The Vice-Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine And Mike Pence (Full Debate) | NBC News

The Vice-Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine And Mike Pence (Full Debate) | NBC News

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The Vice-Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine And Mike Pence (Full Debate) | NBC News

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19 Responses

  1. Jay Ray says:

    This was difficult to watch. Almost no substance and all talking points
    from both sides.

  2. Jay vato says:

    God bless American

  3. Bryce says:

    There is no way pence didn’t win this

  4. buck short says:

    Why do people still believe that lie. DONAL TRUMP DID NOT CALL ALL MEXICANS
    CRIMINALS AND RAPISTS. Kaine is perpetuating a lie. Too many idiots out
    there who wont fact check for themselves and see that Hillary and Democrats
    are the racists.

  5. TruthBeTold7 says:

    Worst moderator I have ever seen. Too weak. Women should not moderate
    debates. She should have told Kaine to stop interrupting Pence.

  6. Alex Koltsov says:

    Kaine was impatient here. No respect for opponent or spectators. Mike was
    cool and logical. His glance was powerful. Clear winner.

  7. John Kennedy says:

    All illusion with the impression that the U.S. citizens really have a
    choice. Sadly, Americans know more about football than the reality of their
    corrupt and unaccountable US Government.

  8. Tony Tee says:

    Kaine went on the attack…I didn’t like him interrupting, but you know
    what… He was believable to me! Pence was denying and lying through his
    teeth. The media suspect that Pence is just sizing up his own Presidential
    run for 2020. Kaine had more substance ideas than Pence did… Pence just
    said general terms as far as ideas. I wish Kaine had mentioned that Trump
    had money ties to Gaddafi…. Gaddafi whom is guilty of a terroir attack
    against The Pan Am flight that killed 200 Americans in the late 80’s. Trump
    is despicable!

  9. The Longs says:

    Its official, Pence won hands down, Kaine spent all his time trying to get
    the vote of the stupid. Also after the debate I came to the conclusion that
    I cant stand Megan Kelly.

  10. David Manhart says:

    Wow.. Pence didn’t once say “fags are ruining our country”. Not even once.
    Or even that women who get an abortion should be put in prison. Not once.

    Good for Pence. He controlled his vial character and didn’t speak his mind.

  11. Peter Wardlaw says:

    Pence seems like a good guy. I’m surprised he would support somebody like

  12. Orlando Franco says:

    Can’t stand that sob running with Hillary! Tax return. Tax return. Tax
    return!!!! Like stfu and tell the American people how you and your crooked
    running mate will better America!!!

  13. Charles Baxter says:

    FACT: Kaine is a BLOBALIST period.

  14. MunkyDrag0n says:

    In one hand we have Trump:
    -No experience
    -Selling himself purely on the basis of being a successful businessman,
    though he has major weaknesses
    He made amateur mistakes that have caused him to go bankrupt, like opening
    casinos right next to each other.
    His business dealings are also somewhat limited to entertainment industries
    like hotels, casinos, beauty products, clothes, etc.
    -Used tax loopholes despite his lavish lifestyle
    -Uses buzzwords and exaggerations
    -Has no concrete plan of getting his ideas to come to fruition
    -Apathetic and disconnected from most of the general populace
    -Ignorant on science and education
    -Short-tempered and arrogant beyond belief (“Never apologize”)
    -Has his share of lying/backpedaling moments
    -Will have no bipartisan support
    -Suspicious dealings with Russia and North Korea
    +Right on some issues like Islam and BLM
    +More physically fit

    In the other hand we have Hillary:
    -Almost pathological liar
    -Smug and arrogant
    -Sell-out to feminists, BLM, and Muslim apologists
    -Clear physical issues
    -Doubts about Clinton Foundation and foreign donations
    -Dismissive about important issues, takes them almost like jokes
    -Vague plans on achieving her goals. As a long-time politician, she has no
    excuse for this.
    +More experienced
    +More well-versed in broad national issues
    +Admitted a mistake she made (for whatever that was worth, that was one
    thing Trump never did)
    + -Tries to appeal to younger audiences (it is cringe, but some may prefer
    a politician who is trying too hard to one who doesn’t try at all, because
    it may show she is at least somewhat connected to the general populace)

    Pick your poison, everyone. Come November we will have to drink it.

  15. Влад Каракай says:

    tim kaine is a liar just like hillary , trump never said mexicans are
    rapists. repeating obvious lies like that turn people away hillary

  16. Dan Schumann says:

    Pence should say, ” He did not call all Mexicans rapists: Do you know what
    percentage of women are raped when they cross illegally? 80%. 80% of women
    are raped by the criminals who smuggle them through the border. Howabout
    kidnapped, and murdered? Do you think it’s a nice journey for illegal
    immigrants? The open border is a human rights violation. Criminals should
    not be in charge of our immigration policy, it should be our leadership.
    Second: was the judge in la raga because he was born in indiana or because
    he had strong ties to mexico?”

  17. virgo4200 says:

    tim kaine not wearing a american flag pin but pence is

  18. Mr C says:

    Pence should have responded directly to the LIE that Kaine said at 1:15:45;
    he said that “Trump said the judge was unqualified to hear a case because
    parents are mexican”. That’s a complete LIE – he took 2 things that were
    true and put them together – 110% untrue – just shaking his head makes it
    seem likes its true

  19. Sarah says:

    Where do they get these moderators from? Are they all clones or robots?