutes. Personally I last 2 and a half.

The music is Waltz of the Flowers, Tchaikovsky:

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20 Responses

  1. Akash Pawar says:

    the creepy thing is that the music in the background is the same in the SNL
    segment with hilary and bernie also trending on youtube

  2. Jason Vayner says:

    Throws up EC3/Derrick Bateman for the Neutron. I LOVE IT MAGGLE!

  3. longliveBDS pak35 says:

    MORE CGI so funny failed NASA space terrorists led strikes again MORE LIES

  4. Dmytrox dh says:


  5. Mahdi Ahmed says:

    One of my favourite videos on YouTube XD

  6. Allen99ify says:

    My instrumental EP “The Edges Of Rising & Discovery” comes out tomorrow. My
    EP is available for pre-order on itunes, spotify and google play music.

  7. Chris Domiciano says:

    DNA can give you papyrus!? HUMAN, I AM IN YOUR DNA, I GUESS I HAVE TO

  8. Amortal Muggle says:

    Best thing I’ve seen today. ? super funny and informative.

  9. Scott Nichols says:


  10. hellowutlol says:

    Fucking liar this is 4:16

  11. Vrael O. says:

    If the Planck Length is the smallest thing you can sensibly talk about,
    probably, what do the dashes on the ruler represent?

  12. Hamzah Shokeir says:

    You left strings out

  13. Angus Hsieh says:

    I died at the Miley Cyrus part

  14. William Garrity says:

    *Slow Claps and whipes tear* truly incredible

  15. Osirin says:

    Gravity isn’t a force it’s acceleration specifically 9.81ms-1 if you do 3
    significant figures

  16. Liquid Money says:

    Anyone else get the Star Trek ad?

  17. Edwin Patron says:

    fucking brilliant!

  18. Ryan Seacrestt says:

    Atleast there was no undertale reference

  19. BurningBuns says:

    Saw your video on reddit. now I’m subbed to your channel. great video!

  20. Kylo Ren says:

    Lol amazing. Everything is really incomprehensible, and we think we are so
    important lol.