The Voice 2015 Battle – Emily Ann Roberts vs. Morgan Frazier: “I’m That Kind of Girl”

The Voice 2015 Battle – Emily Ann Roberts vs. Morgan Frazier: “I’m That Kind of Girl”

Country singers Emily Ann Roberts and Morgan Frazier battle on “I’m That Kind of Girl.”
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As part of NBC’s Fall shows in 2015, NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2015 Battle – Emily Ann Roberts vs. Morgan Frazier: “I’m That Kind of Girl”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Alyssa_I says:

    is is just me or does morgan sound a lil like Carrie Underwood

  2. The Voice Global says:

    In terms of vocal ability, Morgan definitely won that battle. Her diction
    was a lot clearer, her tone was strong and her pitch was perfect. But,
    Emily had an incredible presence and because of that she was the one you
    kept watching. Hence, I understand the decision of Blake but I am glad that
    Morgan was stolen.

  3. arifin julvin says:

    i like the voice

  4. arifin julvin says:

    i like morgan voice

  5. harunotodoroki says:

    Kind of boring

  6. OhYeahItsJake says:

    Kinda sounds like country Miley Cyrus

  7. sarahhkins says:

    emily was really cute and entertaining but there’s something about morgan’s
    powerful yet understated and mature performance that appeals to me more :)

  8. Lorette1231 says:

    Honestly I think they should form a girl country group in the
    future…probably will make it easier for them to break out

  9. Miguel Miranda says:

    blake can now sing “everybody wanna steal my girl” ;)

  10. Kaylee Averaa says:

    Emily has a more unique voice but Morgan has more power. I think a Blake
    made the right choice going with something different rather than a voice
    that’s already on the radio.

  11. CodeBlueMtnDew says:

    I’m really glad Emily won! x3 Also glad Morgan got stolen! These ladies
    were on fireeee!

  12. Isabella Kindangen says:

    Good steal by Pharrell:-) Carrie Underwood of the voice

  13. Munkhod Serod says:

    what song is 4:05…..?

  14. Beach Mouse says:

    WTH? Bad song choice. Emily seems sweet but she has no voice for country.
    Off key, bad pitch/tone, immature and inexperienced movements around the
    stage. Morgan may not do well with Pharell because she already lives and
    works in Nashville singing country. So… I just love Morgan and felt that
    looks or rigging was a factor. I’d pay to see Morgan. She’s freaking
    adorable and a darn fine singer. Heart!

  15. Mollyne Molly says:

    Blake knows how to play his cards…he will steal Morgan again from Pharrel

  16. Elysio Free says:

    To me, Morgan won this battle, but Emily Ann has something soooo so
    interesting! Glad she won, and glad Morgan was stolen, she deserved it

  17. chris cordle says:

    Morgan won that easily!

  18. doogleandalix says:

    Emily Ann is a cute little thing but she reminded me more of a pageant
    queen / beauty contestant than a real country singer . Morgan has the power
    of a Kelly Clarkson and clearly won this battle . Hope Morgan gets a record
    deal – we need more real talent like her .

  19. Lucas Nunes says:

    Emily Ann reminds me a little bit Danielle Bradbery. And I agree with Blake
    when he says that Morgan’s Voice remind the vocals of Carrie Underwood

  20. Rocky Peter A says:

    Hello Everyone. Should I audition? Please listen to one of my original
    songs, “Good Day”. I wrote when I was homeless. My name is Rocky Peter.
    Thank you so much for your opinions.