The Voice 2015 Koryn Hawthorne – Top 10: “Make It Rain”

The Voice 2015 Koryn Hawthorne – Top 10: “Make It Rain”

Hoping for a trip to the Top 8, Koryn Hawthorne tackles Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain.”
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The Voice 2015 Koryn Hawthorne – Top 10: “Make It Rain”

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20 Responses

  1. Lenworth Scully says:


  2. ADK 77 says:

    The haters either talk about sawyer or Matt on her page, or they just mute
    the song to deny how talented she is, they would die if there was a knock
    out between her and sawyer or Deanna

  3. Icaro Martins says:

    I’m Brazilian and I think she sings crying…

  4. sana s says:

    Wow she has an amazing voice!!!

  5. Emma Hagan says:


  6. Megan Mitchell says:

    goosebumps!! best performance on the voice EVER

  7. Imani Lester says:

    YESSSS Koryn!!! Her voice just brought tears to my eyes. THIS is singing.
    If she’s not in the top 3 w/ Rob and Kimberly N. by her side I have no

  8. pixielf says:

    my new favorite! I’d buy her record right now!!!!

  9. levis dior says:


  10. lyvian0321 says:

    Last week I wanted her to go instead of Mia Z. This week I’ll be rooting
    her to win. Crazy how one performance can change all that

  11. MrThriver says:


  12. MOHSSINE Achraf says:

    The best performance of the night !!!!Very deeep and real !!!!!

  13. Charlotte Phillips says:


  14. Lillian Eversole says:

    OMG this girl is only 15 and with such range. Imagine her vocals at 20

  15. Melisa Touchet says:

    #TeamKoryn Heavenly Blessed and Highly Annointed~!! Lafayette, LA LOVES

  16. Andrea McNeely says:

    This young lady is one to reckoned with… For the first time, I was moved
    to download this song from iTunes…. and she’s only 17!

  17. musicandmakeup says:

    This was so freaking amazing! She never really stood out to me before the
    live shows, but WOW now she is really letting her talent shine through! She
    has such a powerful voice, and this was a great song choice for her.
    Honestly, i can see her winning… i hope she does :)

  18. A.RISAN Risa says:


  19. zainab eludo says:

    wow incredible

  20. Anarchy1141 says:

    Koryn freakin nailed it. Very very god stuff. Best performance of the
    night! Rob came a close second I thought, followed by Sewyer and Kimberly.